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Video Transcript

0:00 James Ogletree from San Antonio Texas 0:02 and I’m Kathy Ogletree from San 0:05 Antonio Texas we have been listening to 0:11 klove since they came to San Antonio 0:13 which was sometime in the late 90s I 0:16 think I’d never heard of Klove and I 0:19 came into the bathroom one morning and 0:20 Kathy was getting ready and she says 0:22 guess what I just did I’d escaped to 0:24 this radio station I said you did what 0:26 and it turned out to be Klove and it was 0:28 the start of a a great way to support 0:32 ministry there was so much on the radio 0:34 that we didn’t want to listen to her 0:36 that I didn’t want to listen to and I 0:37 didn’t want my kids necessarily to 0:40 listen to and so I wanted Klove to go on 0:44 so if I wasn’t willing to give then how 0:47 could I expect it to go on what other 0:49 ministry allows you to give money and be 0:52 available you know 24/7 365 I think it’s 0:57 a very practical way if you want to give 0:58 to ministry 1:02 you


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