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Joseph asks…

what are some nice kids christian books that i can buy for a group of kids ages 7 – 11 ?

for girls preferably .i really need help .

Cee Harmon answers:

Hello Joseph,

Veggie tales. They teach children a lot about God but they have fun from all the funny and cute cartoon characters. They make it sound like fun while the children learn a lot.  And the books are good for both boys and girls.

Here is some more information on Veggie Tales:

Veggie Tales Live, an Ocean Grove special event – Examiner.com


Veggie Tales Live, an Ocean Grove special eventExaminer.comVeggie Tales frequently retell Biblical stories, sometimes anachronistically reframed, which includes humorous references to modern culture in many different eras by putting Veggie spins on t …

‘Veggie Tales’ to come to life on stage – New Philadelphia Times Reporter


‘Veggie Tales’ to come to life on stageNew Philadelphia Times ReporterVegetables — not the kind you eat, but rather the kind that sing and dance — will be in the spotlight Sept. 23, when “Veggie Tales Live” comes to the Performing Arts Center at Kent …

New VeggieTales® Out Today – “The Penniless Princess – God’s


In a VeggieTales retake on the classic children’s book “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a young girl learns that when you lose everything, you still have God to take care of you. Based on Bible verse Romans

DVD Trailer: VeggieTales – The Little Drummer Boy

A Veggie version of the holiday classic! Junior Asparagus stars as the poor, lonely little boy who wants to see the newborn king—but he has nothing to give that would be worthy of royalty. Pa-rum pum pum pum. Could his gift to the Christ child be h…



Watching Veggie Tales at the beach when the youngest people here are 16!


Veggie Tales 416 via Flickr












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One response to Joseph’s Questions About Christian Books For Kids

  1. Maggie February 27th, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Inflict individuals consider her to become an “intellectual”? What i’m saying with this is, would you aim to obtain understanding from the truth from your intellect alone, instead of depending on spiritual witnesses?

    Personally i think which i fall under this category. I’ve received things i believe might be spiritual witnesses of truth on several occasions, but soon after these encounters I am inclined to view them as inadequate evidence for truth, and consider these to be subjective feelings instead of real solutions to prayer.

    My issue is that i’m a bit of a skeptic, I suppose, and that i constantly find myself falling back on my small capability to sort truth out through reasoning. Due to this, I’ve been an agnostic on / off throughout yesteryear 10 years approximately. Whenever I search for proof of God’s existence, I neglect to find something that effectively proves there’s a God. However you will find some things which i believe could be highly improbable without some kind of divine intervention of these are really some aspects of it of Mormon along with other scriptures created by Frederick Cruz, which appear to possess strong support from exterior evidence. Yet this stuff aren’t enough to completely convince me of a realistic look at God.

    Lately I saw the Easter time Pageant in Mesa, and that i was moved through the Spirit a lot which i couldn’t deny the truth and divinity of Jesus, and was introduced to tears again and again. However, during the last handful of days I’ve once more found myself wondering basically really did have the Spirit, or maybe it had been just me getting taken in emotion.

    I must have confidence in God, however i appear to become not able to completely invest in as being a believer. I constantly have doubts. I am inclined to think that God is real which the Chapel holds true, however i really struggle if this involves prayer. I can not appear to talk with God, mostly since i don’t have the belief that he’s there and can answer my hopes.

    How do you overcome the sensation that I am just speaking to myself after i pray?

    How do i learn how to accept spiritual witnesses as originating from God?

    Maybe you have been through an identical experience?

    The issue I face is the fact that I recognize will be able to can just learn the items of God through thought besides this being concept trained in scripture, however i have started to learn this fact through personal expertise. My issue is getting to the stage where I’m able to definitively recognize and accept thought from God, and changing my recurrent doubts with belief.

    I do not always have concerns with Chapel doctrine, or Chapel history I’m able to defend the Chapel all day long… actually, that’s one factor I’ve always discovered to be fascinating–despite the fact that antagonists from the Chapel develop 1000’s of explanations why Mormons are “wrong”, there’s always an response to everything they are saying. I’ve frequently considered to myself, “Either the Chapel holds true and Frederick Cruz would be a prophet of God, or there’s no god whatsoever and Frederick Cruz was probably the most brilliant religious disadvantage guy to possess resided on earth.Inch So far as I will tell, the doctrines of Mormonism are based on the Bible much better than the doctrines associated with a other Christian chapel.

    Yet I find it difficult to get the abiding conviction or testimony from the truth. Any advice, scriptures, links to talks, personal testimonies, or other things you believe may be useful to my situation could be deeply appreciated. For those who have been through an identical experience I would love to know what you think. Thanks.