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I was really impressed with the very seasoned revelation which came from Jake Hamilton during our interview with him at the Compassion to Action event in Portland, OR.

Jake was as real and authentic as it gets, and believe me, what he shared will minister and touch you deeply.

There is a facade out there that we can’t be vulnerable and our authentic selves because people will see the real us and be disappointed!

Contrary to that belief, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! People need to see and value the real, raw, authentic side of us.

In Jake’s interview you will learn:

How you are the answer to every generational curse that has been on your family, and carry the authority to course-correct your entire generational line.

“Authenticity” is the greatest value this generation has… they say, “Just be real with me and just tell me the truth.”

How to give your pain purpose.
People need to know from you that it’s okay to hurt and they’re not alone.

And much more!

Enjoy Jake Hamilton’s interview and get ready to soar with the heart of God to be authentic in a generation crying out for it.

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