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A interview and Q&A with billionaire debt investor and founder of Oaktree Capital Management, Howard Marks. In this interview, Howard discusses how to master the market cycle and what drives cycles. Howard also talks about the psychology of an investor and how to have an advantageous mentality to investing. 📚 Books by Howard Marks and his favourite books are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:16 How can investors become better at determining the market cycle?
1:23 How does one become more unemotional about investing?
3:31 What do you think causes market cycles?
7:45 Psychology?
8:20 Work of a history major?
11:25 Focusing on areas of opportunity?
13:53 How do you think about political conditions and macro events in market cycles?
17:12 What lead you to commit capital in 2008 financial crisis?
22:49 How did you manage shareholders during the crisis?
25:00 Some people are sure of everything?
26:30 Beliefs in the market that are unhealthy for investors?
29:42 Where are we in the market today?
34:41 What are you reading now?
37:05 How do you view your own company’s stock?
40:43 What made you start writing?

Howard Marks Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
The Most Important Thing:http://bit.ly/MostImportantThingHM
Mastering The Market Cycle: http://bit.ly/MasteringTheMarketCycle

Howard Marks Favourite Books🔥
Winning the Loser’s Game:http://bit.ly/WinningTheLosersGame
A Short History of Financial Euphoria:http://bit.ly/FinancialEuphoria
Fooled by Randomness:http://bit.ly/FooledByRandomnessHM

Interview Date: 11th October, 2018
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/HMarksPic10

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