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Video Transcript

0:00 so a 20-year donor story makes sense for 0:03 us if you start at why do we give not 0:07 just why do we give to Kayla why do we 0:10 give at all yes well as as soon as we 0:19 started doing this I lost my job yeah 0:23 right but we still kept doing it and I 0:26 need to confess that I begged him to 0:28 stop can we please stop because how are 0:32 we going to pay the mortgage yeah 0:37 he was searching for a job during this 0:39 time so so we gave our lives to Christ 0:44 at a church where they were teaching the 0:48 Bible and we were learning we were 0:50 sponges feeling like we showed up late 0:53 to the party in our 30s that we felt 0:55 like there was so much to learn and so 0:57 we signed up for this class one of the 0:59 suggestions was to start listening to 1:01 Christian music and so that was the next 1:05 thing that we decided to do and so we 1:07 were listening to an hour commute there 1:10 and our commute back we were listening 1:11 to Klove it’s just that was the next 1:15 thing in our Christianity and then came 1:19 the Klove pledge drive and it was 1:21 explained so clearly that there’s no 1:24 commercials like we hadn’t noticed it at 1:26 first and that it’s like that’s right 1:28 people need to give to make this 1:31 possible and to keep 1:34 to stay on the air and we were already 1:37 seeing our ideas changed really like the 1:42 way we thought about things our patience 1:46 especially toward each other and toward 1:49 other plummeted more of a what what it 1:51 was needed versus what is what’s a want 1:53 versus in need growing up I didn’t have 2:00 phonics I didn’t have I don’t know how 2:03 to read I know how to rewards dyslexic 2:08 so reading is a real challenge 2:11 I read awards but there’s no meaning to 2:14 it and with Klove there’s there’s 2:18 meeting 2:18 [Music] 2:23 there’s meeting meaning in the songs 2:27 there’s meaning in the words there’s 2:30 meaning from the DJ’s talking and even 2:37 just saying a verse this really means a 2:41 lot that’s really the reason we give you 2:45 know being part of a 20 year donor group 2:47 is really interesting because you’re 2:49 forced to look back and say okay who 2:53 were we then and then who are we now and 2:57 who was he in the process of making us 2:59 to be quite a thrill to give and to see 3:03 all that 3:04 it has just waiting to reinvest in your 3:09 life when you give to something bigger 3:14 that has a lasting investment in the 3:18 kingdom of God it actually increases the 3:21 population in the kingdom of God it’s 3:24 not a dead end it your treasure is in 3:28 that and so your life is in that your 3:32 life can’t be in a shiny necklace or a 3:34 new car you think it can but there’s no 3:38 there’s no reward there’s no lasting 3:41 reward there’s a momentary reward those 3:44 two things are very different that’s 3:46 what we felt hi guys we’re Derek and 3:50 linda Stevens from Clovis California and 3:52 we’ve been in okay we’ll do this we’ll 3:58 do it it’ll be good 3:59 hi guys this is Derek and Linda Stevens 4:01 from Clovis California and we’ve been 4:03 igniting hope with calif for more than 4:07 20 years come join us 4:09 [Music] 4:13 you

K-LOVE radio listeners and donors for over 20 years! Derek and Linda share why they continued giving to K-LOVE even after Derek lost his job! | Visit K-LOVE Radio online at: http://klove.com


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