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0:00 CS: Are you hungry for the presence of God? 0:03 Do you want to learn how to live a presence 0:05 centered lifestyle? 0:06 I want you to join me and my guest as we talk all 0:09 about pausing in the presence of God. 0:14 [Music] >> Now is the time to go forward and become 0:17 all that God has intended for you to become. 0:22 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:25 in victory and wholeness. 0:27 This is Your Path to Destiny with 0:30 Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:35 CS: I’m so excited that you have joined me today, 0:38 because we are going to be talking about the power of 0:41 the presence of God. How to pause in the presence of 0:44 God, how to have presence centered leadership 0:47 in your life. And my guest today 0:49 has a lot of experience 0:51 coaching, training others. 0:53 He is a spiritual father to many. 0:55 He is founder of Awake the World Ministries. 0:58 He he’s ministered in over thirty-seven nations. 1:00 He’s a generational pastor, 1:02 five generations of pastoring. 1:05 And so, he has quite a lot of experience in learning 1:08 how to pause in the presence of God. 1:10 And so, I am excited today to have with me 1:12 Dr. Joshua Fowler, to talk 1:14 about pausing in His presence. 1:17 JF: Amen, it’s so good to be with you, Candice. 1:18 I believe God’s going to do something, 1:20 mighty today. 1:22 CS: He is. He certainly is. 1:23 We are going to have a 1:24 great show today! People 1:26 want to learn about the presence of God. 1:27 JF: Yes. 1:28 TC: Without the presence of God, 1:29 Who are we as the people of God? 1:31 JF: That’s right. 1:32 If we don’t have His presence, 1:34 we don’t even need to be a part of it. 1:35 I believe His presence needs to be right at the 1:39 center of everything we do. 1:40 CS: And you wrote a dynamic book, 1:42 Pausing in the Presence of God. 1:44 JF: Yes. 1:45 And all about teaching to anybody, 1:47 but especially leaders, because you minister a lot 1:50 to pastoral leaders, apostolic leaders, 1:52 leaders all over the world. 1:54 And we want to glean from you today. 1:55 Tell me a little bit about this book and what 1:57 prompted you to write it? 1:58 JF: Well, I heard the Lord say, He said, 2:00 “Tell my people, I will find them. 2:03 You’ll find me in the middle of the pause.” 2:06 When we pause, he will find us, and we can 2:10 move to a place that we’ve never been before. 2:12 In fact, He said this. 2:14 He said, “Every suddenly is preceded by a ‘Selah.'” 2:18 He said, “If you’ll learn to ‘Selah’ pause in My 2:21 presence,” He said, “I’ll move you forward, 2:24 fast forward into your destiny.” 2:26 A lot of people are pursuing their destiny. 2:29 They’re running after this, 2:30 running after that, trying to see things happen. 2:33 But they’re missing it because they’re chasing 2:35 things instead of chasing the King. 2:38 When you chase Him, when you pursue Him, 2:40 then all these things are added onto us. 2:43 CS: That is so good. And you know, the 2:45 name of this show is Your Path to Destiny. 2:47 JF: Come one! CS: I know! 2:48 So, we’re going to learn today about how to pause 2:50 in His presence. What are some things 2:52 you can share with people that are 2:54 really practical about learning to have this 2:57 presence, leadership or pausing in His presence? 3:00 JF: You know, Moses said, I like this from 3:03 Exodus 33:15 in the Message Bible. 3:05 He said, if your presence doesn’t take the lead 3:08 here, call this trip off right now. 3:11 So, first of all, we just need to say we’re not 3:14 going to do church, we’re not going to do life, 3:16 we’re not going to do anything anymore without 3:18 His presence. His presence needs to be first. 3:22 I like Psalm 16:11, 3:24 It says “You will show forth the path of life in 3:26 your presence is the fullness of joy. 3:29 And in your right hand are pleasures forever more.” 3:33 So, the pleasures that we’re seeking, 3:35 the breakthrough we’re seeking, 3:37 the power, the anointing, whatever it is, 3:40 the relationships we’re seeking are all found 3:42 in His presence. 3:44 Practically speaking, you asked, 3:45 how can I do this? 3:46 Well, this is something the Lord told me to do. 3:49 I’ve been trying to bring my temple into order to 3:52 make sure that that I’m able to live a long 3:56 and healthy life. 3:57 So, one of the things I’ve done is I realize that 4:00 you’ve got to eat more often. 4:01 You can’t eat just three meals a day if you really 4:05 want to live long and you want your metabolism to be 4:09 moving right, you eat six times a day. 4:11 So, there’s a lot of people that they only eat 4:14 once a week on Sunday, and that’s why they’re not 4:17 moving in the presence of God. 4:19 So, they call this five fuelings and one lean and 4:22 green meal. That’s what they told me. 4:24 So, I said, my goodness, as it is in the natural. 4:27 So, it is in the Spirit. What if every… 4:29 throughout the day there were five times you just 4:32 stopped and you just paused on purpose, 4:35 maybe set it on your phone, 4:37 your smartphone or your dumb phone, 4:39 whatever one you got, set a reminder to pause. David, 4:44 he praised the Lord seven times a day. 4:47 Daniel prayed three times a day. 4:49 So, I believe if we’ll just pause intentionally 4:52 throughout the day and then eat that lean and 4:56 green meal that takes some time and his word, 5:00 then we can begin to move forward in His presence. 5:03 CS: Now, I know you are really big on live events you 5:09 host frequently. I have the blessing 5:11 of being in one of them. And you do 5:14 quite a few on global communion. 5:17 JF: Yes. That’s right. 5:18 CS: And that’s another way to pause 5:20 in the presence of the Lord to have 5:21 communion. Why you don’t you just share 5:24 with the viewers today about the power 5:26 of communion in that space. And what are 5:28 some of the encounters that 5:31 you’ve actually experienced as a result 5:33 of taking that pause? 5:35 And even doing communion. 5:36 JF: Yes, even with the communion, I mean, 5:38 the Holy Spirit just spoke to me one day and 5:40 He said, “Call my prophets together, call 5:42 My leaders together and lead them in global 5:46 communion. So, I called a few friends, 5:48 people that you know, that are leaders 5:51 throughout the body of Christ. 5:52 And one by one, all of them said, 5:54 “This is God.” 5:55 And they said, we’re in, count us in. 5:57 So, we did the first one, April the 8th. 5:59 And we’re told several different networks. 6:03 They simulcast it and we’re told that over a 6:06 million people joined us in global communion from 6:09 sixty-seven nations worshiping and praying. 6:13 And we believe that as a result of that, 6:16 not just us, but many other works have been 6:18 doing this. I believe that we begin to 6:20 see a shift end in the pandemic. 6:23 We begin to see a shift and different areas of 6:26 people’s lives. Personally, my family 6:28 and I, we take communion together 6:30 and we worship together 6:32 when it when there isn’t a camera around, 6:34 when there isn’t a live event and that we found, 6:37 it’s brings us together in unity. 6:39 It brings us together in His presence. 6:41 And instead of having to have a counseling session, 6:43 His presence is able to take our family 6:46 to another dimension. 6:48 Not that I would say you can’t get counseling, 6:50 but if you can spend time with the Counselor, 6:52 you can spend time with your Creator in His 6:55 presence and communion, then He can heal 6:57 everything that’s in your life. CS: It’s important to 7:00 the Lord that we spend time in His presence 7:03 because it fuels us and it fuels us, right. 7:06 JF: Yes! Come on! 7:07 Fueling, the five fuels and fuels us and empowers us 7:10 to do the will of the Father on the earth. 7:13 Otherwise, we’re getting drained. 7:15 We’re getting burned out. 7:16 You talk to leaders all the time. How often 7:18 are they telling you they’re getting burned out? 7:19 JF: All over the world? 7:21 They actually say the statistics show that a 7:24 leader, they’ll go to Bible college and that within 7:26 the first five years of ministry, 7:28 they dropped out and started doing something 7:30 else because they burn out. 7:32 And, you know, we have to keep the flame burning. 7:35 The Bible lets us know to fan the flame, 7:38 to stir up the gift of God that’s within us. 7:41 We cannot see the fire grow in our life if we’re 7:44 not stirring it up in our life. 7:46 I got on a plane to come here. 7:48 And the first one of the first things I tell you is 7:50 if in the event of the case of loss of oxygen in 7:55 the plane, make sure you put the mask on yourself 7:57 first and then help somebody beside you. 8:00 But most of us, as ministers, 8:02 we’re spending our time going around trying to put 8:04 oxygen mask on everybody else, 8:06 helping everyone else. 8:08 And we’re not taking time with the Lord pausing in 8:10 His presence, getting the oxygen, 8:12 getting the Ruach, the breath of God for ourself so 8:15 we’re not able to move forward and 8:18 what God has for us, that’s why there’s burnout. 8:20 You have to pause in His presence. 8:22 You know, only way we’ll see the acceleration in 8:25 our ministries, the growth in our businesses and our 8:29 finances in our families is when we are able to 8:32 stand and say, “God, I’m a stay still. 8:35 I’m going to pause in your presence.” 8:38 CS: Wow. 8:39 Well, you know, that makes me as a leader, 8:41 look at my own life, reevaluate some things. 8:43 We have to constantly be in that reevaluation phase 8:46 so we can get in alignment with the Spirit of God. 8:49 And we can begin to know and understand when he’s 8:52 calling us to come away with Him. 8:54 Even Jesus needed those times to come away and be- 8:58 JF: Yes, yes He did, 8:59 CS: -alone with the Father. And so, He’s calling us. 9:01 And so, I love the fact that you’ve written this 9:03 book because it’s coming at the most perfect time. 9:06 You know, we’re hearing so many people being 9:08 burned out even during the pandemic. 9:11 And so, I want you to stay tuned, because 9:13 when we come back, we’re going to talk more 9:15 about how to pause in the presence of God 9:17 and be ready to step into our destiny. [Music] 9:22 [Music] 9:28 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 9:31 coaching or would like some direction 9:33 and encouragement? 9:34 Dr. Candice is a board-certified counselor 9:37 who walks in the gifts of prophecy and healing, 9:39 and she wants to mentor you. 9:41 In her school of the supernatural. 9:43 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E courses, 9:46 books and many other additional resources that 9:49 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 9:51 every area of your life. Her classes on 9:54 the supernatural will equip you to live in 9:57 the heavenly realms on a daily basis. 9:59 You can also schedule some personal time 10:02 with Dr. Candice, where she will encourage and pray 10:04 for you in private 45 minute sessions 10:07 to help you walk through personal issues 10:10 in your life and propel you into your purpose 10:12 and destiny. Visit her website for all 10:15 of her resources and follow and subscribe 10:17 to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 10:19 Instagram and YouTube. 10:25 [Music] 10:32 CS: We’re so glad you stayed with us because we 10:35 are talking about pausing in the presence of God, 10:38 and I have with me here today Dr. Joshua Fowler, 10:41 and we’re going to be talking to you right now 10:43 about present centered leadership. 10:46 JF: Yes. 10:47 CS: Tell me a little bit about that. I mean, 10:48 as a leader, I don’t want to be burned out. 10:50 I want to have all this fuel. 10:52 I want to keep going. So, what are 10:53 some of the things that you found 10:54 will fuel the leaders? JF: Well, a lot of 10:56 churches are built around a personality. 10:59 The old wineskin way of doing church is we get 11:03 somebody that’s a great communicator, 11:05 a great preacher. 11:06 Everybody gathers around that person. 11:08 So, you’ve got the bobbleheads watching the 11:11 bobbing head in the front. 11:12 And so, every everything that we do is about a 11:15 personality or it’s about a program. 11:17 You might find another church that’s a program 11:19 centered church, or you might find another one. 11:21 That’s the popular church. 11:23 Everybody’s wanting to be where it’s popular and 11:25 they want to do what’s popular and they want to 11:28 make sure that everything is perfect. 11:30 But God wanted to move us to being a presence 11:32 centered church with presence centered leadership. 11:34 So, if I’m presence centered, my mindset 11:36 is not trying to tend to the people. 11:39 This is going to be bad for some people with 11:41 American religion. 11:43 We’re not running around trying to pass out Babas 11:45 and passies and change diapers, 11:48 but we’re teaching the people to go to 11:50 the presence of God. 11:51 So, we’re presen cecentered and not people centered. 11:55 Oh, oh, that was a bad thing to say. 11:57 We’re not about the people, we’re 11:59 about the Presence. 12:00 But see, when we reverse it and we stop chasing 12:03 people and stop worrying about people seats in the 12:06 seats, then we can begin to pursue the Lord. 12:08 And from that, the people will get a mature 12:11 relationship where they don’t have to cry. 12:13 Pastor, Pastor, help me. 12:15 I’m going through it. 12:16 But they can begin to cry unto the Lord and the Lord 12:19 will manifest in their lives. 12:21 That’s the difference of an apostolic and a 12:22 prophetic pastoral, evangelistic and 12:25 teaching center. 12:26 When you have all the five-fold anointings 12:28 you have a Kingdom driven worship service 12:31 where you’re having, you know, presence 12:34 centered services. That’s when people 12:36 can begin to grow in the things of God. 12:39 CS: You know, the Lord to bring into my mind 12:41 something here. On Resurrection Sunday, 12:44 just this past year, you know, 12:46 I mean, churches were closed because of the 12:48 pandemic. Our church, we chose to 12:52 stay open because the Lord had laid that 12:55 on our heart. But we had very few people 12:58 attended. Right. Because all over the world, 13:00 it was very few people. 13:01 So, we were doing an online service. 13:04 And this is my church Freedom Destiny church in 13:06 Jacksonville, Florida. 13:07 And we gathered together with the worship team 13:09 before the service. 13:10 And of course, we didn’t know if there was going 13:13 to be five people in attendance, didn’t 13:14 matter because we were really doing a live 13:16 service and whoever wanted to come, 13:18 the Lord spoke something to me right before 13:21 the service started. As we gather together, 13:23 and we prayed before going to do the service. 13:27 And He said to me “Today, you are truly 13:31 worshiping Me.” 13:33 And I said, “Wow Lord, what does that mean?” 13:36 And He said, “You’re always doing this.” 13:39 And I’m saying, this as a leader. 13:42 And I’m saying this as pastoral leaders. 13:43 “My leaders are always doing this for everyone else.” 13:47 JF: Yeah. 13:48 CS: He says, “But today there is no one else. 13:50 So today this service is for Me.” 13:54 JF: Yes. 13:55 CS: And I was like, “Oh, my gosh !” And so, I spoke 13:58 that prophetically to the worship team. 14:00 And I said, “The Lord says today we’re doing this for 14:02 Him because we’re not doing it for the people 14:04 because there’s no people going to be coming today.” 14:07 So, this is His resurrection service. 14:10 And the, and the worship team was like, 14:12 “Oh, my gosh, you’re right. 14:14 Every year we gather together on this day 14:17 expecting to see great crowds of people wondering 14:20 who we can sign up for membership or who’s 14:22 going to come back. But today is the day 14:26 that we are to worship the Lord 14:28 only and not receive even the benefit.” 14:31 As pastors, I’ve seen the House full or what kind of 14:36 arrangements or what kind of things are we going to 14:38 do with the connection center? 14:39 You know how we are. 14:40 We make sure everything gets set up so we can 14:42 prepare for this rush of people to come in. 14:44 It’s like He said, “They’re not coming today. 14:46 Today is for Me.” So, I cried, I cried, and 14:50 I thought, wow. 14:52 Today, for the first time as a pastor, 14:53 I’m actually worshiping you on Resurrection Sunday 14:57 and I’m not expecting to see this house full. 15:00 So, “We are here just for You,” you know, 15:03 it should be that way every week. 15:04 JF: Yeah. 15:05 Okay. We say we do that every week, 15:07 but ultimately, we don’t, do we? 15:08 JF: That’s right. 15:09 CS: We always thinking about who’s going to come in the 15:11 door and what about this and what about that, 15:13 because we’ve been programed as pastoral 15:15 leaders to make all these plans and preparations for 15:18 these people to come in. 15:19 But there was no plans and preparations because no 15:21 one was coming. 15:22 But I learned something that day. 15:23 And it’s something in line with your book. 15:25 It’s something in line with the fact that when we 15:28 come one by one to worship the Lord, 15:30 it means as much to Him. JF: Yes. 15:31 CS: If we came as one hundred thousand to worship Him 15:35 because it’s all about just worshiping Him 15:38 JF: That’s so true, so true. 15:41 You know, so many times we go to church and it’s 15:43 about somebody or something that’s 15:45 happening. 15:46 We got to us got to make sure who’s speaking today, 15:49 what the worship is, what the light show is. 15:52 Everything is about us. It’s a consumer mentality. 15:56 Instead of a contributor mentality, 15:58 we come to consume the anointing, to take 16:02 and not be a part of that. 16:05 And our Holy Spirit really begin to put my spirit 16:08 that the church needs to come back to putting His 16:11 presence in the center. 16:12 You know, literally, the children of Israel would 16:14 camp around the Ark of the Covenant. 16:16 They made sure that they directed their lives 16:19 towards the presence of the Lord. 16:21 What would happen today, Candice, 16:23 if the church would come back to that place instead 16:26 of hurdling the cattle in and hurdling the cattle out 16:29 with our all of our services that we’re 16:32 putting everywhere, all of our extra campuses? 16:34 And I love reaching people, 16:35 but an hour-long service with nobody being touched, 16:39 nobody being ministered to, 16:41 nobody being prayed for, no gifts of the Spirit in 16:44 operation, no one getting healed. 16:46 But we do that to be user friendly, 16:49 seeker sensitive, to make sure we get more seats in 16:52 the seats. But it’s God’s House. 16:54 This is what He said to me. 16:56 He said, “This is my house.” Think about this. 16:58 If you came to my house, Candice, 17:00 and you were coming to visit me and my kids 17:03 brought you in, they set you on the couch and I 17:07 wasn’t there. And then they said, “Can 17:08 I get you some tea? Can I get you 17:10 some coffee?” They got you tea and coffee. 17:13 They might have got you a donut even like and it got 17:16 you -set it ,seated there and in your waiting for me. 17:19 And you’re looking and I’m not there. 17:21 And time and time passes. And after a 17:23 while they say, Okay, you can leave now. 17:25 And you came to meet me to see me, 17:28 but you didn’t see me. 17:29 That’s the way we’re trading church. 17:32 We bring people to the house and we 17:33 treat God like a guest. We invite Him 17:36 to come into our schedule on our and 17:39 our moment. And we treat Him like 17:41 Jack in the box. 17:42 Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. God’s here. 17:43 And then we push Him back down when 17:45 we’re ready to go home. 17:46 But no, there needs to be a shift. 17:48 We need to recognize it’s his house. 17:50 And we are children, not guests. 17:52 We are sons and daughters coming to His house 17:55 to sit in daddy’s lap. And if He wants to 17:57 worship today, let’s worship. 18:00 If he wants to hear the song of a little chat, 18:03 I’m reminded of my daughter, Destiny. 18:04 I’ve got twins. She’d just stand up. 18:06 She put all her little stuffed animals there and 18:08 sing a song to me, sing a song to Daddy. 18:10 And sometimes that’s what God wants. 18:12 He doesn’t want the pastor to preach three 18:15 points in a poem. 18:16 He wants a move of God. 18:17 “Sometimes today in church we might just need to 18:20 pray,” He said. My house shall be called 18:22 a house of prayer for all nations. 18:25 But what I find in most churches, 18:26 it’s the least thing we do in church. 18:29 We do announcements longer than we pray. 18:32 Something has to shift. 18:34 I believe God is raising up a new breed of leader, 18:36 a presence driven presence synod leader. 18:39 He’s raising a presence in our churches. 18:41 And these are the churches that are going to bring in 18:43 the greatest harvest of all times. 18:46 I believe that God’s raised you up, 18:48 raised up this program to begin to see this happen. 18:51 CS: Oh, boy. I’m feeling the power of God right here. 18:53 JF: I am too! 18:55 CS: I know He is ministering to you all, right where 18:58 you’re at and He’s speaking to you about how 19:00 the importance of- His presence needs to be 19:03 number one in our lives and in our churches. 19:06 If you are a leader today, I want you to reach out to 19:09 us, go to my website, go to Joshua’s website, 19:13 and reach out to Him. 19:14 Let us know how we can deposit it to you so you 19:17 can get to those next level places of not being 19:20 burned out, learning to pause in his presence and 19:23 learning to have a church- JF: Yes! 19:25 CS: -That is one that focuses on the Lord more 19:29 than focusing on the people! JF: Come on! 19:32 CS: Stay tuned. We’ll be right back. 19:35 [Music] 19:41 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman 19:43 is an international prophetic 19:45 voice healing minister, author and pastor who 19:48 travels the world sharing how to access the heavenly 19:50 realms and live the resurrected life. 19:53 Her passion is to see people healed and 19:55 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 19:58 in Christ as royal heirs seated with Him in the 20:01 heavenly realms. 20:02 She believes everyone can access heaven and walk in 20:05 the power of God in her meetings. 20:07 Your faith will increase, and you will feel the 20:09 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 20:12 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 20:15 supernatural and mentor you in the glory, 20:18 she offers many classes in her school of the 20:21 supernatural where you, too, 20:22 can learn to release Heaven, 20:23 the glory and walk in the power of God. 20:26 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of 20:29 Dream Mentors International, an organization 20:32 that teaches and trains biblical life coaches. 20:34 Check out her Website and subscribe to her YouTube 20:38 channel, Instagram, and Facebook for more resources. 20:42 [Music] 20:49 CS: I’m so glad that you’ve stayed with us because 20:52 we’ve been talking about present centered 20:54 leadership and how important it is to have a 20:57 change in our churches. 20:59 Dr. Joshua, this is a very important time to be 21:03 talking about this kind of change. 21:05 Yes, because our universe has dramatically changed 21:08 as a result of this pandemic. 21:10 So, has, how we do church. 21:13 So, your book is very vital to today. 21:16 What would you say to leaders now who are 21:18 looking for a new way? 21:20 Because people are not going to church, 21:21 they are still at home, and now they’re beginning 21:24 to develop new pathways for church. 21:27 What is church to look like now? 21:30 JF: Yes, it’s totally different. 21:31 You know, even before the pandemic, 21:33 Holy Spirit began to speak to me, 21:34 said “Take it back to the house.” 21:36 He said, “I’m going to begin to bring these 21:38 houses. They’re going to be called 21:40 holy hotspots.” 21:42 It is like a Wi-Fi extender or expander. 21:45 He said,” I’m going to take my presence and 21:47 it’s not going to be just confined to these 21:48 boxes in these buildings. 21:50 And I’m going to begin to release it in the home.” 21:52 Just like it was in the Book of Acts. 21:53 Now, I believe we’re going to still gather in 21:55 churches. The accuracy of God will continue to 21:57 gather and worship together in buildings. 22:00 But the Lord says it won’t be confined to 22:02 buildings. He said, “I’m going to, He said one day, 22:04 He took me on a walk. We were walking in the heavens. 22:07 And as we were in this, in this encounter, 22:08 we were walking. He said, “Find me a field.” 22:11 I said, “Find you a field?!” 22:13 He said, “Yes, find me a field.” 22:14 He said, “I’m looking for a field.” Candice, 22:17 He said, “I’m looking for a field.” 22:18 He said, “If you’ll fill the field with people, 22:21 He said, “I’ll fill it with glory.” 22:22 So, God is going to take it to Homes. 22:24 But He’s also going to take it out of the box. 22:26 He’s going to take it into Fields. 22:29 I saw farmers coming, the pastor saying, 22:32 “Can you use this field? 22:33 Would you, would you use this for God’s glory?” 22:36 And they’re going to literally turn over fields 22:38 and parking lots and masses of people. 22:41 The young and the old will dance together, 22:43 but they’re no longer going to be confined to 22:45 just this little sanctuary pew warm mentality. 22:49 God is tired of us being benchwarmers. 22:52 He wants us to get out and bring in the harvest. 22:54 We can’t do business as usual. 22:56 You know, Jesus, when He taught them how to fish, 22:58 He said, Cast your net on the other side. 23:01 You’ve been doing this thing your way for too long. 23:03 I’m going to show you how to fish. 23:05 You know, apostolically. 23:06 I’m going to show you how to fish prophetically. 23:08 I’m going to show you how to move into a place that 23:11 when you cast the net, you’re going to bring in 23:12 such a great catch a fish. 23:14 You’re going to have to signal the other 23:15 ministries, the other boats to bring in this 23:18 harvest. The key is not going for 23:21 a personality, not going for program, 23:25 but going for His presence. 23:26 When we go for His presence, 23:28 when we learn to pause in His presence, 23:30 that’s where His move will be. 23:31 You know, I’ve been to some amazing meetings. 23:34 I’ve been to Brownsville. 23:35 I was there the second week that it was going. 23:38 Steve Hill was saved under one of my family members 23:41 life and they were on the board. 23:42 And Steve and Jerry asked us to come out of that 23:44 meeting. And I watched Brownsville blow up. 23:47 I’ve been to the Toronto airport. 23:48 I’ve been in a move a God since I was a kid. 23:51 My dad’s been preaching fifty-three years. 23:53 I’ve been preaching thirty-three years, 23:54 my grandfather seventy years. 23:56 And you know, the thing I’ve learned, 23:58 if you really want to have a move of God, 24:00 you have to move with God. CS: Mmm. 24:01 CS: You have to get away from your agenda 24:04 and let God be God. 24:07 CS: That’s powerful right there. 24:08 You know, there’s fear that pastoral leaders are 24:12 experiencing things that they’ve got to do 24:15 something systematic, that they have to revolve 24:18 around how it was given to you on paper. 24:21 If you do this, then you’ll have this many 24:23 members come, and you’ll have this much happen. 24:26 The Lord is just crashing all of that. 24:29 And now we’re coming down to a very simple, 24:32 holy, pure way to ascend the mountain. 24:37 We’re coming into that place of being in a deep 24:40 and personal relationship with the Lord as the 24:42 forefront of our ministry. 24:44 And it should have always been that way, 24:46 but it hasn’t been that way. And so, your book 24:49 really helps bring us into that zone. 24:52 I want you all to know you can go to Dr. Joshua’s 24:56 website, grab a hold of his books, 24:58 you can learn and grow. 24:59 But I want you to have time to minister to the 25:01 people today, because we know that all different 25:05 kinds of people are watching us today. 25:06 But I really feel a burden in this program has really 25:09 shifted to the leaders. 25:11 And I want them to be encouraged to know that 25:13 when they leap by faith and step into pausing in 25:17 His presence, they’re going to reap the harvest. 25:21 That’s right. And that God has showed you that. 25:23 And He’s giving you presence encounter’s 25:24 to prove it. JF: Yes. 25:26 CS: So, just began to minister to the people. 25:27 JF: You know, I had this encounter with the Lord 25:30 recently and I feel led to share it with 25:33 you right now. And I believe 25:34 God’s going to begin to do this in your city. 25:36 He’s going to begin to do this in your nation 25:38 wherever you’re believe in the Lord. 25:40 In this encounter I had with the Lord, 25:42 this circle came from the throne of God like an ark. 25:45 And it came down into the earth and it joined. 25:48 Together, and when it joined together this 25:51 massive angel being like an eagle with a face of a 25:56 man came down in its talons, 25:59 grabbed a hold of where this these things, 26:01 this ark met. And when it met like 26:04 an atomic bomb, it went through a city 26:08 in awakening and revival was released. 26:10 And this is what he said to me, Candice. 26:12 He said, he said, “Tell my people I will meet them at 26:15 the intersection of intercession.” 26:18 He said the ‘intersession intersection.” 26:21 He said, “Tell my people I will meet them on the 26:23 corner of worship and intersession where your 26:26 worship and your intersession meet, 26:28 you’re going to see a move of God. 26:30 So, I just come in agreement with you right 26:31 now, your believing the Lord, 26:33 for presence in your home, His presence in your city, 26:37 His presence in your nation. 26:39 We touch and agree right now in Jesus name, 26:42 Candice and I. 26:43 We agree that right now there’s a release of his 26:45 presence because you’re meeting him at the corner 26:49 of worship and intercession, 26:51 because you’re meeting him at that place of prayer. 26:54 You know, my granddaddy would say this, 26:56 that seventy years he said, 26:57 “You don’t pray until you get through. 26:59 You pray until you pray through.” 27:01 If we want to see a move of God, 27:03 we’re going to see that. 27:04 I really feel that God wants to minister some 27:05 people individually. Is that all right, If share these? 27:07 CS: Yes, please, please. 27:08 JF: I feel the name Margaret coming up. 27:11 In my spirit right now, I believe, 27:13 Margaret, you have an issue that you’ve been 27:15 dealing with in your body physically for a number of 27:17 years, in fact, that this goes back many, 27:20 many years. And this issue has been 27:22 trying to plague you and 27:23 keep you from being able to even be around people. 27:26 It’s like you get very tired, 27:28 very I don’t know if it’s auto immune disorder or 27:31 what, but something has really tried to plague you. 27:34 But right now, in the Name of Jesus, 27:35 I release healing to you, Margaret. 27:38 I declare that you are healed by the stripes 27:41 of Jesus. Receive it now in Jesus Name. 27:45 CS: Amen. Amen. 27:47 Wow. That is really powerful. 27:49 I know that people right now at home are beginning 27:51 to reevaluate some things in this program. 27:54 Your path to destiny helps you reevaluate things to 27:58 get back in alignment with the Lord so that you can 28:02 be full of fire and very, very empowered for 28:05 what He has for us. God is doing amazing 28:08 things and He needs you on His team. 28:11 And so, you need to position yourself to 28:13 pause in His presence. [Music] 28:15 I just want to remind you to take His hand, 28:18 walk with Messiah to the place of destiny. 28:22 The Path of destiny. 28:25 [Music]

Dr. Joshua Fowler shares a revelation on how to pause in God’s presence and hear His voice!

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