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Alveda King: We still have religious freedom thanks to President Trump’s leadership

Alveda King and son arrive at WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE 2019 | Image courtesy: Alveda King


I don’t understand how that hateful spirit is free to operate, right in the midst of this season, where we should be healing, loving, forgiving, and, for me, celebrating Jesus Christ as an expression of faith.

Yes, we still have religious freedom thanks to President Trump’s leadership. And we joyfully say Merry Christmas again. Yet the attacks on First Lady Trump remain ugly and unmerited. Friends, America is much better than that. To attack a First Lady at all, it’s just wrong.

Christmas in America is always a special time when we still enjoy religious freedom and the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. And yes, we do say “Merry Christmas” very freely and very joyfully again. That was a campaign promise that President Donald John Trump made and he has kept that promise and many others.  […]


About Civil Rights for the Unborn

CRU began in the Spring of 2005 as African-American Outreach with Evangelist Alveda King heading up the outreach. She saw need for Black pro-life leaders to work together to get the truth about abortion to the Black community. She eventually became one of the founding members of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. In 2015, African-American Outreach became Civil Rights for the Unborn.


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