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Andrea di Meglio was baptized in God’s love and the Holy Spirit when he was 17 years old. Did it change his life? Radically. Andrea wants you walking in true identity and authority!

Christ in You. (DVD Movie) Are your daily encounters random? Or set up by God? Andrea de Meglio’s movie has the power to transform lives, and it shows Messiah in you is alive and well.

Christ in You also shows we are all capable of giving a little love. It presents a simple discovery about what holds us back from doing “love” in a world that needs to find hope through healing and deliverance.

Frontline interviews and on-the-street demonstrations by ordinary Christians show how you can show love, overcome fear and use your God-given gifts to change the lives of the people around you.

Fueling the Fire. (3-CD Set) Andrea di Meglio says truth is knowing that the power and authority of God are already in you! Jesus says it will set you free, and Andrea agrees. When you learn to abide in God’s Presence, the Jesus in you will direct your steps during your day!

Andrea di Meglio was saved at a young age but resisted God’s call on his life. At age 17, Andrea finally surrendered to God and was baptized in Love and the Holy Spirit. His healing ministry soon began on a mission trip to Berlin. Andrea has never looked back.

▶▶Get your copy of Christ in You & Fueling the Fire by Andrea di Meglio: http://bit.ly/2RUZ2EB

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