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Jeff Sutherland (Scrum, Inc.) is one of the world’s leading experts of organizational management. He explains how to be agile, not just in software development but in every business to disrupt the field. A former US Air Force “Top Gun,” Jeff Sutherland is the co-creator of the SCRUM process.

SCRUM Process – Software Development to Organizational Management

This methodology, developed in 1993 and formalized in 1995 with Ken Schwaber, has since been adopted by the vast majority of software development companies around the world. Jeff is a leading expert on how the framework has evolved to meet the needs of today’s business.

Realizing its benefits are not limited to software development, he has adapted this strategy to several other industries including: finance, healthcare and telecom. His processes are now widely used for managing challenging projects and hyperproductive development teams.

Source: TEDx Talks


Jeff Sutherland Teaching on Self-Organization and How To Improve Your Scrum Team

Jeff Sutherland – Scrum Inc: Scrum can be a powerful transformational tool within your organization, but without the focused and sustained support of the executive leadership, its success will not be fully realized. | Image courtesy: Google Tech Talks

Improving The Self-Organizing Capability of Teams – Scrum Process

High performance depends on the self-organizing capability of teams. Understanding how this works and how to avoid destroying self-organization is a challenge. Until you understand complex adaptive systems and how Toyota works it is difficult to improve team velocity.

Jeff discusses three core topics:

1. Shock therapy as a strategy for booting up teams.

2. The Cosmic Stopping Problem, otherwise known as the choice uncertainty principle.

3. Punctuated equilibrium – how software systems evolve Take advantage of these concepts and you may find a way to achieve the ultimate potential of a team.

This session will be a “Deep Agile” presentation keying off topics presented to engineers at MIT.

Source: Google Tech Talks


About The Scrum Process and Why It Is Called Scrum

Scrum Process - Organizational Management

Image courtesy: scruminc.com

Scrum is an Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum originally was formalized for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. The possibilities are endless. The Scrum framework is deceptively simple.

High-Performance Business Teams

When Jeff Sutherland created the scrum process in 1993, he borrowed the term “scrum” from an analogy put forth in a 1986 study by Takeuchi and Nonaka, published in the Harvard Business Review. In that study, Takeuchi and Nonaka compare high-performing, cross-functional teams to the scrum formation used by Rugby teams.

Scrum is the leading agile development methodology, used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. The Scrum Alliance exists to transform the way we tackle complex projects, bringing the Scrum framework and agile principles beyond software development to the broader world of work.

Source: Scrum Alliance

About Dr. Jeff Sutherland

He is one of the co-creators of the Scrum software development process. He and Ken Schwaber invented Scrum in 1993. Since then he has worked with many software companies and IT organizations to extend and enhance this process.

About Scrum, Inc.

Their consultants look to engage in high-level discussion about how Agile methods can improve delivery of products and services and how Scrum can support broader strategic goals. Their goal is to help teams become self-sufficient and own their Scrum.


More resources:

Jeff Sutherland | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

View Jeff Sutherland’s full profile. … He has been VP of Engineering and CTO or CEO of eleven software companies. … He is also chair of the Scrum Foundation and Senior Advisor and Agile Coach to Openview Venture Partners.

Jeff Sutherland, PhD | Profile | Scrum Alliance

Jeff Sutherland is the inventor and Co-Creator of Scrum. He started the first Scrum at Easel Corporation in 1993 and worked with Ken Schwaber to emerge Scrum as a formal process at OOPSLA ’95. Together, they extended and enhanced Scrum at many software companies and IT organizations and helped write the Agile …

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time (Book) | Jeff Sutherland

Scrum - The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time - Jeff Sutherland

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland

If you’ve ever been startled by how fast the world is changing, Scrum is one of the reasons why. Productivity gains of as much as 1200% have been recorded, and there’s no more lucid – or compelling – explainer of Scrum and its bright promise than Jeff Sutherland, the man who put together the first Scrum team more than twenty years ago.

Drawing on his experience as a West Point-educated fighter pilot, biometrics expert, early innovator of ATM technology, and V.P. of engineering or CTO at eleven different technology companies, Jeff began challenging those dysfunctional realities, looking for solutions that would have global impact. | Learn more…


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