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Arizona: Humanitarian Scott Warren Found Not Guilty of Helping Migrants at Mexican Border

Humanitarian aid worker Scott Warren had been facing up to ten years in prison for harboring unauthorized migrants. “The government failed in its attempt to criminalize basic human kindness,” Warren told a crowd gathered outside the courthouse in Tucson, Ariz. after the announcement of the verdict. “Everyone here did diligent, detailed and amazing work… I love you all.”

He was arrested on Jan. 17, 2018 by Border Patrol agents who had been surveilling a base used by humanitarian aid groups in Ajo, Ariz. that leave out water and food for migrants who make the deadly, and unauthorized, trek across the Sonoran Desert.

The desert has claimed the lives of at least 7,000 migrants who have tried to cross it since the 1990s. Warren first started volunteering six years ago with aid groups like No More Deaths. […]


Scott Warren acquitted of harboring immigrants who crossed US-Mexico border

  • Jury acquits border activist Dr. Scott Warren of harboring migrants.

Video courtesy: NBC News 4 Tucson


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