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0:00 if you want to turn with me to psalm 103 0:03 verse 20 0:07 says this bless the lord you his angels 0:10 who excel in strength who do his word 0:14 heeding the voice of his word say his 0:18 word 0:20 his angels heed the voice of 0:24 his word 0:26 when we decree a blessing 0:29 the angels are acting are activated 0:32 because the word of god is going forth 0:35 and something is activated 0:38 now the bible tells us 0:40 that 0:41 we have been blessed with every 0:43 spiritual blessing ephesians chapter 1 0:46 verse 3 blessed be the god and father of 0:49 our lord jesus christ who has blessed us 0:52 with every 0:54 spiritual blessing in the heavenly 0:56 places in christ 0:58 we are blessed 1:00 so we’re not asking god bless us we’re 1:03 saying 1:04 thank you father we have been blessed 1:07 with every spiritual blessing and when 1:09 we release the blessing when we speak 1:12 the blessing we are activating the word 1:14 of god and the angels are going to work 1:18 to see it come to pass 1:20 you see god’s laid before us a 1:22 banqueting table in the presence of our 1:25 enemies 1:26 he’s given us everything pertaining to 1:28 life and godliness it’s all there 1:32 on the table 1:35 but you can have a beautiful spread in 1:37 front of you but if you don’t actually 1:39 get up 1:41 load up your plate and put your fork in 1:43 your mouth 1:44 you don’t get to taste of it 1:47 it’s all there for you it’s all 1:49 available 1:50 and the word of god is like that you see 1:52 the bible tells us that we are 1:55 co-heirs with christ 1:57 that we are the the seed of abraham that 2:01 all the nations of the earth get to be 2:03 blessed through uh faith in jesus christ 2:07 hallelujah 2:08 but in order to engage with the fullness 2:11 of the word of god and the promises of 2:13 god 2:14 we need to wage warfare 2:16 with the prophetic words with the 2:18 promises with the scripture and guys 2:20 looking for us to by faith activate it 2:24 and so i’m going to read that to you 2:25 from galatians chapter 3 verse 9. 2:29 so those who have faith are blessed 2:31 along with abraham the man of faith 2:34 all who rely on observing the law are 2:36 under a curse for it is written cursed 2:39 is everyone who does not continue to do 2:41 everything written in the book of the 2:42 law 2:43 clearly no one is justified before god 2:45 by the law because the righteous will 2:47 live by 2:49 faith 2:51 christ redeemed us from the curse of the 2:53 law by becoming a curse for us for it is 2:55 written cursed is everyone who is hung 2:56 on a tree 2:58 he redeemed us in order that the 3:00 blessing given to abraham might come to 3:03 the gentiles through christ jesus so 3:06 that by faith 3:08 we might receive the promise hallelujah 3:11 and we can look at the blessings of 3:13 abraham they’re so significant 3:16 and i started looking at all the 3:17 different blessings in scripture last 3:19 night 3:20 and i began to to i realized there’s 3:23 actually more than over 81 3:25 blessings that i’ve seen so far that you 3:28 can 3:29 that’s on the table ready for you to 3:31 taste 3:32 ready for you to partake of

Activating God’s Promises | Katherine Ruonala

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