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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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well hello out there in social media land I am Jennifer LeClaire you know me senior leader The Awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite Network I am so excited today to have dr. Cindy trim on this broadcast she has been a woman of God whose ministry I have followed for many many years her books life-changing she just wrote a new book that is just sort of a most like a part two to command your morning we can talk a little bit about that today but we also have come together to share with you and you know just a couple of friends just talking and letting you in on our conversation so listen up and listen in you know dr. city trim she is an internationally recognized voice she is a prayer warrior glory you know there’s this particular YouTube video that she has and every time I get in heavy warfare I put it on and you got to do it to go follow her ministry everywhere she is I want to let her introduce herself as well dr. Cindy trim welcome to my broadcast thank you so much and it’s great to be here it’s a great day on planet Earth and I can’t think of a better person to spend my lunch time with just chatting and talking and being a blessing to those that are listening awesome awesome awesome so your new book tell me just quickly what inspired you to write this new book um I wrote commending your morning which was about the power of declarations a number of years ago and a number of people were asking for the sequel so I sat on it for years and years just praying about it and and then wanting to get a not only a dynamic but a title for this particular book and a direction for this particular book to become the sequel and just a number of years ago maybe two years ago I was traveling and the Holy Spirit just whispered in my ear hello tomorrow I thought this will be an amazing sequel I was reading from out of the book of second Kings Chapter seven Elijah prophesy tomorrow about this time and he was calling out tomorrow through the power of the spoken word and he used prophecy to do it and he saw what an entire nation what a government did not see could not see for the nation he was able to see it and then he was able to call it forth and so you know a day before 24 hours before he was able to speak to the tomorrow and based on what God had downloaded in his spirit for that particular nation and always there it said to me you know if one man could change the trajectory of a nation then you can also change the trajectory of your life by saying hello tomorrow and he began to talk to me about the power of vision and that’s how it all started you know with with the sequel so it’s a it’s going to be a trilogy three books many warning hello tomorrow and then goodbye yesterday oh that’s awesome because the past has so many people in bondage I mean the past is really something where I had a vision one time and it was people that were just wrapped in chains wrapped in cords and they were unable to move forward because they were stuck in the past I always remember my grandmother when I was very little wouldn’t read me the story of when lot and his family left Sodom and amaura and she looked back and she turned into a pillar of salt so I’m already excited about the sequel you know I tell people all the time yesterday has nothing new to say to you but tomorrow does and it’s best to call out to your tomorrow and you know be able to change your history by rewriting your destiny and that’s where vision comes to pass and this is what happened to Habakkuk I think people are depressed nowadays and there’s a lot of depression because people can see their way out of a circumstance so they keep you know repeating yesterday there’s a cycle but I believe that your next year doesn’t have to look like any like your last year once you have a vision and this is what happened to Habakkuk you know if you read the book chapter 1 he’s complaining to God and he’s asking God do you know what’s really happening and why are these things happening and he presents his complaints to God any questions whether God is aware of it and in the second chapter God answers him with a very interesting statement he said look why don’t you write the vision make it plain or redirect okis you can focus on the problem or the promise so your vision the vision actually redirects your focus you know and I always say that your feet can never take you where your mind has never been and wherever your energy goes your your life flows or whatever wherever your mind goes your energy flows so you you either going to be praying about the problem or praying about the promise and this is power of vision vision is coming attractions I like going to the movies hmm I don’t like just the feature what really excites me is the coming attractions because then I can set up my calendar accordingly so I get really excited and if I ever miss the coming attractions that I feel like I missed the whole movie and this is what happens with our lives you know if you don’t have a vision you missed the coming attraction you missed what God has in store for you and you cannot adjust your life accordingly because a vision is a behavior adjuster it’s it’s a GPS you know it gives you the ability to adjust who you place your feet where you place your time where you place your energy so a vision is a life adjuster a lifestyle adjuster and it gives you enough time to determine where there what you’re doing now is going to get you where you want to be or further away from anyone you know and that this is such an important topic especially at this time of the year where people you know this time of year every year is when I reflect on where I’ve come you know how far I’ve come what goals did I set early in the air did I meet those goals what goals do I have for the next year and you know without a vision the people perish of course but without a vision we just wander around the mountain you know even the is realized they had a vision to go to the promised land but somehow they ended up wandering in the wilderness I think their vision was a strong they kept wanting to look back to Egypt every time there was a problem they wanted to look back to Egypt instead of moving forward and so the Lord Sherman well I was talking about this is this is a very strategic time now did you sort of I know there’s some things in my life where I was doing them intuitively and later on I learned that language for it I imagine that you’ve always been a person of great vision yes yes definitely vision is a discipline just like prayer is a discipline worship is a discipline praise as a discipline giving is a discipline vision is a discipline – when we go into prayer a lot of times we take our prayer agenda and what we need and we never take the time to listen to God and if you understand how to listen listening is a discipline that requires the activation of imagination and also the activation of meditation both of them requires listening and when a person speaks we don’t we don’t just hear the words we see the words yeah we don’t think in words we think in pictures so when God said I know the thoughts I think towards you well as you’re praying take 30 minutes a day practicing listening to what God is giving you as a solution as an answer and he’ll often download it just as a spark of inspiration raishin or even as you go through your day you have not only sparks of inspiration but you have daydreaming like you know I remember growing up I grew up in abject poverty and I remember just daydreaming and my mom calling me out of a daydream and I had gone on a long mental trip but I believe that’s when God was Horning the power of imagination and downloading his thoughts you know in my mind Jeremiah 29:11 he was downloading those thoughts into my mind and I remember sitting with my guidance counselor I was 12 and she said what do you want to do with your life and I remember saying I don’t know but all I know is I’m gonna have a lot of secretaries and language is contextual so I’m gonna have a lot of secretaries I’m gonna travel the world I’m gonna have the companies I’m gonna create this and she thought that you know well let’s look at a profession what profession is that and I didn’t have the articulation for what I was seeing all I knew is I had these snippets and this was God actually speaking to me giving me a vision for where I am now today I have a lot of secretaries i aki employees and employees around the world sri lanka bermuda London all over the United States of America but a lot of times we downplay the power of imagination we downplay the power of vision we teach our children to ignore those sound bites that that God is downloading in their spirit by way of vision and these vision could be just sparks of inspiration I didn’t know why I wanted to do what I was doing all I know is that God took the vision mixed it with a desire and God gives you the desire to desire the desire of a new desires the desire he gave you to desire he gives you the desires of you so he downloaded he mix it he braided it together with spirituality with salvation and the greatest decision that I ever made was to become a Christian Christianity is my life strategy and so mixed with you know Christianity and then prayer God was able to lead me even with promptings prophetic promptings stirrings sometimes I I did things I didn’t have the explanation for but eventually I learned the power of purpose and that purpose drives vision vision drives goals goals drives your daily activities your daily activities your lifestyle and your lifestyle and your destiny so that came as a result of spiritual maturation Wow Wow that is but that that’s so rich it is so deep and I encourage everyone first of all pick up the book hello tomorrow secondly watch this video a second time because this there’s just so much here I want to address this issue of imagination because there are so many believers who are afraid to tap into an imagination because the New Age movement is sort of hijacked that but the but the Lord he gave us an imagination and it’s okay to see yourself prosperous her to see yourself healed because God calls us these things so how would you or what would you say to the believer who’s a little nervous because they don’t want to get off into this whole new age thing with the imaginations well your your imagination is not just imagining things it’s not running while the first thing that I would instruct people to do is to begin to digest the Word of God once you digest the Word of God the Word of God becomes your compass you know knowing what God has for you knowing how God speaks to you I think people end up in New Age because it’s what they’re doing is not grounded in the Word of God and so my first instruction to everyone is to ground yourself in the word of god and once you grounded in the Word of God that God’s Word is his will and one of the things that God said in Genesis 6 and 5 he said that he was able to see the wickedness of man and how great it was on the earth and every imagination of thoughts of his heart was only evil continually so that that’s basically what people were we’re meditating on they were not meditating on God’s Word they were meditating on the evilness that was around them and whatever you focus on fuels your future and so a lot of times I think we are afraid of the very thing that God gave us and he gave us the ability to imagine and he says in in Genesis chapter 11 anything that they have imagined to do the Bible said that that that were going to be able to accomplish it so this is Genesis 11 just a couple of chapters later he saw the people they were one language and he said now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do so if we harness our imagination and you know allow the Holy Spirit to become the Empire of our soul by using the word of God to filter out thoughts through a lot of times we take the Word of God and we filter arla how we filter it through our thoughts but instead take your thoughts filter it through the Word of God and if it’s in alignment with God’s Word it’s gonna be an alignment with his will and then we should be able to pursue not only the will of God but the purpose and the plan of God that he originally had for us as as believers and then once we we understand that everything in the universe is driven by vision all of men’s accomplishments every breakthrough every monopoly every creation from the clothes we wear the shoes to the churches we build to the seats that we live in to how we publish the Bible all of that came from imagination someone used their imagination created a vision and determine how we can push humanity forward we are driving cards because Henry Ford determined that we don’t just need a forces we need a horsepower an ability the airplanes the Wright brothers we are able to fly to Africa as missionaries were able to fly to university were able to fly to churches and summits and you know revivals because of someone’s imagination someone said we can do better and live better and then they had either the faith or the boldness to believe that what they were imagining could become a reality wow wow wow wow wow that is so good well let’s talk about this and again we’re talking about the book hello tomorrow I’m here with dr. Cindy trim listen there’s this whole issue of the comfort zone and I know that God has had to stretch me a number of times when I resigned as the first-ever female editor of charisma magazine God was stretching me I had a good income I had a lot of influence in the media because of that positioning but the Lord at some point said no it’s time to go and I had to stretch myself okay what am I gonna do I had to learn to trust God you know comfort zone and vision it almost always brings us out right the vision of God will almost always bring us out of where we’re comfortable and into that place where we have to trust him yeah yeah you know just looking through the Bible and how God really spoke to a number of people he spoke to Jacob through a vision he spoke to Joseph I mean you know Jesus was protected in Egypt because God spoke to his stepfather Joseph take him out and it came as a result of a dream and a dream is a night vision and so we should not underestimate the power of God to get us from point A to point B through vision and it’s not just about seeing your future but seeing yourself in the future God came to Abraham in a vision and said to him listen you know he was complaining God you promised that I would have this child but I don’t have a child and the only thing that I see that can carry on my legacy is Eliezer and God took him outside of the tent pointed him towards the sky and said I want you to see the stars his faces number those stars this is God showing him how to harness his imagination and see future possibilities you know and that’s what we have to do we talk about maximizing potential but yet we sit in in in a place of comfort and the people who are stretched that do great things in this world are people to do it in the midst and in spite of uncomfortableness when you’re uncomfortable you have to rely on God when you’re comfortable you rely on gifts you rely on talent you rely on the people around you but if you want to see a person of faith put them in the unfamiliar and in an uncomfortable position and you’ll see that person develop prayer muscles and they will also develop faith faith did not develop in comfort it’s developed in the uncomfortable and the unfamiliar you have to trust God and this is where you know the greatest challenge of the church is not to convert sinners to Christians is to convert Christians into believers wow that is so good because what I’ve come across in my years with the Lord as I see a lot of what I call unbelieving believers you know they’re Christians they believe in God but they believe they are saved but that’s about where it ends if they don’t have enough faith to you know pray in the money for the light bill or I’m not picking on people but this comes by experience with God receiving his love you know and but you know there is there is warfare and I know that over the years there people will look at you and they’ll say well look how far she has gone how high she has ascended look how profound she is look how much of the word is in her and they may look at you and say well that’s easy for her she’s dr. Cindy trim but but I know that you must have had challenges that came but get you more fair that came against you how did you navigate the opposition to your vision there’s so much I mean you know there’s so much different categories of warfare because a lot of times when we think of warfare we just think of the devil and him fighting us and and that’s it but warfare spiritual warfare is the Council of the human mind by any other spirit other than the Spirit of the Lord I think it’s in Matthew chapter 4 where Jesus is is being tempted he was led by the spirit into the wilderness he was not led by the devil the Spirit of God led him there and then we see how he was attacked and a lot of people think that the devil came with bread ones a red trench coat with a red face that’s not how he came he came through just a thought and the highest form of warfare is when we recognize that we are fighting a battle with our own thoughts and what the the enemy does he uses emotions he uses feelings he uses past memories he uses culture he uses family he uses friends and there are many many different types of warfare and he even uses yesterday’s success people try to repeat what what God did for them yesterday God said the whole I do a new thing so we try to repeat all successes and all of this is a part of spiritual warfare so I I went through a series of a warfare where I finally had to recognize that the greatest warfare that I was fighting was with my own thoughts and that I don’t allow God to rebreathe refire or refire my brain it became mind over matter because the Bible says that we’re being renewed in the spirit of our mind our mind is not our brain but the the mind is really the brain in action so you know if the enemy is going to fight you his warfare the Bible calls it the wiles of the devil and and then Paul talks about strongholds and these are mental models that were created through either education or socialization how you board up or acculturation the culture that you lived in that shaped and form through education and so once you get all those elements you have a mindset and then you have a paradigm so what God will do is keep bombard in your paradigm with truth and this truth is his word so you have to be a student of the Word of God you’ve got to study the word day and night you’ve got to meditate on it you’ve got to make this as important as the next breath that you breathe because little by little the strongholds are broken think of a rock formation and then you’re in a stronghold a stronghold is what happens in your mind so let me just make it practical I grew up in poverty so I thought that if I got a good job and got a good salary and I had degrees and a good education the spirit of poverty would be broken but it wasn’t broken because of education wasn’t broken because of money it wasn’t broken because of a degree none of that broke the spirit of poverty what broke the spirit of poverty was when God showed me and I began to realize this and it became a personal discipline and a personal conviction and that was the power of the seed so when a revelation became my Rhema so Rev relation is insight into the Word of God which gives you understanding for practical application but a Rhema word is when you embrace the practical application as a lifestyle so now planting seeds became a lifestyle as a result of that the spirit of poverty was broken so I’m just giving you one example of how spiritual warfare works is the Council of the human mind by any other spirit and the spirits can come from many different sources think of a spirit as even an attitude think of a spirit of even as an emotion for instance people have fear they’re afraid of rejection they’re afraid of you know failing they have a lot of fears now the Bible said God is not giving you the spirit of fear but of power love and soundness of mind so that means that when I’m afraid or you’re afraid or someone else is afraid it means that they have taken counsel from the spirit of fear and if it’s if they sit with that fear long enough then that the personality and temperament of that spirit wraps itself around our temperament and our spirit until we believe that that’s our feeling and that is our emotion when in fact it is not hmm that is so good that’s right and that’s the deception but the Word of God brings the entrance of light so if you meditate on the word but I guess the first step is like what you’re saying is recognizing the seed of the enemy so that we can plant the seed of the word in our hearts and we’re talking much seedtime harps with where the quays relation to finances but you know that the seed of God or the Word of God will always push out the darkness we have to do that yes yes you know and even God talks about it in Matthew chapter 13 he said the Word of God is like a seed mm-hmm so if we understand that God plans his word like a seed and it has to be warded it has to be cultivated you know and but at the same the enemy plans his seeds seeds of doubt seeds of fear and it’s usually attached to a vision attention it’s attached to where people see themselves in the same state or God can show you how things could be different but then he has to back up you up to where you are right now you cannot start where you’re not you’ve got to start with where you are and so I had to start with where I was you know or you know I didn’t have a name I didn’t have a father and I that’s not something that I cry over because what the enemy meant for bad God meant it for good now I totally rely on God as my Heavenly Father that’s that that’s the thing that I protect I didn’t have one in the natural but I had one in the spiritual or I didn’t know him in the natural but I do have a spiritual father that’s number one but I had to accept where I was God cannot take you to your necks until you know where you are and that’s where integrity comes where are you Cindy where are you this is where God the first question that God acts Adam Adam where are you Wow it wasn’t a question of him providing information to an all-knowing God he just wanted to know do you know where you are yes now you to get from where you are if you have integrity and this is what integrity is all about integrity has nothing to do with me lying to you integrity is me lying to myself hmm and so we where are you where are you emotionally where are you spiritually we like to blame everything on the devil on people on our parents we have to take 100% responsibility for where we are and this is where I call the wrestled the Jacob wrestle where God was showing Jacob Jacob you listen never allow who you are today sabotage who you have the potential to be too much and that’s the Jacob syndrome you know you have to go before God and you have to wrestle before God with integrity so God could transform you from a Jacob into a Israel if you just embrace 100% responsibility from as an adult for where you are today could things be the way they are because you are the way you are what one thing can you change that can change every day you could change your mind about being a victim you are not a victim of circumstances you are more than a conqueror I am NOT a victim I was in responsibility responsible for what my parents did so I never took it on as a burden that’s not my responsibility and I’m so grateful to be born my dad gave me everything I needed at birth and everything was downloaded into my DNA add birth and so I’m grateful and so where people might see how I bought was you know brought up and the poverty as something that said I see it as a blessing and the reason why I see it as a blessing because I had to rely on God all my skills I had to learn business I started my first business at 800 financially responsible for myself since I was eight years old so where someone would say oh I’m sorry and it was pity I don’t see it as a pity I see that as a blessing so poverty for me might have been seen as a curse but it wasn’t for me it was a blessing because it made me go in and pull out the gifts and talents it gave me an intimate relationship with God and so where people are today they don’t ever have to see themselves as a victim of circumstance you’re not you are more than a conqueror and in this book I in the book hello to my right teach people look you are neither a creature of circumstance or a creation of circumstance you’re not you are the a tour of circumstance mmm but never create shun or creature your creation of God and so your circumstances can change over time where I ended up today I can look back the day that I was saved at 17 and all of the steps that I took it was always based on the Word of God in the prompting of God and where I am today seem like at 17 you know when you talk about 40 50 60 that seems so far away but eventually something explodes it’s the law of cumulative effects whatever you do on a daily basis eventually you succeed in it so start where you are trust God because he’s gonna get you from point A to point B and and and and you’ve got to write a vision and if you can see 20 years from now I see far into the future I see where the world is gonna be 20 years from now 30 years from now but I also see where my life is gonna be 20 years from now and I’ve written that vision and guess what this is my second 20-year vision and everything that I wrote on my first vision came to pass well everything one of them took 23 years and that was my marriage so I just got married in October in a palace in London England England happiness so I just got married but that was a part of my ministry wait wait on the Lord be a good courage you are not diminished and waiting just like a pregnant woman is not diminished when she is waiting for nine months neither are you when you wait on the Lord waiting on the Lord simply means that you are taking an active not a passive but an active engagement in the plan of God and eventually it explodes that’s so good that’s so good I could tell stories but I’m not going to and ask you one more question I value your time I see in the body of Christ right now some people who have the well they’re striving so they have a vision and I’ve been calling it the Nimrods beer because they’re building their own Kingdom you know we can build our own Kingdom in a business and our family you know that spirit of you know doing it apart from God you can have a vision from God and strive without God so how do we guard ourselves from and I know the answer and I’ve mastered this I believe in my life I don’t strive I wait on the Lord but but there’s so many people that they’ll hear a message like this and they’ll get in the flesh about or get into works about her to get into performance about her to get into striving about it instead of understanding the spirit of what you’re saying which is trust the Lord wait on the Lord do your daily discipline so how do they guard themselves from that I think there’s two aspects to your questions and I love your question it’s just a very profound question faith without works is dead so it’s just one aspect but what are you working at what are you working for that’s important if your actions and activities is not attached to your purpose your wife or being here if it’s not attached to that then you can make significant contributions to pushing industries forward pushing humanity forth and you can make significant contributions in refugees even with unsaved people who don’t know the Lord so we get that but where is the balance for the Christian we have an opportunity to do it to the glory of God to point people humanity back to to our Creator to our Heavenly Father which is different from what an unbeliever dogs so I believe that both believers and non-believers can have a vision from God you see with Cyrus you see it even with Nebuchadnezzar God gave him a vision and he was able to see straight like the Greeks coming in as a superpower the Romans coming in as a superpower it was recognized as the golden Kingdom the silver kingdom he was able to see and he was an unbeliever and I and I often say if God could give a person like never could a vision that showed him how humanity would unfold can you imagine what God can give to us as believers if we would just discipline ourselves and so there both ends of the continuum there are people who say God has something for me to do but I’m waiting on him and they never do anything towards bringing that to pass and then you have the on the other end of the continuum people building their own Kingdom but not to the glory of God so they’re doing great works and they’re doing great things but it’s at the expense of taking the glory away from God and we see back with Nebuchadnezzar what happened to him he did great works but he eventually lost his mind and you know and lost control of his mind so we don’t want to lose anything in the process and the way that you keep centered and this NGO takes you all the way back to why you’re doing what you’re doing is it to make a positive impact in your industry community and and and find find your space in the unfolding of God’s plan for Humanity or is it to take the glory from God to be able to say you know I did it myself and and and take that glory so I think the motivation is just as important as the vision amen that is so so good we’ve been talking about the book hello tomorrow you’ve got to get your copy get it on Amazon I’m sure you can get it on dr. say the trims website as well dr. cindy is there anything else that you want to mention something else you’d like believers to take away from the book anything you want to talk about that’s coming up yeah definitely the book is a very practical book it talks about vision from a biblical perspective it gives you the twelve areas to write your vision in that’s chapter eight it’s just a good read and those individuals that are looking to start the year off strong they need to get that book secondly we’re gonna be talking about it in and your your strong coming up this 7th and the 8th of December in Atlanta Georgia and they could visit us at Cindy trim ministries org and just google it and do your year strong and you don’t just have to end your your strong you could start your year with the same strength you ended it with because your strength doesn’t have to wane so we have bill Winston that’s gonna be there Todd Delaney is going to be doing a night of extravagant worship on the Saturday night and we’ve got speakers and workshops and it’s gonna be just fantastic all day and that there’s still space that’s there so grab a copy of your book and I’m encouraging everyone to start a book club fine 5 people start your book club go through the book with those five people and the reason why I talked to people about finding the 5 people and doing the book club with them because of the power of Association and the power of Association says the five people closest to you are prophesying your future so the five people closest to you pray you’re gonna be the six to five people closest to you are backslidden and you’re gonna be the six if the five people closest to you a trust God you’re gonna be the six if the five people closest to you compromise you’re gonna be the six if the five people closest to you are wealthy you’re sure to be the six wow that is so good and that is so true that’s why I’ve been careful who I surround myself with and I’m so honored to have surrounded myself with you today Brady’s got it all the people watching and all the people that will watch this replay we bless you please please please get your copy of this book hello tomorrow go follow dr. Cindy on Instagram she’s got a tremendous Instagram page as well so when my favorites and stay tuned because we’ll be doing more cool stuff god bless you all god Bless You dr. Cindy thank you for being with know what heaven for having me god bless

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Dream Wild will set a Holy Ghost fire under people to pursue God of the desires He put in their hearts. Each chapter begins with a short prophetic word, and the book includes stories of inspiration, overcoming challenges, gaining victory, and experiencing God’s power as they relate to building one’s faith to dream. | Learn more…


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Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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