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Video Transcript

Transcript 0:02 [Music] 0:08 all right my name is Jeremy I am a 0:13 patient care technician at a hospital 0:15 down here in Austin Texas and I love 0:19 Jesus what happened was I got called to 0:23 a cardiac arrest started compressions as 0:26 we do normally up the guy full of 0:28 epinephrine and all the drugs have 0:29 shocked him multiple times and his heart 0:32 rhythm was just no signs of life in it 0:35 at all 0:36 this guy was in v-fib for probably 20 25 0:41 minutes that’s pretty typical after 0:43 about 25 30 minutes we start giving up 0:45 because it’s just I mean when I’m doing 0:47 compressions on somebody 0:48 I’m literally breaking their ribs 0:50 they’re already technically dead because 0:52 they have no pulse so we’re shocking 0:53 them multiple times once you’ve gone 0:56 through 2530 minutes 0:57 it’s just like the thought is like this 0:59 guy’s not coming back I started praying 1:01 into my breath because I just felt God 1:03 was just like you need to do something 1:05 about this and I started speaking life 1:07 into him commanding him to get up and 1:09 sort of feeling the power of God just 1:11 come down my arms you know it’s like 1:13 this scripture Jesus said I I proceed 1:15 that virtue came out of me I’m like oh 1:17 wow I know what this feels like now and 1:18 so I’m doing CPR on him and power God’s 1:22 flowing and all of a sudden his heart 1:24 rhythm comes back on the monitor it’s 1:26 like oh wow this guy is alive now and 1:29 God raised him from the dead and this 1:32 just happened oh my god he hates death I 1:36 just really feel that so strong it’s 1:38 like it is not his intention for people 1:41 to 1:43 pass into death like that and I just had 1:47 a such a strong sense of the justice of 1:49 God in that situation like he was so 1:51 like no this is not okay it’s not his 1:55 time to go you know show my glory in 1:58 this situation I know here in the West 2:01 in America they it’s not typical that 2:04 you’re gonna get to put your hands on a 2:06 dead person but get around as many seek 2:10 with sick people as you can and pray for 2:12 them go after it because that’s what I 2:16 feel like that’s what’s missing in our 2:17 in our culture is there’s not a try in 2:22 Christianity but go after it and put 2:25 that let that be in your heart let that 2:27 resonate like go after the miracles of 2:30 God go after seeing his glory manifested 2:32 and seeing his heart sight Wow God can 2:36 use anybody 2:37 [Music]

Working in a hospital, Jeremiah Matlock is no stranger to death. But one day God when called him to pray, and a patient who was at the point of death where doctors give it, came back from the dead. Normally when a person has been dead for 25-30 minutes doctors give up, but that was just when Jeremiah was called to pray. While giving chest compressions, he felt the healing power of God go through his arms and into the patient.

It was then that the patient’s heart began to beat and he came back from the dead. Jeremiah encourages you to go after the sick and pray for them because God hates death. This is an opportunity to show God’s glory by going after the miracles of God. This is your chance to speak life in this dark world. We hope this testimony of God’s healing power inspires you today.

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