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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

I believe in miracles I believe in miracles if every atom of my being but I believe in miracles because I believe in God I believe that Jesus Christ is the very son of the Living God you know the greatest gift that Jesus ever gave to the world was himself the greatest gift the Son of the Living God ever gave to humanity was himself man never received a greater gift than Jesus but man will never fully realize man’s puny little mind will never be able to fathom all that was involved when Jesus offered himself through the Holy Spirit to God the Father to be given love you know is something you do do you want to know why Jesus offered himself to humanity do you want to know why Jesus offered himself through the Holy Spirit to be given that you and I might have life everlasting because he loved love is something you do know that salvation is a gift if only I could get you to see that it’s so simple it’s so wonderful it’s so easy it’s so simple that most book miss it a man the other day wrote a letter and said Kathryn Kuhlman I’m pressing seventy years of age tell me please is simply you can how can I be born again I said serve all on earth that you have to do is to receive the gift is that simple salvation is a gift I want to thank you that glorious pushing the wit of God when Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman this recorded in the fourth chapter of John now Jacob’s Well was there and Jesus therefore being wearied with his journey sat of the Sun the whale and it was about the sixth hour under cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water and jesus saith unto her give me to drink for his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat then saith the woman of Samaria unto Him how is it that thou being a jew asked water of me which I’m a woman of Samaria for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans and jesus answered and said unto her if thou knewest the gift of God if thou knewest if you only knew the wonderful gift that is yours if you could only know if thou knewest the gift of God and who it is that saith unto thee give me to drink thou wouldest have asked him and he would have given the living water no woman saith unto him Sir thou has nothing to draw with and the well is deep from whence then hath thou that living water author thou greater than our Father Jacob which gave us the well and drank thereof himself in his children this cattle and jesus answered and said unto her whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall be in him oh well springing up all that glorious water of everlasting life springing up into everlasting life oh that’s really but watch something Jesus himself said that salvation is a gift you want to be born again do you really want to be born again I don’t care whether you’re pressing 70 60 50 16 20 all on earth that you have to do is to accept the gift of salvation accept it is that easy take it now Lord I receive I receive that button Jesus made possible unto me through his love yes beloved the great dis gift that Jesus ever gave to humanity was himself but I want you to see something else something that is really as thrilling a salvation and just as important to God’s precious children the great this gift that Jesus gave to his church was the Holy Spirit that give me the world I give anything in the world just now if somehow I could get you to see through the power of the Holy Spirit the importance of the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit this mighty third person in the life of every man and every woman who’s a professing Christian the importance of the Holy Spirit before Jesus went away knowing that he was going away and again love is something that you do Jesus gave the most important thing that was possible to give the church Jesus gave the greatest gift that was possible for him to give to his own to his children and that was the power of the Holy Spirit I don’t believe that anyone of us fully realized the power of the Holy Ghost I’ve never been able to understand I cannot tell you why Jesus offered himself through the Holy Spirit to be given to God the Father before God the Father could give Jesus I cannot understand I cannot tell you why the sin for which there is no forgiveness neither in this world neither in the world to come is against the Holy Spirit I do not know I do not understand but it makes me know how important how precious how great is this mighty third person the Trinity remember beloved the sin for which there is no forgiveness is not against Almighty God any sin committed against God Almighty can be forgiven the sin for which there is no forgiveness is not against Jesus Christ the son we got us of what that sin is that you may commit against the son Living God it will be forgiven you but Jesus himself said the sin for which there is no forgiveness neither in this world nor in the world to come is against the Holy Spirit I can’t tell you why I don’t know it only makes me know it only makes me realize how important is the Holy Spirit oh sure some the Old Testament Saints knew the power of the Holy Spirit Joseph knew the power of the Holy Spirit Gideon knew the power of the Holy Ghost Samson knew the power of the Holy Spirit the workmen those who worked on the Tabernacle in the wilderness knew the glorious power of the Holy Spirit believe me David knew the howl of the Holy Spirit me thinks the saddest cry and all of the sacred way mister crying David that day when he looked up a more sincere cry was never and the cry came from his innermost being when he cried out oh god my god take not from me vice here you can take everything I have you can take it all but take not from me thy Holy Spirit some only some of the Old Testament Saints the Old Testament prophets knew the power of the Holy Spirit for remember when the Holy Spirit came upon those in the Old Testament it was the sovereign act of God but before Jesus went away he gave to his church the great dis gift that it was possible for him to give there was no way to give and he told them about the wonderful gift that would be theirs after he was gone away for he knew it was the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit he knew the person of the Holy Spirit who did the great miracles in his ministry we talk about the Ministry of Jesus we talk about the miracles of Jesus we thrilled the reading those wonderful miracles but beloved Jesus knew better than anyone else that it was the power of the Holy Spirit who did those miracles through his life and in his ministry for remembered Jesus while he was here on earth was as much man as though he were not God and as much God as though he were not man but when he offered himself through the Holy Spirit to be given me thinks the Holy Spirit assured him that his power and his presence would be with him and that he would manifest his power he would manifest himself through the person of Jesus and Jesus understood any new well the secret of his power and the secret of miracles today yes the power of the Holy Spirit before he went away Jesus reminded his own of the gift and he shall receive power I give you a gift love is something that you do you can’t love without giving you can’t you just can’t it’s impossible and jesus knew the greatest gift there was humanly possible that was divinely possible to give was the Holy Spirit I’m he shall receive power it’s my gift to you ye shall receive this same power it was given unto me as a gift I give it unto you after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and when that gift was given the first century church shook the world for God believe me oh when the manifestation of that gift was given that early church took the Word of God there was power in their lives it was power in that church he was never in the plan of Jesus that his church should be powerless and never believe me believe me it was never in the mind of Jesus it was never in the plan of Jesus it was never in his great purpose that at any time his church should be powerless it was never in his great plan that any one of his children should be powerless should be defeated if you are living a defeated Christian life this very hour if you are without power and that life of yours as a professing Christian I want you to know something it is out of choice and not because provision had not been made but you might have power in that life of yours he gave you that gift the great distinction that is own can possibly receive the Holy Spirit Peter understood Peter understood well Peter understood so well it was after Pentecost after the Pentecostal experience for remember you and I are still living in the day of Pentecost the day of Pentecost is not over with everything that the early church received all the gifts all the manifestations of the Spirit everything there was in evidence in the early church we have every right to expect today for we are still living in the day of Pentecost the day of Pentecost has not come and gone we are still living in the day of Pentecost and that day will not cease until the great catching up the rapture of the church everything so much we’re missing so much you are being satisfied with God’s second best his third best when there’s so much more for you there’s so much more Foy Peter understood the very thing I’m talking about Peter understood so well on the Holy Spirit through Peter spoke these words then Peter said unto them repent that’s the new birth experience for the greatest gift that Jesus gave to humanity was himself here salvation repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins there goes your sins there’s salvation there’s the new birth experience follow me now and this is the highest authority in heaven earth and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost the greatest gift that Jesus gave to his church but don’t stop there please I beg of you don’t stop there tens of thousands upon thousands of professing Christians have stopped right there continue for the word continues for the promise is unto you and to your children and to all that are afar off even as many as the Lord our God and if you have been called to be born again if you have accepted the Christ as your Savior the gift of salvation this promise of the Holy Spirit is for you and beloved as surely as the first century church literally shook the world for God through the parable Holy Spirit during its day so surely can the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ again shake the world of all God today through the power of the Holy Spirit there never was a time when the professing Church was so powerless as it is this hour there never was an hour when the church was quite as powerless as it is this day the world stands challenging the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and the church stands powerless where are those miracles where are the supernatural manifestations of his power where is the power of the Holy Ghost why is it our altars are barren why do our young people go out seeking to find themselves outside the church why if ever there was a time when the church needed the power of the Holy Spirit it’s now if ever men and women need it to accept this wonderful gift that Jesus left it’s now and the power of the Holy Spirit can be yours believe I know what I’m talking about do you want to know the secret of the miracles that take place in this ministry you’ve sat in the great auditoriums and you’ve marv with that what you’ve seen whether you’re a Catholic or Protestant Jew or Gentile and you’ve said I don’t understand but it’s real I can’t fathom I can’t analyze it how can it be how can it be the fees miracles take place in the physical how can it be if his miracles take place in the spiritual various but one answer it’s the power of the Holy Spirit you can build bigger and better Church in Ephesus you can organize to the hilt you can be loaded with doctrine but my friend remember something doctrine can only be mental it is only when you have the living experience that it becomes a reality and something that’s lame today I cry with David take from me everything you can take from me but fam you can strip me of everything material you can take everything material that I have take it all take it all even though I would have to live on bread and water take it but take not from me the Holy Spirit for I know better than anyone else where he lies the secret of the power of this ministry I’ve accepted the greatest gift that Jesus has given to humanity the gift of salvation I have accepted the greatest gift that Jesus left for you and for me is his children the gift but the Holy See won’t you accept that gift too he can be

Kathryn Kuhlman: On this episode of I Believe in Miracles TV Show, Ms. Kuhlman teaches on the Gift of the Holy Spirit.  She says the greatest gift that Jesus ever gave to world was Himself.

Ms. Kuhlman believes the only part she has in it is making Jesus real to the hearts of men and women. According to her, “Any results there might be in this life of mine, is not Kathryn Kuhlman. It’s the Holy Spirit; It’s what the Holy Spirit does through a yielded vessel.”

Source: The Gift of the Holy Spirit


About Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman

The ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman spanned approximately 43 years (1933-1976).  People who attended her meetings experienced the tangible presence of God.  Even though healing and miracles were a part of her services, she always pointed men and women to Jesus.

Ms. Kuhlman emphasized that the greatest miracle was the transformation of a life. She has been quoted as saying: “I believe in miracles with every atom of my being… because I believe in God – but Kathryn Kuhlman has nothing to do with the healing of sick bodies. I have no healing power. It’s the power of God that does the healing.

After about 17 years of ministry service as a traveling evangelist, Ms. Kuhlman made a permanent move to Pittsburgh, PA, in 1950, where she began to launch into a worldwide ministry. She was used mightily by God to bring the charismatic message to many denominational churches, including the Roman Catholic Church.

I Believe in Miracles TV Show

By the 1960s and 1970s she has a television program called I Believe In Miracles that was aired across the United States. She also had a 30-minute nationwide radio ministry of teaching from the Bible that would often feature excerpts from her ministry services. Her broadcasts reached into Canada and much of Europe.

She also held regular services at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, where she regularly filled the 7,000 seats for ten years. Ms. Kuhlman went Home to be with the Lord on February 20, 1976, but the legacy she left of anointed television shows, radio broadcasts and books are still being used of the Holy Spirit to bless people around the world.



Kathryn Kuhlman Ministry Channel | I Believe in Miracles



Photo Gallery

Kathryn Kuhlman on the set of I Believe in Miracles TV SHow

Kathryn Kuhlman: “I would rather die a thousand deaths than to walk on any stage without the Holy Spirit.” | Image courtesy: (I Believe in Miracles Show)



Kathryn Kuhlman ministering at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma

Kathryn Kuhlman ministering at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. | Image courtesy: oru.edu



Kathryn Kuhlman interviews Sid Roth on the I Believe in Miracles TV Show

Kathryn Kuhlman interviews Sid Roth on the I Believe in Miracles TV Show. | Image courtesy: (Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation)



Selected Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes:

“God is not looking for gold vessels or silver vessels. He is looking for willing vessels.”


“The greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life.”


“Faith is that quality or power by which the things desired become the things possessed.”


“Wherever you find real love, you will also find humility. Remember something: humility is not a weak and timid quality. Too often we feel that humility is a sign of weakness. This is not so. It is the sign of strength and security.”


“I surrendered unto Him all there was of me; everything! Then for the first time I realized what it meant to have real power.”


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Video Transcript

imagine Katherine Kuhlman hears sizzling this sound is if something is cooking she wonders where is it what’s going on and then she finds there is a man that was blind crippled and declared 100% disabled by the military instantly healed next on this edition of it’s supernatural hello sid roth your investigative reporter with Joan Gieson Joan you know the Bible says that non-jews are to provoke Jewish people to jealousy I confess you provoked me to jealousy you really do tell me one of the greatest miracles you’ve ever seen with your eyes one of the greatest miracles happened in a kathryn kuhlman service it was in st. Louis ironically enough my husband and I were the foundation for Kathryn Kuhlman for eight and a half years in the Midwest and so we gathered together said like 18,000 people and now there are many people that are viewing us that have never heard of Katherine Coleman I can tell you personally as a brand new believer in the Messiah I had the privilege of meeting her and seeing her and what we read in the Bible what is supposed to happen happened there this unassuming really and truly simple woman gets up there dressed well but gets up there and all of a sudden like popcorn people all over the place start getting healed so you were on staff with her and tell me about this one miracle you saw well the auditorium was filled with 18,000 people and among them was a young man in an electric wheelchair and he was strapped across his chest and across his stomach with big army-issue do you know those nylon belts with the big buckles on them well the buckles were in the back and he had a lap tray across his chair like a child in a highchair and a lap blanket on and the catheter was hooked up to the side of the wheelchair and this man was blind you could see that he was very spastic and he was jumping out of the chair and just really emaciated looking and there was three young men that had brought him in and they weren’t really properly dressed as you would think someone coming to a service like that would be and had big bell-bottom trousers with frayed ends on them and headbands around their head and this man in the wheelchair could only move his right hand and his right hand was over those knobs that he could move that chair backward and for power yes and so he would crash he would push his finger and crash into the people in front of him then he would put it in reverse and crash into the people behind him and it was causing quite a disturbance I would think so yes I mean in an auditorium that big every I was on that man now you know God creates things as we know along the way and as we see in evidence in in each of us in life itself in the trees but God created that situation happened to now every eye from the balcony all the way down watch this man he had made a nuisance of himself and everyone saw the difficulty he was having and so now miss Coleman came out just as simple missourian by the way just a beautiful thin tall lady just whispered on the stage and now she felt the power of God in an unusual way and maybe people don’t understand that but there’s something about the power of God that is you you don’t understand exactly you don’t know where he’s coming from and you don’t even know how to identify the power of God but it’s it’s an awesome tremendous feeling that you have no control over he’s there and that’s it I remember she used to speak like in Jerusalem when she had meetings she would speak and speak until his power would show up was in a service one time for seven hours before she felt the power of God and then the miracles happened and that was one day we felt everyone in the auditorium would be healed but for seven hours that lady spoke until she felt the anointing of God come down and she couldn’t do anything until she felt the Holy Spirit of God move on her because it wasn’t about Catherine let me I have an interruption from our sponsor our sponsor says that’s God that his spirit is here right now and that means that whatever Joan is talking about can happen to you right as you’re watching this television show so get ready now Joan I gotta tell me this guy is in strapped to the chair he’s going forward he’s going backwards causing a big commotion which like 7000 people there’s no 18 18,000 people so why is he doing all of this alright well it was just a nervous reaction and what we found out later was that this man had laid on a pulsating bed on a mattress that pulsated every few seconds just to keep the flesh on his body alive he was in the United States Air Force and this man had become ill with epilepsy you know as they called them fits it’s it’s called about even in the Bible and this man had grand mal seizures which is many times unto death you know they’re severe and then the second illness that he had now the grand mal seizures with the epilepsy caused the United States airforce declare him 100% disabled but the second disability which also declared him 100% disabled was multiple sclerosis and so the man had lost all of his bodily functions he had gone blind because of it his speech was just totally impaired and the man again was spastic from the multiple sclerosis but the blindness caused the United States Air Force to declare him three hundred percent disabled that was on his declaration out of the airforce papers and he had a doctor that came in and visited him all the time but this man knew nothing about being healed he knew nothing about a woman named Catherine Coleman the man never ever read anything about miracles are anything about Jesus and now he’s in this home he has children and a wife and he is hooked to oxygen 24 hours seven days a week lying on this pulsating mattress not able to get up and three young men came to his home and said we do not know your husband but we’ve heard about him and we know that there’s a miracle service in st. Louis Missouri will you allow us to take him John yeah hold that thought we’re gonna be right back after this word you want to you want to believe in miracles not only are you going to hear about a great miracle you’re going to experience it don’t you dare turn the dial because there’s an appointment with the supernatural of God be right back hello YouTube miss Bob mr. Bokka is a Hebrew word it means family this is Sid Roth welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural if you’ve been blessed by this show please subscribe then click the bell so you won’t miss a single episode of it’s supernatural [Music] hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Joan Gieson and Joan was telling about the greatest miracle she’d ever seen if anyone has seen miracle as it’s Joan Gieson because she traveled with Katherine Kuhlman and also Benny Hinn but you were in a Katherine Coleman service in st. Louis this man a strapped to a wheelchair because otherwise he’ll fall down he’s lost all of his bodily functions he has grand mal seizures he had what was it ms or ms/ms what happened next and he was blind so he was 300 percent disabled and so now the service starts and MS Coleman comes out on the platform and she feels this overwhelming sense of God’s presence and she doesn’t know exactly where to go or what to do she’s it’s it’s like it’s taken her out of a familiar territory it’s a deeper thing than she’s ever felt before and all of a sudden we heard a noise said and this noise went like Shh like electricity skipping across an outdoor wire well she backed up to the piano and she said to my husband Frank find where that’s coming from well of course what does a good husband do return to his wife and say you look for it find it I mean there’s an auditorium packed that’s right but it was overwhelming to her you know there was never a sound uttered in that auditorium in any service well I took the hand of the man next to me which had been healed of terminal cancer the man has written a book subsequently from that I took his hand and we ran around the perimeter of that arena now we came in through the back of the actually the front door she was up on the stage and we came in through the door facing her and it was as though there was a giant magnet that attached itself to us him and my and drew us right to that wheelchair within 5 feet of that wheelchair and then we couldn’t get any closer now as we stood there we watched we watch that he couldn’t see it why was she looking for that sound because why would she interrupt everything for a sound it was it was disturbing yes it was an unusual sound it was something she had an experience before and it was just like electricity and now we’re drawn this man named bill banks and myself drawn to this man’s wheelchair we get within 5 feet of it we can’t go any farther and all of a sudden the power of God hit that man and he came up out of that wheelchair now remember he had been strapped down with those nylon ships and they both went they broke off of him even if he was extraordinarily strong he couldn’t do it you couldn’t cut those with a machete Stan was paralyzed this man was almost totally paralyzed and now he’s in this wheelchair probably weighed 139 pounds very thin very little guy and now he jumped out of that wheelchair those straps broke that that thing like a tray on his wheelchair clang to the floor the lap blanket hit the ground the catheter now he’s pulling and you could see that he cannot see he cannot see and he’s just thrashing about he’s just wandering all over and then as everyone in that auditorium and you see God had set the stage 18,000 people eyes focused every eye because the man was making a disturbance moving back and forth now there was another sound said at that moment and it was a gut-wrenching sound it was like the entire arena was groaning like the innermost being of every person that like Oh like that it was the most awesome I’m if I live to be a million years old I’ll never forget that sound everything what was that it was it was the people making that groaning so well because it was so awesome you see they had their eyes on that man for an hour or two prior to the service and they saw the handicapped they saw God allowed them to experience what that man was experienced you know a man that’s totally can you imagine a man being raised from the dead that would that would cause a sound like right that would cut well that man was a living dead man he was a living dead man they just had not buried him yet but he was soon to die and long overdue to die because of the handicapped and because of the disabilities in the illness now that man started forward to the front of that auditorium and as we watched him said we watched God heal that man every step he took today that man is still alive that was 1975 simple man a Boy Scout leader it’s Bill Spiers is his name lived way out in the backwoods in the country not a man that you would choose if I would have had a choice if I were God I would have chose you know a great Jewish man I would have never thought about that man but the most unlikely are the folks that were watching God used today in mighty ways well that was one of the greatest miracles actually he actually was we this straps burst and he actually was walking he walked all alone no one touched him no one knew what to do I mean they had to strap him in because he would fall out of his shouldn’t walk he could not walk he could not even sit up that’s why they had him strapped that he could sit erect and that he wouldn’t pulsate out of that chair with the spasms that his body was in Joan yes there is an awesome presence of God right now on the set there and and you know what Joan told me the last commercial break she said that God spoke to her and that someone was healed I’ll tell you two people that were healed right now and when we come back not only will another person yet get healed but many many I say many yes are going to be healed someone’s head you have a headache it’s almost like a band around your head it’s off you’re free and that’s the Lord and someone’s neck where and back so I’m hearing was healed we’ll be right back after this word [Music] hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter oh did you miss it let me tell you during the commercial break Joan and I were talking about people even on the staff of this television set that are getting healed but there’s such a presence of God right now that I would be remiss if I didn’t ask Joan who not only has traveled with some of the top healing ministries in the world and why does she do this because number one God was decipher and number two she’s able she has extraordinary signs she’s able to see literally light over people and she knows those people are going to be healed but you were telling me that God spoke to you about certain people that are healed right now would you tell them yes there’s a lady out there that has diabetes and both of her legs are ulcerated and it is though they’re inverted as your feet hit the floor your feet are in inverted in they don’t lay flat and it’s because of the ulceration on your legs because of the diabetes honey in the name of Jesus just rise and walk it’s okay don’t be afraid do not be afraid right now just hold your hands out hold your hands out Jesus will meet you now get up in the name of Jesus now put your feet flat yeah you’re excited about that all right now just put one foot in front of the other and the pain will go and those ulcerated legs will be healed as you walk just walk knowing that God has touched you and there’s another man out there that’s deaf there’s a man that’s deaf I don’t know if it’s in both ears or if it’s one ear but right now as we’re speaking God has set you free you’re watching my lips and reading my lips but God has set your ears free and so just receive that just receive that Joan there’s a I’m used to the presence of God yes but the presence of God is building it it is this the type of presence that surround you always when you minister or because this is strong and and you see when the presence of God is strong God can operate and all things are possible so what do you need it’s not necessary for Joan to state your condition for instance I could say because I’ve heard this right now that there’s something wrong with the eye that’s the right eye and God’s healed you but Joan it doesn’t matter whether you say it or I say it no the healing presence is here what can they do what should they do or will it just happen as they’re watching us you see there’s an anointing and maybe our listening audience or viewing audience does not even know what that means but it means a presence of God around them you see one minute you’re dead and the next minute you come to life with that Spirit of God that falls down around you and there’s an anointing God anoints you for a reason and for a time and you know I was with Kathryn Kuhlman for many years and so you know being in the dressing room and I used to bring orange juice to her many times after the service and there was a reporter I’ll never forget it in a dressing room in Minneapolis Minnesota we had gone there and this reporter found his way through all the security men and into the back where she was and she was now dressed and he looked and he said yeah Ms.Kuhlman and she looked up and she said yes and he said how long did it take you to get ready for this service how do you have to fast and pray for weeks on end she said young man I’ve really never thought about it she said I just stay prepared and that’s the answer Sid we stay prepared because it’s not that we walk in and out of this anointing of God we walk in God’s presence and in that presence he allows you to do all the things that he’s called you to do so you stay prepared but how can people that have never even had an encounter with the Living God stay in his presence what Joan is saying is there is a possibility a desire on God’s part for you to have union with God for you to not believe and hope when I die if there’s a heaven I’ll be there but you can know God now if you know God now then obviously when you slip out of your earth suit you’ll be with him forever but if you don’t know God now you won’t know him when you die doesn’t that make sense here’s how you know him and by the way if you’ve watched this show for some period of time then you understand that I tell people how to know God but this is special right now this is highly unusual it’s breakthrough moment for you there are people here that have wanted to know God and now is your moment right the second if you will with your own mouth say god I want to know you say it god I want to know you I believe that Jesus died for my sins that his blood washes it all away say it his blood the blood of Jesus washes my sins away I turn from my sins now Jesus live inside of me become my lord I want to know you I want to experience you I want to touch you I want to feel you I’ve got to know you I’m desperate to know you Almighty God if that reflects what’s going on inside of your heart this is your moment yes you could have a physical healing I’m talking about eternity no end it’s the most wonderful thing in the world this is your moment this is your time yes and people all over the world have received their healing yeah received the most important healing which is the healing of your spirit [Music]

Nothing Is Impossible with God (Book)

Nothing Is Impossible With God Book - Kathryn Kuhlman

Nothing Is Impossible With God Book | Image: Kathryn Kuhlman

Kathryn Kuhlman presents the God she knew – the God who is a specialist in doing the impossible and who is able to do anything but fail. She has said: “Dear God, unless you anoint me and touch me I am nothing. I am worthless when the flesh gets in the way. You get all the glory or I can not go there and minister. I won’t move without you.”

In her ministry services, Catholic and Protestants raise hands together and worship God together – all decently and in order. The power of the Holy Spirit rolls over the audience like waves of the ocean. Learn more…


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