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Christ and Him Crucified Book - Jon J. Cardwell

Jon J. Cardwell: “Restore the Person and work of Christ as your highest priority.”

Jesus Christ and Him Crucified Book – Jon J. Cardwell: The truth of Christ crucified is a supremely important and essential truth because it is a heavenly truth condescending unto fallen man from the throne of God.

Not only is the truth of Christ crucified a supremely important and essential truth because of its heavenly revelation, but is also preeminent because of its divine work of redemption. The person of Jesus Christ should never be divorced from the work of Jesus Christ.

What He has done flows from who He is; and who Christ is necessitates what He does. Jesus is not merely the Christ, but He is the Christ who was crucified. Sadly, too many churches, too many preachers of the gospel, and too many professing Christians are losing this central and essential truth. | Learn more…


The Power of The Blood of Jesus |Pastor Joel Osteen

In the Old Testament, the only way to have forgiveness for sins was to sacrifice an animal. Without the shedding of blood, there was no remission for sin. But Jesus came and shed His blood as a final covering for our sins.

Do you need to let go of past mistakes and guilt today? Let this message remind you of God’s great grace for your life so that you can rise to a new level!


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