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Oh [Music] oh hey guys it’s Janine and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here hello I hope you will stick around for more of my videos and subscribe and today is a pretty requested video I wanted to just kind of sit down and talk to you guys about this topic of just kind of how to live a better healthier happier lifestyle I get questions all the time about how do I say motivated how do I push myself to go to the gym everyday how do I still eat healthy like how do I just stay positive and so I kind of want to give you guys my tips and tricks of things about trying to implement every single day I started really retraining my mind the beginning of this year and it’s been a very great year for me and so I want to kind of teach you guys things that I do on a daily basis that help me challenge myself and stay motivated this video is also gonna be in conjunction with my other video called 10 things you should do every day they go very much hand-in-hand I don’t want to repeat a lot of the topics so make sure you watch that video as well that’ll be let’s tumble it for you guys because those go very well together and I implement those things as well as what’s in this video kind of on a daily basis not perfectly but I try my best so with that being said I really hope you guys went City beneficial get a cup of coffee whatever tyann delicious care into this video I have my list right here number one is make your bed every single day it’s been kind of statistically proven or just kind of said that successful people make their beds every single day that’s what I do I don’t even think twice about it if I’m running late then yeah I won’t make it but immediately when I come back I make my bed I don’t really try to get back in it because if your bed is unmade it’s so easy just to slip right back into it and stay unmotivated lazy and just kind of lie around so make sure you make your bed every single morning and it’ll just kind of get your head and in a clear space makes your room more of a room for a working space versus like a comfy lazy space see what I mean so try that out number two is limit your phone usage and I talked about this in my 10 things you should do every single day and this is something that’s very challenging for all of us I think we’re all extremely addicted to our phones so I definitely think that this is something you should try to implement when you wake up in the morning I know that you’re probably reaching for your phone but instead of just sitting there school and scrolling scrolling scrolling like maybe don’t check all your notifications maybe limit yourself to say okay I’m gonna check my phone for five minutes and then I get out of bed and start my day and then before bed same thing try not to be in your phone too much before bed because the longer you’re on your phone before bed like the less tired you’re gonna be in the more it’s gonna like just keep you up it’s not gonna get your mind in that sleep zone Ryan like limit that before bed you can be on it but instead of using your phone try reading or doing something else different instead of just staring at your screen number three is I always listen a podcast or some sort of TED talk or some informative or motivational kind of video every single day I’ve been listening to this guy’s simon Sinek or simon sinek every single day and he is incredible he has been motivating me like crazy so I’ll have his name on the screen down below because he inspires me so much so whether it’s listening to the porch a Christian podcast or a TED talk or just listening to someone motivationally speak on YouTube or even just putting on worship just getting my mind into something that’s benefiting me it kind of empties my mind from thinking negative things about myself and thinking about what I did you today and worrying about that it kind of just gets me in the moment teaches me something new and I learned something at challenges mean it challenges my thinking and it leaves me with something to think the rest of the day so I really really recommend you guys try this out every single morning what are you getting ready making breakfast stuff like that so definitely try and check these things out maybe I should put this down number four and I’ve talked about this the other video but eating healthy eating healthy is extremely important I know you’re probably thinking where do I start but basically just everyday you got to start swapping out unhealthy things or healthier things so for example I used to eat very sugary cereals in the morning and instead I was like I’m gonna swap out a sugary cereal in the morning for maybe eggs and some fruit it’s still a sugar but it’s different amounts of sugars and simple things like that when he snack don’t reach for a bag of chips reach for almonds things like that and also take vitamins every day take Probot take probiotics I take like a women’s multivitamin every single morning I take a probiotic every single morning so right when I wake up I just do that I eat healthy and it really just starts my day off right you can cave in every single now then maybe like once on the weekend but try not to make that a part of your daily routine because overall shit’s gonna benefit your mind your brain your health your heart your skin and you’re gonna look really good when you’re near 30 or 40 s if you start eating healthier now number five is cleaning up your space and cleaning up your room and lighting a candle and really just setting the vibe for you to be in a more clear mindset so when my room is a mess I feel like I’m a mess my room directly correlates with how I’m gonna feel that day you know what I mean so if my room is messy my brain feels cluttered and messy so whenever I’m like okay I got a film today I got to edit I gotta get stuff done I always try and pick up after my stuff I put away my laundry I’d make my bed my room is clean I can just think better so definitely try this out just trying to be a little dead keep your room tidy it up and just find some little ways to kind of make it clean and organized and things like that and then lighting a candle like I have two candles it right now just the scent in the aroma of having a candle just kind of puts this good energy and vibes into your room so I love I love doing that so definitely try that out as well number six now this is something again I talked about my other video and this is working out daily or at least four or five times a week so every single day of the week I worked out right when I wake up I immediately try and find some way to work out whether that’s core power yoga like a sculpting class whether that’s with my trainer SoulCycle running outside watching a YouTube video and working out there are ways to work out it doesn’t always have to be super expensive doesn’t have to be a class there’s so many free opportunities to work out and so look those up on YouTube take advantage of the free workout classes online it starts my day off so right I feel like when I workout I just take the day on I feel great I feel motivated I just feel like awake you may think like it makes you more tired you would have less energy after it but I don’t I feel like ready to go I feel so amped and I get that adrenaline rush and I’m just like I need more of it and I know that it’s hard to get into a routine of working out but when you just keep slowly every single day doing something eventually it’s going to become a habit so for me it’s definitely a habit now in the beginning I hated working out but I just kept pushing myself finding friends to push me and going with friends and that was the best way for me to kind of get into that routine of working out every single day and a little quotas you’re never gonna regret working out you’re always gonna regret maybe not working out but you’re never gonna regret working out so keep that in mind next thing is a quick little thing but just doing a motivational quotes on my mirror I wrote stuff like I’ve written on the mirror positive mindset healthy eating stay motivated so things like that and then in my bathroom mirror as well I have things like eat well today you know think positive stay happy things like that so when I look at it I’m like okay that’s a good reminder when I’m like thinking about reaching for a candy bar instead I’ll reach for like I don’t know a granola bar little many things can help you know shift your mindset every single day and just kind of help help give you reminders of staying positive and right on track I think this is number eight but organizing your day every single day so after I wake up I go to the gym I always come back kind of clean up my room and then that’s when I get out my to-do list and my planner and check my emails and I immediately plan out what I need to do that day every single morning I make it to-do list and I try to accomplish everything on the to-do list sometimes it doesn’t happen but you don’t you don’t beat yourself up over that but I try and accomplish it and I try and organize it and I like a list of kind of like what is most important like least important to most important or most important of these important you see what I mean so I try and stick to that every single day and accomplish that every day and once I get things done I just love that feeling of getting it done crossing it off the list and then I always organize my planner and think okay what I got to do this week what do I have today what do I have tomorrow instead of doing this today can I do this tomorrow can I do this on tomorrow’s to-do list so I always every single day write that out trying to organize my day accordingly and then just knock it out okay number nine is every single night try this is hard try to your journal and read or do one or the other do something that’s not on your phone that’s not just sitting there looking at the TV but really something that’s gonna benefit you and grow you and also journaling just really when I have so much going on in my mind and I just feel like I can’t like I don’t know who to talk to or it’s just overbearing journaling is one of the best ways for me it’s a great way to just memory dump and word vomit onto the page and just write everything out clear my head get all my thoughts out on a piece of paper and I always feel ten times better once I get it out so that’s really a good way for me to just kind of you know stay in a healthier mindset and reading read a book I currently just bought four books I’m reading um I’ll have them like listed down below for you guys but I’m currently reading the book uninvited it’s just a way by growing and learning to be more positive in your life and recognize areas that you may have sin or negativity or that you are lacking so reading is a great great way self-help books are one of the best ways for me personally to grow number ten is trying to learn something new every single day so like I said whether that’s listening a podcast or whatever there’s also many apps that you can download to grow every single day whether it’s learning a new language would duolingo or downloading other apps were like you learn a new vocab word every day or you learn a new fact every day there’s many apps which I’ll have those lists down below or you guys can see on the screen there’s many apps that will teach you something new every single day so like maybe do something like spend like five minutes a day before bed just doing that and then you can learn something new every day number eleven is just your mindset think positive when you are constantly sitting there thinking negative it’s going to affect kind of how you think about everything else rest today it’s going to affect your mood your energy the rest of the day so last night I was thinking extremely negative and I was like you know what I may have a place that negative thought with three positive things so I sat there and I was I tried to be grateful for three positive things I had today this morning it also woke up feeling really negative or I was like damn like today is gonna suck all while I was thinking super negative and again I thought positive I was like you know what God thank you for my healthy body thank you my home and thank you for the fact that I have food to eat then instantly I was like I feel better so try that out just think positive you don’t change your mindset the more you start thinking positive pushing out the negative you’re gonna just live a healthier better happier it lifestyle number 12 is go to bed at the same time every single night or try to just got to be consistent on your bedtime of waking up early and going to bed early so it is difficult because I am such a night owl but I have retrained myself to be more of a morning person which is just shocking cuz I was never a morning person I always went to sleep around 3 or 4 a.m. in college I wake up at 12:11 but now I go to bed usually around 12:00 and I wake up at 8:00 every single day so I just it took a lot of time I’ve retraining my body to do that but now that I’ve done it I might feel so much more productive when I wake up like being a morning person truly truly makes me feel more productive like I like waking up and seeing the Sun Rise I like drinking my morning coffee and I just like there’s so much more time in the day and there’s so much more light and like I just feel so productive so try retraining your body to be a morning person I know it’s hard and it’s asking a lot but just try there’s a little setting on your iPhone too that you can use that way it’ll tell you when you need to go to bed and I use every single night so it’ll say around 11:30 every night they’ll say like okay Tommy all ready for bed and that’s a good reminder for me like okay time to unwind and get ready for bed and this is my last tip for you be patient and don’t be so hard on yourself a lot of this does take time it is a lot of retraining your mind it is a lot of patience so don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up if you’re not fully there don’t let yesterday’s mistakes keep you from doing the right thing today so if you mess up yesterday today is a new day so start fresh start new and retrain your mind every single day and just keep going because it is a continual process it is something that you have to just keep doing and keep working at Kate husk keep hustling at it does take time but once you get there you feel really great and it’s also just great to you know once you’re there you can help other people get there as well according to a bunch of articles and statistics it takes about 66 days to form a have it originally said it was 21 days but then they started doing further tests and it ended up being 66 days so I know that’s a lot of time but 66 days and you could you know retrain your mind and it form new habits in your life that are better happier and healthier for you so just stay consistent be patient work hard you guys got this I really really hope this video helped you out if you guys other tips too of course let me know I know a lot of people like to meditate everyone kind of has their own different methods of doing that so these are just my methods I hope you guys find a beneficial leave what kind of works for you down below yeah I hope you guys find this video enjoyable and I will talk to you guys very soon don’t forget to check out my vlog channel and my social media and my blog channels Janine TV it’s listed down below and my social media is Jeannine Emma Pola and I’d love to talk to you guys hang out with you there and I will see you guys next Saturday peace on cruise draft bye guys [Music]

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