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0:00 today with Katherine ruonala i’ve been 0:03 doing a slow walk through the psalms 0:05 just morning and evening reading one 0:07 psalm at a time and having to discipline 0:10 myself not to race through it but to 0:11 really 0:13 marinate in it and extract everything 0:15 that’s in there and um 0:17 but uh my friend kirili as i was talking 0:20 uh to her this morning she was talking 0:22 about psalm 45 and all day long 0:25 psalm 45 verse one’s just been rolling 0:27 around in my heart i just want to read 0:29 this to you 0:31 psalm 45 is a wedding psalm it’s 0:34 traditionally 0:36 referring to 0:38 solomon and his bride but it’s 0:40 much more holy than just a 0:43 a song for a natural wedding 0:46 it’s about the king and his bride and 0:49 it’s quite amazing 0:51 and i i really believe 0:53 that as the holy spirit’s been speaking 0:55 to us we’ve been i’ve been 0:57 um 0:59 speaking out of zechariah chapter four 1:01 with the the oil that the living trees 1:04 feeding in the oil into the the burning 1:07 lamps and the seven spirits of god and 1:10 the knowledge of god the desire of us of 1:13 god for us to know him that we might 1:16 know him i was speaking just recently 1:18 from hosea 1:20 chapter six in the heart of god the 1:22 yearning of god that we may 1:25 know him 1:26 and so as i was reading this this psalm 1:30 today i was fascinated to see that this 1:33 psalm actually 1:35 is really 1:36 our core values for glory city intimacy 1:40 identity and increase 1:43 starts off my heart is stirred by a 1:45 noble theme as i recite my verses for 1:47 the king 1:48 my tongue is the pen of a skillful rider 1:52 my heart is stirred with a noble theme 1:54 and what is this theme that he’s going 1:56 to talk about this most noble theme 1:59 it’s the theme of the king and his bride 2:02 it’s the it’s the theme of 2:05 intimacy it’s a theme of relationship 2:07 it’s the theme of the king and his bride 2:10 being married the wedding 2:13 and as i look at it i i just i recognize 2:17 the heart of god the most important 2:19 thing to him as i was talking to him 2:20 today saying what do you mean lord 2:22 you’re looking forward to tomorrow night 2:24 what are you going to do 2:27 and i realized all of a sudden 2:30 that he was excited that we were going 2:32 to be worshiping him 2:35 that was that was what he was most 2:37 excited about that we were coming 2:40 to worship him 2:43 and and this is the most noble theme 2:46 as you look through the uh as you look 2:48 through the psalm there you’ll see 2:51 it starts off with 2:54 praise of the king and how wonderful the 2:57 king is 2:58 and then it is a description of the 3:00 beauty of the bride 3:02 and how beautiful she is 3:04 and then it finishes with and you’re 3:06 going to have sons and legacy 3:09 intimacy identity and increase in this 3:12 most noble theme 3:14 it begins with worship of the king 3:17 because in his light we see light as we 3:19 exalt him as we praise him as we talk 3:21 about him as we lift up his name 3:25 in his light we see light 3:28 as i was praying today and crying out 3:30 for his presence and his glory i was 3:32 explaining to the lord because in your 3:34 presence 3:36 god is the place 3:38 where i am truly free 3:41 it’s the place where 3:43 it’s a place where i belong it’s a place 3:46 where 3:47 everything is just makes sense it’s that 3:50 place where nothing else matters 3:53 the glory lord we want you we want to 3:56 see your glory because in your presence 3:58 there is fullness of joy it’s a place 4:00 where i am truly completely 4:04 utterly happy 4:06 utterly full full to overflowing with 4:09 joy in his presence there is fullness of 4:13 joy that’s not a lot of joy that is 4:16 nothing but 4:19 joy 4:21 fullness 4:22 of joy 4:24 fullness of joy not to be observed not 4:27 to be theoretically beheld but actually 4:30 to step into an experience 4:33 fullness of joy 4:38 what does that feel like to be 4:40 surrounded not even to have in the back 4:42 of your mind fears or regrets fullness 4:44 of joy that is encircling you 4:48 he’s rejoicing over you with singing 4:51 fullness 4:52 absolute joy it says in other versions 4:56 absolute 4:57 in your presence there’s absolute joy 5:00 there’s perfect peace there’s the holy 5:03 fear of god where 5:05 oh god 5:07 oh god 5:09 you are so much more than i’ve ever 5:11 hoped or imagined 5:12 it’s where we see him and we 5:15 we hit the deck 5:17 because he is holy and he is glorious 5:20 it’s that place where as we worship him 5:23 as we behold him and as we determine in 5:25 our hearts that we are going to seek 5:27 nothing else but him 5:31 as we seek him we find him and when we 5:34 find him 5:35 we are overwhelmed 5:37 our senses humanly need supernatural 5:40 strengthening to be able to to handle it 5:43 my body can’t handle the glory i’m going 5:45 to need power to stand up under the 5:47 glory of god the glory that’s coming 5:49 we’re going to need supernatural power 5:52 we’re gonna need supernatural power to 5:54 be able to walk in the level of joy the 5:57 absolute joy the absolute freedom the 6:00 absolute peace the absolute holiness and 6:03 fire that’s going to need supernatural 6:06 strength by his spirit hallelujah 6:09 and it all starts with beholding him 6:12 with worshipping him 6:13 you might wonder why do we worship so 6:15 long it’s like 6:18 because it’s all about him 6:22 and as we behold him we become like him 6:26 and everything gets sorted out though as 6:30 we behold him 6:31 the fire of god deals with anything our 6:34 heart that needs to be dealt with 6:37 it brings to the surfer then anything 6:39 that needs healing and needs dealing 6:41 with anybody been feeling the fire this 6:43 week like man i’ve been sensing wow okay 6:46 wow yes i see that god wow that attitude 6:49 wow god wow god i’ve been in judgment 6:51 against that person i repent repentance 6:53 has just been so 6:55 deep in my heart this week as the 6:57 process the presence of god 6:59 increases as the fire of god increases 7:02 so too does your desire to repent and 7:05 because you recognize 7:07 presumptuous sin you haven’t even 7:08 recognized that you’ve walked in 7:11 attitudes become obvious in his light 7:14 we see light amen 7:17 my heart is stirred with a noble theme 7:20 and as as we focus on him and we adore 7:23 him 7:24 that’s why i make no apology 7:27 for 7:28 fully 7:29 fully abandoning ourselves that’s why 7:32 you know i just am so grateful 7:35 for pastor aaron and his team 7:37 they’ve 7:38 they’re just amazing 7:40 and they but they understand like aaron 7:43 is so 7:44 he is so in tune with the holy spirit 7:47 but he’s also so servant-hearted he he 7:50 you can sense you know 7:53 when it needs it needs 7:55 we’re going to linger here a little 7:57 longer we’re going to press through here 7:58 a little longer we’re going to stay on 8:00 this for a moment 8:01 longer just because he recognizes knows 8:04 how to understand the invitations of the 8:06 holy spirit and respond to them which is 8:09 so beautiful 8:12 but then 8:13 the the the next thing if you read in 8:15 ephesians chapter one paul’s prayer 8:18 that 8:19 the father would give us the spirit of 8:21 wisdom and revelation in the knowledge 8:24 of him that we may know 8:27 the hope of his calling 8:30 the riches of his glorious inheritance 8:32 in us the saints and the greatness of 8:36 his power toward us who believe 8:39 god wants us to have revelation of him 8:42 through worship 8:44 through the fear of the lord through the 8:46 recognition of his glory 8:48 so that we will understand 8:51 the mission 8:53 so that we will understand the hope of 8:55 what it means 8:56 to be 8:57 his bride to be his beloved to be his 9:01 children so that we would understand our 9:04 mission is to love him 9:06 we were reading in hosea 6 9:09 on sunday that and and from the nasb in 9:12 verse 6 it says for i delight in loyalty 9:14 rather than sacrifice 9:17 it struck me because i’m so used to the 9:18 new king james 9:20 it normally says i desire mercy instead 9:22 of sacrifice and i thought what’s the 9:24 difference loyalty and mercy are there 9:26 two very different words 9:28 how come they’ve translated this 9:31 this verse so differently 9:33 and when i looked it up in the hebrew 9:35 this word loyalty 9:37 otherwise trans translated as mercy in 9:40 other translations 9:41 actually means kindness toward god 9:46 that he says i 9:48 i delight in you having mercy loyalty 9:52 kindness toward me 9:55 how do we be kind to god how do we show 9:58 god mercy 10:00 god doesn’t need 10:02 mercy yet his heart 10:05 longing 10:07 is greater than any parent’s heart has 10:10 longed for a wayward child 10:12 his heart longing for your attention and 10:15 your affection is more fiery and more 10:18 passionate than we could ever understand 10:21 it’s like 10:22 take away 10:24 the deep longing in my heart by 10:26 satisfying have mercy on me by 10:28 satisfying me 10:29 with your 10:31 loyal eyes looking at me your heart 10:33 desire to set your face to seek me this 10:36 is what i want more than your sacrifice 10:39 more than anything else i want your 10:42 heart 10:43 i have mercy on me 10:46 have kindness toward me give me your 10:48 heart i want that more than any 10:50 sacrifice more than any burnt offering 10:53 you can feel the fiery heart of love the 10:56 father has for us 10:58 the love that the king has 11:00 for us 11:01 but the result of that then is that we 11:04 would know the value the riches of his 11:07 glorious inheritance in us the saints 11:09 our identity 11:11 and our identity we’ve talked about it a 11:14 lot it’s not it’s not about us just 11:16 feeling good about ourselves but it’s us 11:19 recognizing 11:22 what he has done for us who we have 11:25 become in him that it is no longer we 11:28 who live but christ who lives in us that 11:30 we have been joined as one with him 11:33 therefore 11:35 when i walk on this earth 11:37 god doesn’t want me to see myself as a 11:39 grasshopper 11:41 like the spies said we were like 11:43 grasshoppers in our own sight and so we 11:45 were in theirs if i’m if i’m still 11:47 seeing myself as a nine-year-old 11:50 catherine on the inside 11:52 then when i go to minister somewhere 11:55 and i’m having this picture of myself on 11:57 the inside i’m not going to move in the 12:01 power and the authority and the gifting 12:04 that god wants me to do 12:07 sometimes i i do forget to remember what 12:10 i look like i’ll go to places and i’ll 12:12 forget that they’re actually really 12:14 hoping that they’ll get a powerful 12:15 prophetic word because i’m just seeing 12:18 myself as Katherine 12:20 but god doesn’t want you to see yourself 12:24 just as this person don’t misunderstand 12:26 me he wants you to be a childlike he 12:28 wants you to to maintain forever a 12:31 childlike heart to humble yourself like 12:33 a little child but he also wants you to 12:36 know the riches of his glorious 12:38 inheritance in you that you are a gift 12:41 that you are a blessing to be 12:43 given 12:44 that freely you’ve received and freely 12:46 he wants to give through you hallelujah 12:49 he wants you to have a holy boldness and 12:51 this is what comes in the fire of god in 12:54 the glory of god is a revelation of 12:56 authority 12:57 it’s a revelation of holy boldness 12:59 hallelujah 13:01 this is what happened 13:03 when the disciples were filled and 13:05 filled again they’d already been filled 13:08 with the power of god holy boldness the 13:10 fire of god power from on high on the 13:12 day of pentecost then when they were 13:15 intimidated and when they were 13:17 persecuted they gathered together again 13:19 and prayed 13:21 and they were filled again 13:23 and they went boldly out 13:25 there’s a holy boldness that comes as 13:28 you spend time in the presence and the 13:29 fiery glory of god hallelujah that and 13:32 it comes through him revealing to you 13:36 your identity in him 13:38 it’s not selfish it’s not self-centered 13:40 you see if you don’t do that it is 13:42 actually selfish 13:46 because unless you recognize what he 13:48 says about you you won’t be freely 13:50 giving what he wants to give through you 13:54 if you say i’m nothing i’m i’m not i’m 13:57 not anything special you might feel holy 14:00 and religious but you’re not 14:02 you’re in unbelief 14:05 god wants you to recognize as you’ve 14:07 humbled yourself you died anyway it’s no 14:10 longer you who live but christ who lives 14:11 in you now christ in you the hope of 14:14 glory wants to manifest himself with a 14:16 holy boldness when the pharisees were 14:19 interrogating the disciples they took 14:22 note 14:23 that these unlearned men 14:26 they were speaking with such authority 14:28 they were speaking with such holy 14:30 boldness 14:31 god wants to release that over you he 14:33 wants to release a revelation of your 14:36 identity so that you’ll not walk out in 14:38 arrogance but you’ll walk out in fire 14:41 free from the fear of man and free from 14:44 shame free from guilt free from the true 14:47 the traumas that have crippled you 14:50 that he might heal you and send you out 14:53 with holy fire hallelujah 14:58 and then he’s then it talks about this 15:00 psalm talks about increase that you’ll 15:02 have sons 15:05 his desire is that we would multiply and 15:08 multiply and multiply 15:10 that we would make disciples that we 15:13 would go out and we’d bring g people to 15:15 jesus that we’d go and we’d share the 15:17 good news i just get so encouraged 15:20 hearing the testimonies of people who 15:23 are bringing to people to christ all 15:25 week long coming in friday and sunday 15:30 getting filled up and filled up again 15:32 with the glory and the power and the 15:34 fire of god and going out and leading 15:36 people to christ with such an ease and a 15:39 holy boldness and 15:41 a um a delight and a joy 15:45 and i believe also that the lord is 15:47 wanting to set people free to dream 15:50 again 15:51 to begin to dream the dreams of the 15:54 father 15:56 the father is not dreaming of getting 15:58 you through this season 16:00 he’s not dreaming of you surviving 16:04 or making it 16:06 he’s dreaming of you thriving and 16:08 multiplying and being fruitful he’s 16:11 dreaming of you doing great exploits the 16:14 knowledge of god results in the 16:16 fruitfulness of great exploits 16:18 hallelujah 16:19 he’s going to do the exceedingly 16:21 abundantly above as you allow him to 16:24 heal you 16:25 health bring health to your body soul 16:28 and spirit so that you’ll go forth and 16:31 prosper in everything you do in your 16:33 words in your deeds in your interactions 16:36 in your relationships he says i desire 16:39 above all i desire that you prosper and 16:42 be in health even as your soul prospers 16:45 in the knowledge of him in the pursuit 16:47 of him in the glory 16:49 he will cause your soul to prosper and 16:52 as a result everything you do will 16:55 prosper don’t get all caught up and hung 16:58 up on that word or prosper but it’s in 17:00 the bible 17:02 and his desire his his idea of 17:04 prosperity is that you would be fruitful 17:07 in every area of your life because you 17:09 are connected to and abiding in the vine 17:13 as you delight yourself in him he will 17:15 give you the desires of your heart 17:17 because as you delight yourself in him 17:20 nothing else matters nothing else has 17:22 the ability to have a hold on you 17:23 because he is everything hallelujah 17:27 praise the lord 17:29 john 17 3. 17:32 and this is eternal life 17:36 that they may know you 17:38 the only true god and jesus christ whom 17:41 you’ve sent 17:43 that’s it 17:45 this is it 17:49 as we connect to him the heart of the 17:52 father is that the one thing he wants 17:54 above all else is that you would know 17:56 him because when you know him 18:00 you’ll become like him the more time you 18:02 spend looking at him 18:05 the more he will fill you the more he 18:07 fills you the more you will overflow 18:10 and the rate at which you are filled is 18:12 at the rate that you will overflow 18:14 hallelujah so that’s why we keep saying 18:16 more 18:17 people say you don’t need more you’ve 18:19 got everything you need pertaining to 18:20 life and godliness 18:22 he wants to fill you with all the 18:24 fullness of god 18:26 there is no end to god you don’t get 18:28 like okay now you’re full with all the 18:30 fullness it’s like he keeps coming the 18:32 train of his robe keeps filling the 18:34 temple because he cannot be contained 18:38 so you need more because he he there is 18:42 always more to be had hallelujah and the 18:45 more you receive the more you’ll give 18:47 away hallelujah father we say thank you 18:50 [Applause] 18:52 thank you lord hear end of the lesson 18:56 are you hungry 18:59 there is more 19:02 there is exceedingly abundantly above 19:04 that god wants to 19:08 do you know if you’re watching online or 19:11 you’re here and you know in your heart 19:14 you aren’t in relationship with god 19:18 no there’s a there’s a reverential or in 19:20 fear of god that 19:22 that is here that i believe god wants to 19:25 stir your heart to recognize that 19:27 without him you cannot have eternal life 19:31 that we need god 19:34 that we need to be like those wise 19:36 virgins that keep the 19:38 wick trimmed and 19:40 the lamps filled up 19:42 and if you know in your heart you aren’t 19:44 walking with god or you haven’t made a a 19:47 decision to surrender your life and 19:50 receive the mercy of jesus and and to be 19:52 born again 19:54 you can do that tonight whether you’re 19:55 watching online or whether you’re here 19:58 or if you know that you you’ve walked 20:00 away from god you aren’t walking with 20:02 him that you aren’t 20:04 you aren’t living for him and you want 20:05 to get your life right with god 20:08 i want to give you an opportunity 20:09 tonight 20:11 and the bible says that unless a man be 20:14 born again he cannot enter the kingdom 20:15 of heaven 20:17 that’s not him being mean 20:20 god says that 20:22 the bible tells us that god is light 20:24 and in him there is no darkness at all 20:28 and light can have no fellowship with 20:30 darkness 20:33 and if you’ve even committed one sin 20:34 there’s darkness in your life that you 20:36 can’t get rid of 20:38 because the wages of sin is death 20:41 the only way you can pay for that sin is 20:43 eternal death 20:46 but god loved you so much 20:49 that he came as a man lived a perfectly 20:52 holy life the only one who was qualified 20:56 to take on the sin of the whole world 20:58 and pay for your sin 21:01 is now saying i’ve done it for you if 21:03 you’ll humble yourself and receive the 21:05 help i want to give you i will be your 21:07 savior i’ll save you from the penalty of 21:10 sin i’ll save you from eternal death and 21:13 i’ll give you eternal life if you will 21:15 humble yourself 21:17 and acknowledge you need jesus to be 21:19 your savior you need his mercy he will 21:22 delight to give it by grace we are saved 21:25 through faith not of works lest anyone 21:28 should boast it it starts with us 21:30 humbling ourselves and saying i need you 21:33 god have mercy on me 21:35 if that’s you and you know in your heart 21:36 you’re not walking with god 21:39 i want you just to wave your hand at me 21:40 and i want to pray for you right now is 21:42 there anyone here that says yes that’s 21:44 me 21:45 if that’s you i’d love to pray with you 21:46 we had 21:48 just if that’s you put your hand up and 21:49 i want to pray for you or if you’re 21:50 online and you’re watching 21:53 and you want to get your life right with 21:54 god today 21:56 i want you to write in the comments 21:58 there i need jesus 22:00 pray for me 22:01 and we’ll pray for you 22:03 if you’re watching or you’re here i want 22:04 you to pray this after me father god 22:07 i believe 22:09 you sent your son jesus 22:11 to be punished in my place 22:14 i believe 22:16 that jesus died and rose again 22:19 right now father 22:21 i ask you to have mercy on me 22:23 forgive me for all of my sin 22:27 i receive jesus 22:29 as my lord and savior 22:32 come into my life 22:34 make me new on the inside 22:36 fill me with your spirit 22:39 in jesus name i pray 22:41 amen amen now if you just prayed that 22:45 prayer make sure you just you let us 22:47 know in the comments and we’ll have 22:48 someone praying for you 22:50 hallelujah 22:52 well are you happy 22:56 if you’re not i know a place where you 22:58 can be 23:01 and it’s in his presence that there’s 23:02 fullness of joy 23:05 father we love you 23:07 we love you we love you we love you 23:09 come holy spirit we thank you for your 23:11 presence 23:14 i thank you nothing is impossible for 23:16 those who believe 23:18 and lord i thank you that you make a way 23:20 where there seems to be no way 23:22 lord we give you worship 23:25 lord we give you praise we give you 23:27 thanks 23:28 thank you holy spirit 23:31 thank you holy spirit 23:33 i thank you too lord you’re the you’re 23:34 the one who is our answer to everything 23:37 there’s someone here facing a 23:39 significant financial crisis right now 23:42 in fact today is the last day and you 23:45 need god to bring a breakthrough 23:48 if that’s you i just want you to lift up 23:49 your hand and take it from the lord but 23:51 as a prophetic act and say thank you 23:53 lord i receive your help i acknowledge 23:55 my need for help lord and i thank you 23:57 you i’m receiving that today in the name 23:59 of jesus i decree breakthrough for them 24:02 lord today in the name of jesus 24:04 thank you lord someone else has a 24:06 condition in their liver who is that 24:09 that needs healing i want to pray for 24:11 you is there someone here 24:12 you you need god to touch and heal your 24:14 liver just healing the holy spirit 24:17 speaking to me about that is there 24:18 someone here 24:20 you need god to touch you and heal you 24:22 and your liver maybe if that if you’re 24:23 online you can just write there and 24:25 we’ll pray but is there someone in the 24:27 building 24:28 just feel the holy spirit wanting to 24:29 touch you 24:31 right now father i thank you 24:33 is that you father i thank you lord 24:34 right now and if you’re online and you 24:36 need that too lord in the name of jesus 24:38 i thank you for your healing touch 24:40 your power touching 24:42 healing delivering lord healing now yes 24:46 god all those levels coming right in the 24:49 name of jesus thank you for healing in 24:51 the name of jesus lord you are so good 24:54 you’re so faithful 24:57 well father we come together and seek 24:59 your face 25:02 lord we say thank you you are 25:04 our heart’s desire our hearts are 25:06 stirred with a noble theme 25:09 as i recite these verses for the king 25:11 lord we come to worship you we come to 25:14 honor you we come to give you all the 25:15 glory 25:17 praise you jesus thank you holy spirit 25:21 thank you lord 25:23 thank you lord 25:24 thank you lord 25:27 do you need god to do a miracle in your 25:29 life 25:31 i want to join my faith with yours right 25:33 now wherever you’re watching from 25:36 if you would put your hand on the part 25:38 of your body that needs healing right 25:39 now and i believe god is going to do a 25:42 miracle for you 25:44 father in the name of jesus as people 25:46 reach out their faith to you i thank you 25:48 you are faithful and true lord in jesus 25:51 name i speak healing and wholeness to 25:53 their bodies touch them now in jesus 25:56 name holy spirit i thank you for your 25:58 power at work right now healing them in 26:01 their bodies in jesus name 26:04 be 26:05 healed be restored i thank you for 26:07 wholeness in the mighty and the powerful 26:09 name of jesus christ our savior 26:12 amen 26:14 i’d love to hear your testimonies and 26:16 please write to us and let us know what 26:17 god’s done in your life 26:20 i want to invite you to become a monthly 26:22 partner with me 26:24 let me tell you about some of the 26:25 benefits our monthly partners receive 26:28 firstly you’ll have full access to my 26:31 regular live mentoring sessions which 26:33 are always really special 26:36 every month i teach for a short time and 26:38 then we have a question and answer time 26:40 which is really fruitful where you can 26:42 ask about anything that’s in your heart 26:45 let me help you unlock the supernatural 26:47 calling on your life 26:49 as a partner i’ll commit to praying for 26:52 you regularly 26:53 and i’ll add your photo to my prayer 26:55 wall so that i can pray specifically for 26:57 you i’d like to see your face 27:00 you’ll also be added to our database so 27:02 that you can receive our newsletter 27:04 filled with encouragement 27:06 please visit our website or contact our 27:08 call center to become a monthly partner 27:11 today 27:15 [Music] 27:17 the preceding paid program is sponsored 27:19 by the friends and partners of Katherine 27:21 Ruonala ministries

God wants you to know the riches of His glorious inheritance. You are a blessing to be given, freely you have received, freely give.

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