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The official story behind the song Halls Of Heaven with Chris Quilala, from the new Jesus Culture record, Love Has A Name.

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Like thunder speaking from the clouds
Your word is always going out
Your whisper, I keep following the sound
Into Your presence

I get caught up, shadows left behind
I get caught up, drawn into Your light
I get caught up, where Spirit is alive
Into Your presence

Like a child, we come running
Through the halls of Heaven
To the Holy of Holies
Doors are flung wide open
Joy is overflowing
In the halls of Heaven

We come running
We come running
Through the halls of Heaven

Unhindered, all fear is letting go
Abandoned, a beauty to behold
I get caught up
I get caught up
I get caught up

Face to face with the glory of God
And heart to heart with the one that we love

We come running
Can’t stop running
Through the halls of Heaven

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