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James & Dorothy Brown Interview – Gospel Truth TV – Week 1, Day 3

Video Transcript

[Music] welcome to a special episode of gospel truth with Andrew Wommack a teaching ministry focusing on God’s unconditional love and grace I’m one of those who makes his program must-see TV and starting my day today Andrew continues his interview with acclaimed sportscaster James Brown and his wife Dorothy you go out and declare the glory of the Lord and he will take you to Heights unimaginable and now here’s Andrew right now you’re at the top of your game and did a lot of things happening but you know what there’s been a lot of turnover among broadcasters where do you see this going whatever that next is fine and you’re right I I have been at this a lot longer than many have in that regard but I just want to again consistent with your seven mountains of influence your 7m approach I just want to like Daniel in the Bible just be about excellence in everything I do and have sustained excellence and whatever the Lord has in way of the next for me he’ll reveal that to me but I’m not sure what that is Andrews that makes sense yeah but you know once you leave the major spokesperson there on the broadcast and so how are you going to continue to have influence and I think one of the ways I’m not saying this that the Lord but one of the ways could be this program that if you start producing programs where you take all of your contacts and interview these coaches and players and find these godly things I think people would love to hear that there’s something good going on and you could have a television ministry and continue to be exposed to people for you know the rest of your life doing stuff like this well look at what again you were we were referencing one of your Bibles college students lieutenant Ryan Haley and he’s got a podcast and he’s been interviewing people who are again very meaningfully involved in the 7em approach if you will Butch Hartman who left Nickelodeon TV but look at the look at the the number of Christian movies and programs that are coming is there an appetite out there and in society at large absolutely there is see what Roma Downey and Mark Burnett have been doing so I don’t quite what that is but I’m certainly looking in those arenas but I would like to think that the degree to which the Lord has had me in the broadcasting arena developing some equity if you will in that in that silo that it will be used to his glory somehow whether I continue still with my foot in the sports door or the news door but doing more things in the ministry because that’s the mission field I want to be a strong colabor ER with people like you in the vineyard to build up the kingdom well God’s definitely used your sports connection to give you a platform and so that’s great but you know it’s the Word of God that really changes people and if you have a platform where you could actually start showing how the Word of God is changing people’s lives and stuff that’ll last and there’s so many good stories out there sports yes and even tangentially with sports one of the things I learned in working with one of the best magazine shows on television for another major cable outlet was that a good story it’s a good story and it doesn’t have to involve a big name and typically those big names that we know of today they’ve been influenced when they were quote-unquote nobodies but they saw and felt the truth in the example of how that person modeled their lives that helped them and God rewarded them and putting them on that level so there are a number of good stories out there with some very influential people across the spectrum heavens I was listening to your good friend Reverend Dewayne Sheriff when Dorothy and I were blessed to go to one of his satellite churches out here in a woodland park and he was talking about the number of folks who right now still undercover in Hollywood who are strong Christians who are making some significant waves so you know it’s bubbling under the surface two scientists shot two three reports this last week of things happening in Nepal I mean it is phenomenal the things that are happening there and then like I said the Imams and in Dubai we’ve got an opportunity there to have inroads and I mean God is doing more than any of us know and one of the things is we just don’t have anybody reporting it and so you know the world is a big place but the sports world you have an access to that that if you were to take that and put those stories out there and start showing this hike it could really encourage a lot you’re pretty persuasive well you know what I am excited this is somebody saying God could really use because again from and I’m not a real sports person so I may have a limited view of it from my viewpoint there isn’t any godly sports figure such as yourself that is trying to present the good side of what’s happening all we hear is all of the junk and you know and maybe not so much on TV because I think about the number of people who are doing this whether it’s the Corwin Anthony’s involved with organizations or Steve Stenstrom or gosh there’s so many X players Darrell Green Art Monk Charles Mann there are a number of strong Christian guys who are out there Steve Fitzhugh who are doing some great things they’re actively engaged so all they need is probably just to have a platform so the folks can become more aware of it yeah but they are everywhere out there Jackie Slater a Hall of Fame football player there are a number of guys out there Aeneas Williams so there are tons of great stories Kurt Warner we know about a lot about what he does as well too and even people with great stories of redemption names that people would probably would you know would look at a little askew but they are resolutely on the road of redemption they truly have repented and doing some great things they need to be cheered on as well – we know they’re always going to be that intractable few out there who will never forgive you you can’t worry about their who has forgiven you if you were serious about that then and he’s shown you forgiveness then you go out and declare the glory of the Lord and he will take you to Heights unimaginable James people who are really into football they’ve heard these names you’ve just thrown out I didn’t know that these people were seeking the Lord and I hope I’m not out of place and saying this but Michael Vick you know he got convicted and he’s one of those that even though he’s admitted he was wrong he is on a road to redemption I’ve heard you Andrew you are so good and pulling out that’s who I was alluding to but thank you for mentioning the name look when I went to visit him in prison when he was sent to Leavenworth Tony Dungy went to visit him one week separately because we didn’t want the press following us I went to visit him another week and I know everybody was looking to get his story I wasn’t chasing after the story for me to get the glory I wanted to look him in the eyes and Michael I think I heard your heart where you said you were genuinely sorry and you wanted to turn this matter around and he looked at me and he said I absolutely am spiritual discernment to know he was real and he says I’ll do whatever I can to right this wrong and when he was working with the Humane Society because there are a number of people who will never forgive him for that understand that’s the intractable few he had a two-year commitment to work with the Humane Society to go into these urban areas the Humane Society does a great job of getting people because a lot of dogfighting takes place in you know the backwoods locations so they’ll get those reformed people to go and talk to folks who will hear them Michael Vick engaged in urban areas they got him to go into urban areas to dissuade these youngsters about dogfighting and he had a two-year commitment that was about seven eight nine years ago he still does it on his own time because he’s firmly committed to it how can you argue and continue to vilify a guy like that when he’s genuine about it but the reason is because you never hear these positive things that you’re saying nobody says that he has gone beyond his two-year mandate in things to do that and contributed a lot of money to his pastor to build a new church because that which caught my ear was he said he knew that he had fallen off track he wanted to get back on a track and renew and strengthen his relationship with Jesus Christ that’s what I heard that’s what I responded to when I went to prison and I can guarantee you there’s people watching this program who are hearing this and they have a bad opinion and I’m not saying that Michael Vick is the perfect guy and then he where he needs to be now he may still be doing it but he’s like you said on the road to redemption and we’re to encourage it because they don’t hear this James people just get these opinions and then they need what you have to share because you know things behind the scenes you know good things that are happening people like you were talking about the Philadelphia Eagles having a baptismal service late to the Super Bowl because they were baptizing isn’t that something we need to get this word out and they’re no different than the stories that are in the Bible look at King David and God still called him a man after his own heart of Solomon the wisest man around but he still through his wives got pulled off and was worshiping idols but still come back on 700 wives and 300 concubines and how could that man be the wisest man yeah but I was going to say I think that also works in James’s favors that people respect him and they see his heart so the players respond I love the way they respect you in the industry and how how they open up to you because they trust you and that’s what I’ve seen since you have a strong Christian witness and yet there you haven’t seen that Ridge I’m sure you’ve been rejected by some oh and I’m sure and some who’ve probably ridiculed me look you know people were saying it had to be a piece of cake no it’s not been a piece of cake I remember heavens you alluded to previously Andrew about me being a basketball player not a football player and I remember when Fox got the NFL contract and I was blessed because I was thinking hey if I could just get a job to be one of the fourth fifth or sixth Iman ouncers little was I aware that they were gonna bring me over to be the co-host of the show and I was new in my Christian walk still relatively so and I remember when in the CBS lost a football contract and I’m thinking god I’m trying to get a job someplace and all I knew was Lord you told me if I would put you first that you would look out for me in the scriptures that I was holding on to Psalm 75 6 and 7 promotion cometh neither from the east nor the West nor the south God is a judge he put it down one he set us up another Joshua 1:8 all of those psalm 32 and 8 I held on to those and said okay God I’m following you so you’ve got to do and little did I know he was going to take me over to be the co-host of the show with Terry Bradshaw but there again I always just tried to I think it’s Philippians 2:3 which says in lowliness of mind esteem others more highly than yourself so my job has always been about trying to pull the best out of my colleagues not me it’s a rising tide that lifts all ships and I hope that they see that because it’s it excuse it vernacular it ain’t about me it’s them I want them to look good heavens you’ve heard me tell the story when I was at the Fox Jimmie Johnson who gets up at the crack of dawn every morning he’s up really early but he starts to fade during the day and so we’ve got two games that we do every Sunday and so around about three o’clock Jimmy’s getting a little tired you know so and I remember we came back from halftime during halftime and I was gonna ask him a question about the Dallas Cowboys I said welcome back you know halftime I say coach you saw what the defense was trying to do against the San Francisco 49ers it was a hybrid defense in your thought and all of a sudden he gives me the deer in the headlight look so I knew not to go to him because I’m not gonna embarrass my buddy I said so coach chew on that question I would come right back to how are you probably did so but that’s you know but that’s trying to make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues because you want to put them in the best light to elicit the best from them when people tune in they’re not tuning in to hear my analysis of it I better be proficient and conversant with what the issues are so as to ask intelligent questions but they want to hear from the experts and that’s what I was doing with those guys and does you know James this is really good the people that are watching this are hearing a man who’s made it to the top of his profession in your mountain in your position and the way you did it was by what Jesus said putting other people Fernandez and they need to hear that because most of what you hear is people stabbing people in the back doing whatever it takes to get ahead and that’s just gosh even when you talked about some people in the ministry and I pray that that won’t be the case Bill Cowher with whom I work at CBS is a marvelous guy whose team-oriented Andrew when he first started coaching he had been keeping journals from every coach and about every coach and everything he’s like he’s got ball of books right now but that was because he was hungry to learn and I tried to do the same thing all truth is parallel to make certain that I’m well prepared to deliver excellence because I’m an ambassador for Christ so when people see me I better be reflected look I’m human I’m flawed etc but it’s a daily effort to make certain that I’m reflecting him as an ambassador isn’t that what an ambassador is who represents a country or region or what have you so I want to make sure that I’m doing that in this profession as well too because it’s not about me once I started getting cocky and that’s what happened when I tried to play professional basketball I got cut from the Atlanta Hawks when I knew I could play but I got cocky complacent rested on my laurels didn’t work as hard you need to work even harder when you’re on top then to get to the top I didn’t do that so you reap what you sow and when I got cut it hurt me to the core so my mantra from there was I will never let an opportunity pass me by for which I’m ill-prepared and now I’m happiest watching Dorothy’s example going before the Lord daily to feast on his word because don’t think you’ve ever arrived there is so much there we’ll never complete it in this time here which is why I’ve got listened to you talk about what he called automobile university I’ve got you know the DVDs in the CDs that you can just listen and saturate yourself and then you hear from him but it truly is all about him I mean look at Karen’s Bible cause what you did you ever imagine this absolutely that’s the reason it’s here still learn straight answer yeah sure absolutely correct thank you for staying consistent with who you are Andrew hey and another thing I was telling Bradshaw and Jimmy and Bill Cowher and Phil Simms whenever they would tease me about something if it was one of those moments where I didn’t get the answer I was seeking but it’s the honest answer thank God I’m too dark to blush so you couldn’t tell that I was blushing well I tell you Jim this is just awesome you I’m sure it encouraged a lot of people to see a guy who is committed to God loving God with his whole heart and yet still able to succeed and I believe that we need more people like you out in the marketplace if everybody was like me on television just teaching the word I’ve got my place I love it I wouldn’t trade with you for nothing but if everybody was doing what I was doing that’s that’s one of the reasons we’re in the problems were in we need people in broadcasting in politics and everything what can I say but also the way you model your marriage because when you talk about Jamie it’s said with affection Ephesians 5:25 is evident here husbands love your wives but our bishop drilled down even more deeply on that when he said husbands listen to your wives every joint supplies so I’ve got an awesome role model but he’s always being so highly of Dorothy she’s awesome there’s a word he said also my like so we I guess are pretty much close to the end but how would you encourage people that are there just shocked that JB is this committed Christian that is able to quote scriptures that stands for the word that has a godly marriage mm-hmm what would you say to them about how this would apply to their life how it got they could take these things that they’ve heard from you today and apply to their situation Wow I would hope humbly that that what little bit of successful we’ve enjoyed in him in Jesus Christ is peeking some people to ask you know well how do you go about doing that because God says my ways are not your ways the world tells us to focus on ourselves and God says no focus on me because we can’t outdo him we can’t outgive him and if you do you will see success like you’ve never thought it just think God gives back in multiples thirty sixty and a hundredfold he will give back to you and I love it even if you were to use in Malachi 3 8 through 12 if you will were God the only time that I’m aware of in a Bible where he says to test me and that’s with respect to just you know that wish the world is so focused on is money God gives us everything we have and when he only asks for 10% I know there are people who will debate whether that’s Old Testament and New Testament look at Jesus commended it in the Bible in the book of Matthew then it’s worth doing and if you give to him which is his anyway he gives back in multiples where you won’t have room enough to receive so I would just encourage you to do just that because to use Andrews words you will be more than surprised and the word you will use this so were you ever driven for success or what I’m getting is that since you made your commitment to the Lord you really just been seeking the Lord and God has promoted you absolutely there was there was a time that I was seeking success by definition of the world standards but again to Dorothy’s point with the teacher that we had and pastor Clarence Givens Bishop Givens that which is ingrained on the tablet of my heart is what Andrew the only place in and I know you’re a Bible scholar in that regard Andrew the only scripture that I have come across in a Bible that uses the word success properly translated because we know the Old Testament ISM is a Hebrew and Aramaic is in Joshua 1:8 where he gives a definition of what success is any and I’m and I’m the Bible you no novice here I’m reading this book of the law shall not depart out of that mouth without child meditate therein day and night to observe to do according to all that is with that is written within that thou may us make that way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success I’m thinking as a novice wait a minute isn’t success good he says good good success is God’s Way of doing things that’s my definition of success versus the world where it says you know any means necessary step on or over people as you’re climbing to the top there’s nothing eternally rewarding about that at all but just as in a world of football when I had to learn football and all the other sports you can’t understand football if you don’t understand the terminology you can’t play and be an effective skier if you don’t understand the rules involved you know the fundamentals involved well it’s the same thing about the Bible people would like to say to the Bible you know the too many contradictions there are no contradictions in the Bible in order to understand the Bible you need to understand spiritual things spiritually and they’re contrary to what the world has to say but when you understand that you’ll realize the truth because it speaks to you in your gut so do that so once I got a hold of that Andrew hey from here on out it’s always what my mother used to say and what Dorothy says what does the word say about it that’s the ultimate authority and the Bible is predicated upon the character and integrity of God himself and he says in what numbers 23 and 19 he’s not a man that he can lie nor the son of man that he should repent a man that’s who I want to put my trust in does that make sense that does you can quote scripture like heaven ask you don’t do that without spending time in the Word of God praise God so another way of summarizing what you’re saying is seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and God will make you a success God will add do you know when I started losing weight Cassandra I was nearly 300 pounds I’ve enjoyed seeing less of you although she says it’s nice to have lot less of a man to hug right now yeah how did you know what entry because I had been on that track I was just as the but bad football players like to say I was a biscuit away from 300 pounds and I was sweating up a storm and that’s when Dorothy was getting concerned going up and down the stairs but I knew I wanted to be an effective vessel and servant for the Lord so once again everything is biblically predicated what I’ve made Matthew 6:33 the focal point I found a good program that was developed by Christian doctor and based on Christian principles and is pharmaceutically and medically cleaned to lose but it wasn’t until I dedicate dedicated it to him in Matthew 6:33 that’s when it started to fall him off because I want to be a healthy vessel for his use then my grandkids our grandkids will be will be pleased everything else will benefit my wife and everybody else but seek him first we’ve got Billy Everhart who you know and he was having a real love affair with a certain food it was a southern dish I won’t bet he spent a lot of time describing it and what he did he had a funeral for it and he got really yeah and he’s lost some weight and stuff over there but that’s what you got to do you got a how much have you lost I I have lost as much as 80 pounds until she told me that my legs were a little too skinny and they were cutting her in bed so it’s probably been more about 70 pounds now but the bottom all that talk great yeah I really feel good night and again but it’s for his use cuz I want to be energetic and I want to live however long he wants me to live and to live it we got a body so yeah and you’re showing that there’s a lot to do your short period of time to get it done don’t mean oh I want to thank you all so much for doing this I know that you know you’re jb is used to scripting everything and we were talking before we started this and I said I know this is hard on you JB because we did what a two-minute in 30 minutes talking about it getting ready you looked at me like I want to Andrew so we’re gonna do two minutes in we’re gonna talk about and what points do you want emphasize and how do you want me to say this and you looked at me like what are you in television why are you asking me all these questions let’s do it well Donna priest your assistant is wonderful because I called her to do a pre-interview with her Donna what does Andrew want to talk but she’s James why would you ask me that you know Andrews just gonna float can you not flow hello think people have gotten to see your heart JB and Dorothy you guys are awesome and I just appreciate you so much and I appreciate you taking a stand in the secular realm and I believe that this gospel truth TV program that you’re going to have is going to be awesome and it could be the start of something big you could have a longer career in that than you’ve had in broadcast however the Lord leads in out of your lips then let’s make it happen it’s alright so again thank you for coming and let me say to those of you watching remember that JB and Tony Dungy are going to be at our men’s advance that’s March the 14th through the 16th and they were both with me last year and I tell you it was powerful matter of fact we had my local pastor he got up and preached your message for two weeks in a row impact is impacted by it so I tell you it’s a great thing and especially for some of you that have husbands or sons or you know men that are into sports and that may not come to one of my meetings otherwise they would come for JB and Tony I guarantee you if they come they will get the word we will sneak it in all them in the back door so this would be a great opportunity to remember the 14th through the 16th March 2019 and we’re gonna have you with us so looking forward to it thank you all we love you and god bless you and thank you for being a part of this I’d like to invite you to come to our 2019 men’s advance I’m gonna have back James Brown and Tony Dungy and these guys are just awesome they’ve been with me the last year or two and we have had a wonderful time this is also the first time we will have used our brand new auditorium for the men’s advance and guarantee of the ministry of myself James Brown and Tony Dungy will be great remember that’s March the 14th through the 16th at the sanctuary in Woodland Park today you viewed a portion of Andrews interview with James and Dorothy Brown the interview in its entirety is available on either CD or DVD for a gift of any amount when you contact us and I hope that you’ve enjoyed our program that we made with j-b and Dorothy today and you know what we would like to encourage you to get JB’s teaching did he did at our men’s advance entitled break the huddle and run the play did you know my pastor preached on that for two weeks he was so impressed with that so we’re gonna offer that to you if you would like to get it what’s that about just a little Brianne athletically theme but biblically sound message encouraging us to go out there and do what God says in the game of football when the play has been giving to the team they go out and execute God gives us place to run we need to execute them as well a man so I tell you this was a powerful message and not only would it bless you individually but again if you have somebody who may not be seeking the Lord the way they should but they love sports hmm this could be a way into their heart so check it out our announcer will give you all the information Andrew would like to offer you James Brown’s life teaching from Andrew Wommack ministries minted fans it’s titled break the huddle and run the play it’s available on either CD or DVD for a gift of any amount this is the last day we’ll be offering this teaching so be sure to respond today our helpline number is seven one nine six three five eleven eleven if the lines are busy you can order ministry materials or become a grace partner 24 hours a day seven days a week and a WMI dotnet to write us use the address on your screen we appreciate your generosity and hope to hear from you today I know that you’ve been enjoying these programs with James Brown I tell you he’s been such a blessing to me but starting tomorrow we’re gonna have another blessing for you and that is it we’re gonna air our healing is here conference we saw hundreds of people heal I mean miraculously healed the Word of God is health to all of your flesh Psalms 107:20 says he sent His Word and healed them and I promise you the things we’re gonna be sharing through this conference will make a difference in your life so check it out tomorrow our new healing is here conference on the gospel truth broadcast

God can take your past and the seemingly insignificant seasons of your life and turn them into your destiny. In this interview with Andrew Wommack, basketball player turned multi-sport commentator James Brown and his wife, Dorothy, share their powerful testimony of salvation by grace. You will gain understanding of real-life redemption and hear how the Lord taught the Browns to win in every season of life.

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00:16 Today, Andrew continues his interview with acclaimed sportscaster, James brown, and his wife, Dorothy.
00:52 I just want to, like Daniel in the bible, just be about excellence in everything I do and have sustained excellence.
02:40 Well God’s definitely used your sports connection to give you a platform and so that’s great.
06:03 Then you go out and declare the glory of the Lord and he will take you to heights unimaginable.
10:40 Psalms 75:6 and 7, promotioth, promotion cometh neither from the east, nor the west, nor the south, god is the judge. He putteth down one, he setteth up another.
13:43 Once I started getting cocky, and that’s what happened when I tried to play professional basketball. I got cut from the Atlanta Hawks when I knew I could play.
16:10 Ephesians 5:25 is evident here, husbands, love your wives, but our bishop drilled down even more deeply on that when he said, husbands, listen to your wives.


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