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Conflict Free Living - Joyce Meyer

Conflict Free Living Book – Joyce Meyer: Every person in the world should experience the joy of a peaceful life. We are full of emotional bruises, grudges, stress, and unresolved issues in our relationships. But things do not need to be this way. We can take control of damaging emotional issues and restore peace in our lives, friendships, families, and marriages. Meyer reveals that at one time her life and ministry were in danger of being destroyed by conflict.

In this book she describes the destructive effects that conflict and dissension can have on your life and shows you how to recognize and confront it-once and for all. By following the teaching in this book, you can make a decision today to keep conflict out of your life; out of your thoughts, words, and attitudes; and out of your relationships. Choose life! Choose peace! Learn more about Conflict Free Living book…


Tired of Being Discontent? | Conflict Free Living

  • We have to purposefully decide that we will live in the contentment of God’s promises, not be thrown around by the tides of circumstances.



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Joyce Meyer: Deal with anger by letting it go and instead turn to God – The Christian Times Evangelist Joyce Meyer believes that anger is best handled when one lets go of it and turns over to God immediately. “Living in anger is like banging your head against the wall, so to speak, because it keeps you stuck”.

Change Your Words, Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer


Have you ever been so excited about a book that you couldn’t even wait until you finished it to write a review? That’s exactly what’s happening right now. I’m only half-way through  Meyer’s new book “Change Your Words

http://www.christiantoday.com/article/want.to.be.free.from.anger.face.the.truth.and.talk.to.god.says.joyce.meyer/90043.htmWant to be free from anger? Face the truth and talk to God, says Joyce Meyer – ChristianToday Popular Christian speaker and author Joyce Meyer says people nowadays live in an angry society—but the bigger issue is that people don’t even know why they’re so angry. “Many times we have issues in our lives because we’re angry about something but …


Word of the Day – Joyce Meyer


Word of the Day — Joyce Meyer. Love this little snippet of wisdom ... Your worst day with God will be better than your best day without Him. The Holy Spirit is here to speak to you and help you in every way you need help today.

Joyce Meyer Christianity Success Helps Inspire Christian Counselor – PR Web (press release)


PR Web (press release)Joyce Meyer — Christianity Success Helps Inspire Christian Counselor. PR Web (press release). Meyer is a passionate Christian and in-demand motivational speaker that also happens to own and help operate her $100 million dollar a …


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