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Increase in Tourism - More than four million people visited Israel in 2018

There were approximately 13% more tourist entries in 2018 than 2017, making it 38% more than 2016. | Image courtesy: Reuters/Amir Cohen

In terms of demographics, most of the tourists who visited Israel were Christians, with 61% of the tourists in 2018. Some 22% were Jews, 12.1% not affiliated, 1.8% Muslim, 0.6% were Buddhists, 0.5% were Hindus, 0.1% were Baha’is, and 1.7% others. 40% of tourists in 2018 have already visited Israel before.

There has been a significant increase of tourists from the United States (813,500), France (320,000), Russia (303,200), Germany (259,500), Britain (200,000) and China (about 100,000).

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