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0:01 CS: What are heavenly portals 0:03 and how can we position ourselves 0:05 to have greater access to heavenly encounters? 0:08 Stay tuned and I’m going to share with you 0:10 how you can enter heavenly portals. 0:15 [Music]>> Now is the time to go forward 0:17 and become all that God has intended for you to become. 0:22 Today is your day to change your life 0:25 and live in victory and wholeness. 0:29 This is Your Path to Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:38 CS: Welcome to Your Path to Destiny. 0:40 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman, 0:42 and I am excited to have you with me 0:44 because today we are going to be talking about heavenly portals. 0:49 What an awesome subject you might be saying. 0:52 Wow, heaven, portal, together. Take me there! And listen, 0:56 I want you to be saying that 0:57 because when you learn about heavenly portals, 1:00 you’re going to understand 1:01 how to have a heavenly habitation on the inside of you 1:06 that is going to draw angelic hosts 1:08 that is going to position you for more joy, more rest, 1:12 and to actually be able to activate 1:14 and use your spiritual giftings in ways 1:17 that you have not imagined before. 1:19 So, I want to just teach you today 1:21 about these heavenly portals 1:22 so that you can know and understand 1:25 what it takes to be in that presence, 1:28 in that mode, in that realm of being in a heavenly portal. 1:33 So what is a portal? 1:35 A portal is a doorway. It’s a gate. 1:37 It’s an entrance that’s actually large and imposing. 1:42 And there’s different portals that are positioned 1:45 actually all over the world 1:47 where there’s actually access points to Heaven. 1:50 But did you know that you are a heavenly portal 1:54 for Heaven as well? 1:55 We’re going to talk a little bit more 1:57 about that in this teaching today. 2:00 So portals open us up 2:02 so that Heaven can be released in the earth. 2:05 And what’s so very, very important 2:07 about understanding heavenly portals, 2:10 especially in regards to places and people, 2:14 is that when we have this extra knowledge, 2:16 we can experience Heaven in a way that we have not 2:19 before. We’ll be able to connect with Heaven 2:22 and be used if Heaven to truly change our atmospheres. 2:25 You know, the Kingdom of Heaven has arrived 2:28 and it is arrived in you. So wherever you are, Heaven is. 2:33 And so when we understand 2:35 how we are an entrance that positions ourselves 2:38 and opens ourselves up in prayer and, and other things, 2:41 and we know we’re participating with Heaven 2:45 to impact the earth realms. And so let’s talk a little bit 2:50 about what some of these portals are. 2:52 We know that we’re a portal. 2:53 We know that certain places are portals. 2:56 We know that when we worship the Lord, 2:59 we open up environments that become heavenly portals 3:02 where Heaven will be released. 3:05 Also, heavenly portals exist in dreams. 3:08 So you become a passageway through your dream state 3:13 for Heaven to actually talk with you, 3:15 speak to you and use you in a mighty way. 3:18 There are certain times of year where heavenly portals are open. 3:22 If you follow the Hebrew calendar 3:24 there specific feasts of the Lord, 3:27 there’s the Passover feast, the Pentecost feast, 3:30 and then there’s also the feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hashanah 3:34 and the feasts that come in the fall time frame. 3:37 Any time the feasts are present, 3:39 we have heavenly portals that are open 3:42 so that we can begin to access Heaven in a new and unique ways. 3:47 And so I just want to encourage you today 3:49 by opening up your eyes, I want your spiritual senses 3:52 to increase your eyes, your ears, 3:55 your smell, your taste, your touch to heavenly things. 3:59 And when we are aware of these things 4:00 and we can participate with God to make a change in the world. 4:06 Now, these particular portals, like I said, 4:09 there, are there places or there are specific habitations 4:12 or there’s specific times of year during those times, 4:14 there’s a lot of angelic activity. 4:18 The angels are increased in their numbers 4:21 and they’re also available, more available, more aware. 4:25 We’re more open to them, 4:27 but they’re actually more aware of the times 4:30 and the seasons and the places. 4:32 And so they want to come and join us in those places. 4:34 They feel more of a connection. 4:38 They hear from God, a command from him, 4:40 to come and participate with us because these portals are open. 4:44 And so they’re there to come and kind of be a part 4:47 of what we’re doing in the earth realms wherever we’re at. 4:51 When we began to speak the Word 4:53 when we began to step out on the Word, 4:54 the angels are there at the command of the Word of God 4:57 to come and assist in heavenly work in the earth. 5:02 And so it’s important for us to know and understand these things 5:04 because it opens us up to heavenly encounters. 5:07 Who doesn’t want to have more of a Heaven in their life 5:11 when we begin to rest in heavenly places, 5:14 when we begin to know and understand 5:15 that we’re seated with Christ in heavenly places, 5:17 when we live a victorious life, 5:19 we are actually a magnet for the angelic hosts. 5:22 We are a magnet for the spiritual forces to come 5:27 and be with us on the journey to actually make a difference. 5:31 And so understanding this stuff is very, very important. 5:36 Now let’s go to Luke, 5:38 Chapter one, because I want to share with you there 5:40 that there was a habitation are a place 5:43 and the priest, Zechariah, 5:46 he was actually in the temple area and he was working. 5:51 He had a visitation from the angelic host. 5:55 Now in Luke, chapter one, verse eight, 5:57 it says that Zechariah’s Division, in other words, 6:01 he was a pastor and he had other pastors 6:02 that were working with him 6:03 and he was serving as a priest before God. 6:06 He was chosen by Lot, 6:08 according to the custom of the priesthood, 6:10 to go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense. 6:14 And when the time for the burning of incense came, 6:17 all the assembled worshipers were praying outside. 6:20 So you have Zechariah in the temple. 6:22 He’s performing a duty. 6:24 A service is a particular time that he needs to be there. 6:27 People are worshiping outside 6:30 and then we also have him burning incense. 6:32 So what’s happening? Environments are being created 6:36 for heavenly interaction with the earth. 6:39 And how is that? 6:40 Well, he’s working in the temple, 6:41 so he’s doing his duty serving and 6:44 and he’s performing a spiritual gifting in the temple area. 6:48 But also he’s burning incense 6:50 and there’s worshipers that are around. 6:52 All right. So it’s the temple, the incense, 6:54 the worshipers and him actually serving with those components 6:59 he has opened himself up to receive from the Lord. 7:04 And see, this is very, very important, 7:05 because when you’re worshiping God, 7:07 when you are keeping your, your temple clean and holy 7:12 and you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, 7:14 the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you. 7:16 When you are managing yourself through prayer, 7:20 through worshiping the Lord, 7:21 you become a heavenly habitation for the angelic hosts 7:25 or for God Himself, the Holy Spirit, 7:27 to speak to you, 7:29 to quicken you so that you are able to do what it is 7:33 that He wants done in the earth realms. 7:35 And so we see Zechariah 7:37 and he’s actually doing these very things. 7:40 And so when Zechariah was there, 7:43 the angel of the Lord appeared to him 7:45 standing at the right side of the altar of incense. 7:48 And when Zechariah saw him, 7:49 he was startled and was gripped with fear. 7:52 But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah. 7:55 Your prayer has been heard. 7:57 Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, 7:59 and you are to call him John.” 8:01 So the message came forth to Zechariah. 8:04 During a heavenly habitation, he had created an environment 8:09 for Heaven to come and speak to him. 8:12 because I think it’s very, very important for you to know 8:16 and realize that when you create heavenly habitation, 8:20 you can expect to see Heaven come and meet you. 8:24 It’s an expectation 8:26 when you’re walking in the confidence of the Lord, 8:28 when you’re walking in knowledge and wisdom 8:30 and understanding of the Lord, 8:31 you position yourself when you do holy things 8:35 like worshipping, prayer, 8:37 keeping your, your temple of the Holy Spirit, 8:41 holy and righteous before the Lord. 8:43 When you do these things, you are creating an atmosphere 8:47 for Heaven to come and interact with you. 8:50 And we can all do this. It’s very, very important. 8:53 People say all the time, they say, 8:54 I want to have heavenly encounters. 8:56 I want to have angelic activity around me. 8:59 Well, guess what? 9:00 When you begin to start doing those very things, 9:02 you open yourself up to having that activity around you. 9:06 And it’s biblical. 9:08 It’s right here in the Word of God. 9:09 When Zechariah positioned himself properly, 9:12 he received a message from Heaven. 9:14 So we can have an expectation 9:16 when we hold onto the Word of God. 9:18 When we come back in just a few moments, 9:20 I’m going to teach you a little bit more about heavenly portals. 9:23 I’m going to pray with you [Music] 9:24 because I want you to fully understand these concepts. 9:29 Stay tuned. 9:35 [Music]>> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international prophetic 9:38 voice healing minister, author and pastor 9:41 who travels the world sharing how 9:43 to access the heavenly realms and lived the resurrected life. 9:47 Her passion is to see people healed and delivered 9:49 and come into a knowledge of who they are in Christ, 9:52 as royal heirs seated with Him in the heavenly realms. 9:55 She believes everyone can access Heaven 9:58 and walk in the power of God in her meetings. 10:00 Your faith will increase and you will feel the presence of God 10:04 and see miraculous healings. 10:06 Dr. Candicce loves to teach and train 10:08 in the supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 10:11 she offers many classes in her School of the Supernatural 10:15 where you, too, can learn to release Heaven, 10:17 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:19 She’s also a mentor, life coach 10:21 and founder of Dream Mentors International, 10:24 an organization that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 10:28 Check out her Website 10:29 and subscribe to her YouTube channel, 10:31 Instagram and Facebook for more resources. 10:41 CS: I’m so glad you stayed with me. 10:42 We’re talking about heavenly portals 10:45 and how we can access the realms of Heaven 10:48 to change our earth environments, 10:50 and that if we create heavenly habitations 10:53 in and around us by keeping our temple holy, 10:56 by worshiping the Lord, by praying, 10:59 even doing other spiritual disciplines like fasting, 11:02 reading the Word of God, silence, solitude, mission, 11:06 these types of things prepare us to receive messages from Heaven. 11:12 Everyone wants to hear God. 11:14 They want to have a strategy and a direction for their life. 11:17 If you begin to do these things, 11:19 you open up a portal around yourself 11:22 that enables Heaven to come and access through you 11:26 not only to touch the earth, 11:28 but to speak to you personally to help you be drawn 11:31 into a deeper relationship with the Lord as well. 11:34 So this is good all around. 11:36 Now, let’s talk about another way 11:39 that the Lord will speak to us through heavenly portals. 11:43 He does this in dreams. 11:45 And I want to talk about Matthew, 11:46 Chapter one, verses 18 through 24, 11:48 because here we see the birth of Jesus was about to come about. 11:53 There is going to be a proclamation that Jesus, 11:56 the Messiah, was on the way and the Lord came to Joseph, 12:02 who is pledged to be married to Mary the Virgin Mary, 12:06 he’s pledged to be married to her, and the word that Jesus, 12:09 the Messiah was to be born was coming forth. 12:13 And, and in this, this heavenly habitation 12:16 that came through a dream, 12:18 this heavenly portal that was manifested in a dream, 12:22 Joseph himself found out about the birth of Jesus 12:27 through the message that came in a dream. 12:30 Okay, so heavenly portals happen in dream states. 12:34 Now, let’s read about this. 12:35 Okay, Matthew, Chapter one, verse 18. 12:38 “This is how the birth of Jesus, the Messiah came about. 12:41 His mother, Mary, was pledged to be married to Joseph, 12:43 but before they came together, 12:45 she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit 12:47 because Joseph, her husband, was faithful to the law, 12:51 yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace. 12:53 He had in mind to divorce her quietly.” 12:56 But after he considered this, so he’s been pondering this. 13:00 “An Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream.” 13:04 So a portal opened. Okay, now listen. 13:07 Joseph was a holy and righteous man. 13:09 Mary was a holy, righteous woman. 13:12 They were both favored of God. 13:13 They were positioned to be the earthly parents of Jesus. 13:16 And so. 13:18 So, Joseph, having found the news 13:21 that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, 13:23 this was confusing to him. 13:25 I mean, he you know, you can’t blame the guy. 13:27 I mean, this was absolutely a miracle that was taking place 13:29 and he was being called to be a part of this. 13:32 So he was considering this. He was pondering this. 13:34 He was confused by what he had heard. 13:36 He was in a confused state. 13:38 And this is how powerful this word is, 13:40 because even more in a confused state, 13:42 we can still have a heavenly portal open above us 13:46 when the Lord wants to speak to us specifically. 13:50 And in this case, “An angel of the Lord 13:52 appeared to him in a dream and said, Joseph, son of David, 13:56 do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, 13:59 because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 14:03 She will give birth to a son, 14:04 and you are to give Him the Name, Jesus 14:06 because He will save His people from their sins.” 14:10 Well, okay, so we have Joseph. He’s in a state of confusion. 14:15 He’s getting ready to divorce Mary, as in not marry her. 14:19 Right. He’s supposed to be married. To divorce 14:21 means to separate from her. 14:23 And what happens is the will of the Lord 14:27 is that Jesus be born to this couple. 14:30 And so the Lord needs Joseph in this dream state. 14:36 He’s in a state of confusion. 14:37 But when he goes into the dream state, he is calm. 14:41 A heavenly habitation was created. 14:44 He was in a state of peace in while he was dreaming 14:49 because God had a message to bring to him. 14:51 A portal was opened through his dreams. 14:55 All right. You know, 14:56 there’s a lot of ways portals open that angels are released. 14:59 But in this particular case, in the dream is when he was met. 15:04 Now, many times in our states of confusion, 15:07 when we are upset about things, when we can’t reconcile truths, 15:11 the Lord will meet us in a dream. 15:13 In this case, he sent an angel specifically to speak to Joseph. 15:17 So, that is at God’s command. A heavenly portal is opened, 15:22 and through the mind came a revelation 15:26 that Joseph was not to divorce Mary. 15:29 I mean, you can imagine how Joseph felt 15:31 when he woke up from that 15:32 because it was completely contrary 15:34 to how he felt when he went to bed. 15:36 Now, this is good news for all of us 15:38 because you might be in a place of confusion. 15:41 You might be in a place of distress, 15:43 you may not understand what is going on around you, 15:46 you may be in a place of pain and discouragement, 15:50 but God in His sovereignty 15:52 can send an angel to you in a dream, 15:55 no matter the confusion that you’re under 15:57 before you go to sleep 15:58 and open up a pathway for the angel, 16:01 for God Himself through the Holy Spirit 16:03 to actually speak to you and give you guidance and direction. 16:06 I’m going to stay with you right now in the mighty Name of Jesus. 16:09 I know some of you are suffering 16:11 and you want a direct line to God. 16:13 You have a direct line through the Holy Spirit 16:16 when you receive Jesus as your lord and Savior, 16:18 the Holy Spirit comes and is deposited in your spirit. 16:22 So you have God within you. God is with you. 16:26 But no matter what this confusion 16:28 that you’re going through, 16:29 I’m going to pray for you right now 16:31 that God is going to send you an angel through a dream. 16:35 He’s going to send you a dream. He’s going to speak to you. 16:38 You’re going to have an encounter with Jesus 16:40 so that these things in your life that are not reconciled 16:43 are going to come to a place of reconciliation. 16:47 Father, I just thank you right now 16:48 for my friend who’s watching Lord. 16:50 I thank you, Father, that no matter their distress, 16:52 their pain and their confusion, Lord, 16:54 I thank you that you were released 16:55 having Heaven upon them right now, Father, 16:58 that you are releasing to them the angelic hosts 17:00 that are coming to my friend Lord. 17:03 I speak open portals over you right now. 17:06 I speak heavenly habitations 17:08 and that the joy of the Lord would come 17:10 and be a part of your temple 17:13 and that you would begin to start to praise Him. 17:15 I want you start to praise and worship the Lord right now, 17:17 because as you lift your hands and you praise Him 17:19 and you worship Him and you think, 17:21 I mean, you have a heart of Thanksgiving 17:22 and you open yourself up in faith, 17:24 He’s going to come and He’s going to speak to your mind. 17:27 He’s going to speak to your heart. 17:28 You’re going to get clarity. 17:30 You’re not going to be in this place of division or confusion. 17:33 You’re going to receive a strategy 17:34 in the mighty Name of Jesus. 17:36 Father, I thank you that you’re speaking to my friend right now. 17:39 I thank you that you’ve dispatched the angelic host 17:41 to put things in order in their life where they thought 17:45 that they were going to separate from something 17:47 or where they thought they were going to be joined 17:48 to something where they’re having financial issues, 17:52 where they’re having physical problems, 17:54 where they’re having mental and emotional disorders. 17:56 Father, we speak to that right now in the Name of Jesus. 17:59 And I thank you that Heaven is being released around you. 18:02 Just begin to praise Him. 18:04 Just begin to give thanks and the glory of the Lord 18:07 will be shown around you. 18:09 God is going to do a suddenly in your life right now. 18:13 Father, I thank you that my friend that is watching 18:15 when they go to sleep tonight, 18:17 you’re going to speak to them in their dream states 18:19 when they take a nap, when they fall asleep. 18:22 Lord, you’re going to have an access point, 18:24 a heavenly portal Lord, 18:26 so that the message of the Lord straight from Heaven 18:29 is going to come to them. I don’t know about you, 18:31 but I’m feeling the peace of the Lord right now. 18:34 Isn’t it wonderful to know that 18:36 because of what Jesus has done for us, 18:38 we have access to heaven? 18:41 You have access to the broken body of Jesus 18:45 and through His shed blood. 18:47 And He is coming to deal with your situation 18:51 because He loves you so much. 18:53 Father, I just thank you right now 18:54 for meeting the need of my friend, Lord Jesus. 18:57 And I thank you that they’re going to come to 18:59 know you in a mighty way. 19:00 I believe you will have a testimony of knowing the Lord 19:03 in a way now that you have never known Him before. 19:06 I want you to stay with me because we’re going to come back 19:09 and we’re going to learn more about these heavenly portals, 19:13 more ways we can quicken our spirits 19:15 and quicken our soul to hear from the Lord. 19:18 I know God is doing a mighty work in you right now. 19:21 Just take a break during this time 19:23 that we’ve got a break coming up here, 19:25 because the Lord is going to finalize these things 19:27 in your life. I want you to stay tuned [Music] 19:31 and we’ll be back to talk more about heavenly portals. 19:42 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or coaching 19:45 or would like some direction and encouragement? 19:47 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor 19:50 who walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 19:53 and she wants to mentor you in her School of the Supernatural. 19:56 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 19:59 books and many other additional resources 20:02 that will help you strategize and release 20:04 Heaven in every area of your life. 20:07 Her classes on the supernatural will equip you 20:09 to live in the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 20:13 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. Candice, 20:16 where she will encourage and pray for you 20:19 in private 45 minute sessions 20:21 to help you walk through personal issues in your life 20:24 and propel you into your purpose and destiny. 20:27 Visit her website for all of her resources 20:29 and follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:33 Instagram and YouTube. 20:46 CS: Thank you for staying with me. 20:47 I hope you are feeling the power and presence of the Lord 20:50 right where you’re at. A heavenly portal has opened 20:54 above you. God has heard your heart cry. 20:56 He has heard the need that you have. 20:59 And He has dispatched angels to come 21:02 and take care of this need. 21:03 He is surrounding you with His glory. 21:07 And I want to talk to you now about different places. 21:10 Okay, so you know, this place that you’re in right now, 21:13 no matter what, what it is that you’re experiencing, 21:15 God has dispatched angels to you. 21:17 We did the same thing in Luke, Chapter two. 21:21 We find that that the angels come 21:23 and suddenly invade a place. 21:25 All right. So there was a heavenly portal 21:27 that was opened up in Luke, Chapter two 21:30 when the shepherds were living in the fields. 21:34 This is the Chapter two, verses eight through fourteen. 21:37 “The shepherds were in the fields 21:39 and they were keeping watch over the flocks 21:41 and an angel of the Lord appeared to them 21:43 and the glory of the Lord shown around them. 21:46 And they were terrified.” 21:48 Means, you know, they were in reverence. 21:50 What is this that we see? Well, the angel said to them, 21:53 “Do not be afraid. 21:55 I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all people. 21:59 Today, in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you. 22:02 He is Messiah the Lord. This will be a sign to you. 22:05 You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” 22:10 Then verse thirteen says, “Suddenly, a great company 22:14 of the heavenly hosts appeared with the angel, 22:17 praising God and saying, “Glory to God 22:19 in the highest Heaven, and on earth, 22:21 Peace to those on whom His favor rests.” 22:25 Guess what? God’s favor rests on you, 22:26 His favor rests on you! And you are ripe 22:32 for a suddenly, you are ripe for the angels of Heaven, 22:35 the heavenly hosts, to come and suddenly proclaim 22:38 good news to you right where you’re at. 22:41 And so, this is an example of a heavenly portal opening 22:44 up in a place like suddenly there, out there, 22:48 the shepherds there with the sheep. 22:51 You know, there’s a whole flock that’s out there 22:53 and then boom, in an instant, the sky opens, 22:57 the heavens open and the angels come forth 23:00 and they begin to start praising the Lord, “Glory 23:03 to God in the highest.” 23:04 So, those shepherds lives were radically changed. 23:07 They were in a place in a specific time, 23:10 in a specific season. 23:12 And boom, a heavenly portal opened above them. 23:16 And good news came from Heaven that Jesus, the Messiah, 23:20 was to be born and they would find Him lying in a manger. 23:24 Now, that’s powerful. 23:25 I just want to speak to you right now, 23:27 because wherever you’re at, whatever you’re going through, 23:30 I know that God is releasing Angels 23:33 and a suddenly is getting ready to happen, 23:35 and the glory of the Lord is surrounding you. 23:37 Favor is upon your life. 23:39 God is giving you a divine set up 23:41 to get out of the mess that you happen to be in. 23:45 And a heavenly portal is the way that God chooses to do it. 23:48 He is bringing Heaven straight to earth just for you. 23:53 You are worthy, you have favor. 23:56 God is positioned you to be a receiver on this end of earth, 24:01 a receiver of what Heaven is saying and doing. 24:04 Now we need to consider this. 24:06 We need to consider when Heaven comes to speak to us, 24:09 when God dispatches angels, 24:11 when He dispatches a message to us, 24:14 our whole course of our life can radically change 24:17 in just one Word from the Lord, 24:19 one movement from the heavenly host. 24:22 And that’s what happened on this particular day. 24:25 All of a sudden, these shepherds now were aware 24:28 that the Messiah was going to be born. 24:30 What will you do with the news 24:33 that God brings you of the great things that He has for you, 24:36 of the promise and the hope of the future that He wants 24:40 for you? See, God has a good plan, a purpose, 24:43 a destiny for your life. 24:45 And He’s coming to speak that to you right now, 24:47 even in your remote place, 24:49 no matter what you’re going through, 24:51 God is sending help in this moment to speak to you, 24:54 to encourage you and to lead you and guide you. 24:57 I don’t know about that, but I don’t know about you. 24:59 But I say that’s really good news 25:00 and we need to give Him a high five. 25:02 We need to praise Him right now in the mighty Name of Jesus, 25:05 because His goodness, His goodness and His love for us 25:10 is so great that He will impact our environments 25:13 through our dreams, through our places of worship. 25:17 And a place of worship can be your church, 25:19 but a place of worship is you. You are the house of worship. 25:24 You have been sanctified, made holy, set a part. 25:28 God is positioning you for a hope and a future, 25:31 and He is speaking to you now. Strategy. 25:34 I see strategies coming from Heaven right now 25:36 where you haven’t had a strategy for your next move 25:39 or your finances have been weak. 25:40 God is bringing you creative ideas for new businesses. 25:44 He’s bringing creative miracles. See this is 25:45 what happens when portals are open, 25:47 He will bring miracles, He will bring healing, 25:49 He’ll bring restoration, He will bring wholeness to you 25:53 with a message of how you can go forward. 25:57 And, you know, it’s the blessed message 25:59 that Jesus has arrived. Anywhere that 26:02 we receive miracles, healings, 26:04 restoration through open portals. 26:06 It’s really just the message 26:08 that Jesus has entered a desolate situation, 26:12 a poor situation, 26:13 a situation that looked like it was too difficult and boom, 26:17 He’s now come and everything is going to change. 26:20 And that’s exactly what happened to the shepherds that day. 26:23 Everything changed for them. 26:26 And I want to pray with you right now 26:27 because I want everything to change for you. 26:32 I want God to meet you right where you’re at. 26:35 You know, He loves you so much. 26:37 He loves you so much that He sent His Son 26:39 Jesus Christ to die and shed His blood, 26:41 that you might be saved. 26:42 And if you’re watching this program today 26:44 and you haven’t received Jesus, 26:46 I just want you to know that He’s the only answer. 26:48 He’s the only way. 26:50 And He is the access point that we have to heaven. 26:54 See, God wants to turn you into a heavenly portal. 26:57 So I want you to pray this prayer with me. 26:59 If you haven’t received Jesus, 27:00 if you watch this whole program and you’re still going, 27:03 I want more of God, 27:06 how do I access that? It comes through a simple prayer. 27:10 All you need to do is say, “Lord, forgive me, 27:12 for I know that I’m a sinner. I know that I’ve made mistakes. 27:15 I know that I have not done right things. 27:18 But Father, I believe, I believe 27:21 that you sent Your Son, Jesus Christ 27:23 to cover all of that and that through His shed blood. 27:26 I have forgiveness. I want you to say, I am forgiven 27:30 and then I want you to say I am now reconciled to you, Father. 27:34 You’re now in a relationship with the Father. 27:36 He loves you so much. 27:38 He’s now brought you into that relationship. 27:40 You have a measure of the Holy Spirit 27:42 that comes on the inside of you to be right in your spirit man. 27:46 So, your spirit man and Holy Spirit 27:48 become unified in the Name of Jesus. 27:50 And so I just speak life over you right now. 27:53 I speak that the heavens would open. 27:54 I speak that your spiritual eyes, 27:56 ears, smell, taste and touch would magnify 27:59 so that you would know when a heavenly portal is open 28:02 and you would be expecting God has great things for you. 28:05 I want you to reach out to me at CandiceSmithyman.com 28:08 Tell me how you were touched by this program and 28:10 I will send you some free resources. [Music] 28:13 God loves you and He wants you to take His hand, 28:17 take Messiah’s hand and walk straight in to your 28:19 purpose, plan and destiny. 28:21 Join me next time. [Music]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares how to access heavenly portals for supernatural encounters.

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