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Kathisma Church: Jerusalem’s Christian Holy Site Get Virtually No Visitors

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Kathisma church ruins near Jerusalem

Kathisma church ruins near Jerusalem. Courtesy of Gabrielw.tour at Wikimedia Commons.

Kathisma Church: Extraordinarily, although it is one of the most sacred locales in Christianity and one of the largest Byzantine-era churches in the Holy Land, close to zero pilgrims today visit the ruins. Even more extraordinarily, archeologists believe the overlooked octagonal shrine and its decoration were the inspiration for the eight-sided Dome of the Rock. Here, according to tradition, the very pregnant Virgin Mary sat down to rest on her way by donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem – where she gave birth to Jesus.  See full story on…jpost.com

According to jewishvirtuallibrary.org, “Remains of a Byzantine-period church were discovered in 1992 near the Monastery of Mar Elias, when the highway between Jerusalem and Bethlehem was widened and a bulldozer accidentally uncovered and damaged a mosaic floor. In the first, limited excavations (October 1992 – February 1993) only a section of the western part of the church was uncovered, revealing mosaic floors which were re-covered to ensure their preservation.”


The Kathisma Church – Jerusalem, Mar Elias – Israel


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English: A map of the Byzantine Empire, c.1180AD

English: A map of the Byzantine Empire, c.1180AD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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