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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Jesus is love the Lord wants you in every respect of your life to prosper and be in health but it’s as here soul prospers and so that means he wants your soul to be whole he wants your mind your will your emotions your your faculties of passion in that just to be aligned with him and so today we have a guest that is an expert in this field it’s Katie Souza from expected and ministries and Katie you’ve been studying into this area of the soul and healing for the Soul for a long time now but not only studying you’ve actually been applying with your faith the redemptive power of Jesus Christ his healing blessing is his deliverance power and people are set free all over the world because of your ministry and so we’re just thrilled to have you with us today on the program and I know that you’ve got lots of good nuggets for us so let’s talk about the healing of the soul why is it important well for me it started out as necessity of getting this revelation because I was getting sick with all kinds of things reoccurring issues that would never go away at bladder infections yeast infections sore throats flus fevers and it seemed like I was doing what I’m supposed to do you know I was praying believing the crane and I wasn’t getting the breakthrough and so I knew there was something missing and I didn’t understand what it was and that’s when God began to you know speak to me through that scripture that will prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers and God began to show me how certain things like sin and trauma can wound our souls right you know isaiah 30:26 in the amplified talks about god healing up the brokenhearted and binding up their wounds that came from their sin right so saying that when we sin or when somebody sins against us or ancestors sin it can literally wound us okay and even like for trauma that traumas that we live through divorces losing jobs our children maybe someone passes away in our life those traumas can also wound our soul man you know and a good example of that and the Bible is job remember he went through a lot of trauma right he had all his servants killed and all his his wealth was stolen his children were all killed at the same time when a whirlwind you know crashed the house down on on them and then he himself even got sick physically well those traumas wounded his soul and we know that because throughout the entire book of Job 23 times he says stuff about his soul like I’m mourning and so on vexed and soul my soul is being poured out and it was always him making these statements in connection to the pain the soul pain he was feeling over those traumas and you know Katie if if your soul isn’t that much pain it’s going to affect your quality of life in the same way that if your body like has an injury like let’s say someone you know cut your your arm and you know your tendons are all damaged and everything else then that arms not going to function right and you’re not going to have quality of life so we can’t ignore this area of soul healing in the same way as we wouldn’t be able to ignore the need for a physical healing yeah and even doctors will say that when you live through a traumatic event or something has stressed you and your inner man they don’t even really necessarily call it my soul but they say that 80 to 90% of their patients that have a serious even a deadly illness right have suffered some sort of a event like that than traumatising to them so what happens in here directly affects everything out here including the physical body right and you know when as we go around teaching people how to get healed in their soul we see thousands and thousands of miracles I mean I saw a man grow a lung back right he lost from cancer win without soul healed Wow and I believe the soul the wound that was inside him actually caused the cancer in the first place yeah see a good a good biblical example of sickness and the soul is the man at the Pool of Bethesda remember him said he he had an infirmity for thirty-eight years right that’s a long time to be sick and a lot of people are in that situation exactly today yeah there’s so many mysterious illnesses that even the doctors don’t know how to diagnose because they don’t know how to diagnose the soul hmm I think that’s one of the issues right for the amount of the pool 38 years what was it that made him in that state for that long right well the Bible says he had an infirmity for 38 years if you look at that word infirmity in the Strong’s it means weakness and infirmity of the body and of the soul so was saying that he had wound inside of his inner man that was causing the sickness now where did that wound come front right well it came from sin and we know that from the words of Jesus himself when did he say that man after he got him healed he saw him in the temple he said I see your well now stop sinning right or something worse may happen to you see when we sin or someone sins against us or our ancestors sinned it can wound us and then cause disease right come upon us yeah for sure for sure even demonic oppression you know we see a lot of people you know they’re doing they’re making more with the enemy and and they’re doing what the Bible says to do you know no weapon formed against us shall prosper greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world the name of Jesus I command you to leave but they’re not having success or battling that spear and it’s not leaving it could be not every time but it could be because there is a legal landing strip is solely for that spirit to be there and a good example is the woman bowed over with the spirit of infirmity remember her 18 years right her spine is literally bent by a spirit a demon was bending her spine that is like almost beyond our ability to proceed right but nonetheless that’s what the Bible said right so what was allowing that spirit to literally affect her bones like that well it said she had a spirit of infirmity right the same word used to describe the man at the pool right it means infirmity and weakness in the soul right so she had something going on in here that allowed the spirit to be there once we get this healed we’ll start to see a lot of things change will start to see miracles happen in our bodies our minds our marriages our relationships our finances we’ll see our authority over demonic spirits will greatly increase right I mean today Katie you know like there’s a lot of I think frivolous thinking regarding sin issues in the body of Christ I see it everywhere it’s like oh well I’m under grace oh that’s fine it doesn’t matter you know but it really does and the reason why God hates sin so much is because it can damage you or it says it hurts us and he hates anything that hurts us so we don’t want to go navel-gazing as far as oh I’m going to keep looking because if your sin conscious that’s going to destroy you also yes it is but we don’t want to ignore the fact that right that our souls need to be rightly stewarded watch over are your hearts with all diligence because from it flow the issues of life scripture says it’s true you know just like simple things like being offended at somebody let’s say somebody really does you wrong and they really have hurt you and you’ve really not done anything to deserve it right what happens is some people mistakenly respond by becoming offended saying words that person I can’t believe what they did you know how they have the nerve you know they need to repent they’re completely wrong and we begin to complain and be offended well the Bible says in like proverbs 16 I believe it is or proverbs 26 it says the words of a slander or a whisper are like deadly wounds yeah that go down to the innermost part of the being so we think we have the right right you say stuff about this person because they did this and this and this and this right but we’re actually putting deadly wounds on ourselves and causing sickness point oh yeah one of the times I heard you speak on offense it was really enlightening because I think you were sharing a testimony about how you’re walking through an airport and going through the security lines and you’re offended because of you know someone not moving fast enough attending and you know so often things like that happened in all of our lives right every day but we we don’t even think its offense because you know it just feels like you know we’re you know we have a right to say it we have a right to think it I mean after all and it just becomes natural to us but God wants us to come to a place where we are so in tune with his love yes and with his purity and everything that that that will realize no that’s not his nature right it’s not him thinking gosh that’s why I’m feeling like that and so that we can walk free from woundedness by by by being in the healers love in the in in wholeness himself we gotta connect the dots I remember this gentleman in like San Diego he had a severe sinus affection and he had it for years and years and it was so bad it stunk okay was always running and you could smell it people around him could smell it was that bad why when talk about the soul at a meeting and about being offended and he said the prayers and he got instantly healed it dried up the smell left and everything and he was amazed because he never connected this horrible infection with him being offended and it wounding his soul Wow yeah it was amazing yeah well and so one round of repentance and cleansing cleansed everything yes it’s true oh and there’s another thing there too you know i lead people through repentance and that’s the first step we should always particular cross first because jesus died for every sin right including every sin that would ever wound us but there’s something i think that the body of christ is left out of their daily prayer life and that is for taking of something they already have and that’s Dunamis resurrection power that lives in them right so let me just explain what that is okay so the Bible talks about in Romans 1 that we that Paul said I’m not ashamed of the gospel which is the power unto salvation right he’s talking about this power that caused us to become saved born again it’s resurrection power it comes into us and it causes our dead spirit to be resurrected in the new eternal life right right okay will that power that Paul is talking about there in the Greek gets the word Dunamis now this is a this is an amazing power right okay Dunamis is resurrection power it causes us to be born again it comes and lives inside of us so right now every believer has a tankful that never runs out right okay well that word Dunamis if you look it up in the Strong’s one of its meanings is excellence of soul yes I love it so we don’t realize right now we got a tank full oh yeah power that can make us excellent a soul I can heal every single wound we already have it because Jesus is excellent of soul and he is eternal life and he’s dwelling within us and when you just think of like this excellence of Jesus and thought word and indeed lives in on the inside and the heat comes in fills our human soul oh that’s how we’re taken into his image his likeness because he’s living in there and he’s given us that power to heal every bit of woundedness that could ever come upon us when we talked about anything else that we do awesome yes you know we are going to come right back after this message but I want you to get ready to be ministered to we’re going to learn about the power of decree and how decrees can heal your soul there’s going to be miracles and we’re going to pray for those things and if you have need of a miracle right now maybe you have a an infirmity that you’ve lived with for a number of years don’t be surprised if you don’t get a miracle anointing this very day where every symptom lifts off of you we’ll be right back do you feel like your prayers aren’t getting through do you struggle with sickness financial difficulty or relational issues soul decrees by Katie Souza is a book of prayers and declaration aimed at healing your wounded soul Katie’s teachings are now available in a decree book to speak over yourself and your loved ones for only nine dollars all eight six six nine eight zero five four six four mentioned television offer 339 go online to Patricia King calm or text blessed – 4 – 8 – 8 order now go to Patricia King calm – browse our stores wonderful collection of downloadable resource it’s happened before revival fires fell and releasing massive waves of miracles healings signs and wonders setting hearts on fire gloria my present it is happening again twenty two speakers unite at the historic angeles temple to relight the revival fires and release an atmosphere of miracles signs and wonders it’s time for you to arise and be a woman on the front lines okay so Katie tell us more about this Dunamis power because it’s one thing to be able to you know recognize that there’s a need for repentance and that yeah but repentance is one thing but applying that Dunamis power is another yes you know you gotta know for sure that it works cuz Jesus used it that’s what acts 10:38 says God anointed Jesus Christ with Holy Spirit and power which is Dunamis and he went around healing everyone that was oppressed by the devil and when the woman touched Jesus’s the hem of His garment ruin oh right says he felt that healing virtue that word is Dunamis and she had been traumatized by that 12u her long says so I believe he healed her in her soul made her excellence all and healed her physical bodies and even if the issue of blood itself wasn’t related to the soul yeah the shame and everything that came with that condition would have damaged the soul and that’s what I loved about that whole story is that he presented her after she was healed he made sure publicly everyone knew that she was cleansed yeah it’s clear that whole issue I love to care everything he took care of everything Jesus all right now seriously okay so decrees is another good thing now you’re the decree expert you know I’ve read your book the trade and it’s awesome I think everyone needs to incorporate decrees it’s one of the simple ways that you can release the power you already have because if your blood you have and a decree is a governmental proclamation yeah we’ve got the King of Kings the word of the King of Kings that we decree and the the Bible says that when you send forth that word through decree you know that word does not return void it accomplishes everything it is sent to do so it’s powerful it’s active its operative as it says in Hebrews and is so powerful decrees are so powerful yeah you know job talks on we decree a thing and it shall be and she’ll be established so that helps establish and our healing for us in her soul and in her body right it’s so cool cuz you know Jesus made decrees when he would heal people you know he went around saying to people that were crippled and stuff arise right pick up your mat and walk he was releasing a decree to them except well that were to rise it’s so cool because if you look it up but it’s actually a resurrection term it’s the same term used for you know the when when Jairus daughter arose right and when Jesus command us go out heal the sick raise the dead so when he would say to people arise pick up your Matlock he was loosing a decree that was releasing the Dunamis he was carrying beautiful you know and it would heal that person in their in her soul and in their physical body right so that’s what we need to start doing too is start releasing decrees you know that’s why I wrote the book so that people could have a list of them if they didn’t know what to do that it’s called soul a soul decrees and so these are specific decrees to heal the soul and to empower the soul and to come into healing wholeness and an empowerment it’s awesome when they do them then the physical body will follow suit their marriage will follow suit you know every part of them will follow suit their finances will start to prosper right so it’s a good practice that’s a very simple but totally effective way is releasing the Word of God though that’s what James says the word has the power to save our soul yes you know that word say there is so so so it means holy deliver prosper yes awesome using we’ve seen so many things happen and in our in our you know meetings and in our personalized to and it happened through a decree right like I would get a word of knowledge and I would stand on the stage and make a decree say a scripture or say a decree you know I hear someone’s being healed of you know knee problems right now someone being healed of cancer I find and I would speak a scripture and I command that your soul would be prospered by health even as your body would be prospered and brought my health even as your soul prospers and then you know miracles that start to pop pop pop pop pop so it’s very simple for us to do this but so very powerful and Katie you actually have in your ministry you train people how to operate in this it’s not like you’re just up there on the platform doing this just yourself you actually equipped the body to do this and I know people have been under your training we’re out ministering to the sick feeling people’s souls casting out Devils all of that and so thank you so much for your contribution yeah because it’s amazing it’s been super fun but you know people don’t feel like they need me to lay hands on them because I’m teaching them how to do it right you know we’ve just even you know even in my own inner circle my staff and people in in my family in my ministry are getting huge miracles signs and wonders because they’ve learned how to do it you know one of my my very faithful employees john blake had a rare disease where he had ammonia storing in his brain right his body wasn’t releasing it and it would cause him like alzheimer’s like symptoms right he wouldn’t be able to remember remember simple tasks like typing he wouldn’t be able to finish his sentences his wife would have to finish him for him he wouldn’t be able to remember the plot of a movie even though he just watched the movie it was horrible he would spend like $1,500 a month on medications that would prevent him from going into a coma like sleep Wow it was terrible for him and God just released a word a nagy one day to us said it was his soul that there was an issue in the soul and then if we prayed for it it would be healed and he would be healed too and he came over the house and I just you know I prayed over him a decrese soaked him and within I don’t know probably 45 minutes he stood up and the first thing he recognized was that his mind was clear Wow he he could think so much clearer than he had in years and years and then he went home and all his life he’d had this smell of ammonia on his body and all of a sudden he gets in the shower to take a shower and it’s gone right he’s so convinced after the days you know past that he’s healed he has three of his doctors to give a test independently each one all comes back first time in years his ammonia level is normal it’s awesome it was awesome awesome a lot of times people think that you know like when the soul gets healed and then the physical body responds but it also affects other areas I can there John it says in every respect yes in all respects of life I want you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers so that could be also your prosperity of provision yes your prosperity of relationships and that and you’ve seen miracles in those areas as well especially in financial breakthroughs in people’s lives and you know as you yes you know seeing clearance in the area of the soul then other things come into alignment as well I’ve had huge financial miracles given to me and the ministry because I got my soul healed and it was so cool God would always connect the miracle with the provision coming in like something would happen I would have an awareness that there was an issue my soul like I’m sure most reviewers know my history I think I used to be a criminal in the streets I would rob people I knew in federal prison I was a federal prison I sold dope I was a collector I forced people to pay debts by gunpoint and I remember when the ministry started really taking off the Lord said you can’t continue to carry around those wounds in your soul that came from all that sin right because now I have to trust you to steward faithfully right and with integrity millions of dollar right and that’s no joke and we take that seriously I mean we’re members of the ECF a that’s how serious and I just want to say knowing you personally for like since you started in ministry really is I want to say how much I appreciate your integrity you’re a woman of virtue you are a woman who truly has watched over her soul and you watch over the finance of the ministry as unto the Lord in such a beautiful way and I want to commend you for that and your husband and your team we have gone out of our way we have independent audits done on us all the time to make sure that every eye you know is dotted every T is crossed and we’ve done really well in that we feel really happy that God has allowed us to work in that in that level of integrity but in all we can’t just say well let me just say this because I think this is so important there are so many Christiane’s you know you’re saved you’re you’re you know you you love the Lord but when you don’t watch over your soul in the area financial stewardship and when you don’t have integrity in that area how can we be trusted with true riches how can we really steward what God has us to Stewart so I just want you to examine your heart so you know and say am i stewarding my finances the way that God wants me to store them and especially if you’re a Christian minister and you are storing the funds that come into the ministry I know @xp we are very very serious about the way funds are handled and that nothing gets wasted and that we’re we’re careful with expenditures in that and so please you know I just make an appeal to you to make sure there’s alignment in that area and I think let me go to that see when we have woundedness inside of us it controls every part of our soul the way we think about the money the decisions we make with the money and we can even get emotional with the money and and we have to be healed in our soul right now in that parable of the talents remember the master leaves and goes his servants talents we said that he gave three of his servants talents according to their abilities right did you know that word ability there is the word Dunamis really well you can almost read it like this excellence of soul right it means that he gave them talents according to the exercise oh wow we have the Dunamis in notes we all have the same mana tournament yeah we all have a tankful that never runs out but how much of it is that working us right how much of in are we releasing how much are we going okay I I want to make sure I am totally operating with utmost integrity in my finances so I want and releases Dunamis I already have from my spirit in my soul to heal every wound in my soul that might be connected to finances right I repent for anything I’ve done you know bad stewardship wastefulness AXS extortion anything an enemy soul that needs money to make it feel good yeah you know the idolatry of it yes I remember some people there are adorable people that love Jesus they had gotten an inheritance and they called me so would you please help us decide what to to you know invest in and so I began to pray with them and I said you know I feel like you’re supposed to wait until you get more healing in your soul before you move on then that night the the wife has a dream she has a huge diamond and these zombies are trying to steal it from her she calls me and tells me the dream and I said oh my gosh it’s what I told you see zombies are the walking dead right that’s what soul wounds are there are things that are supposed to be dead but they’re still alive and kicking and they’re trying to eat your stuff Wow okay and I said they’re trying these soul wounds are gonna try to steal your diamond your watch don’t make a move until you get more healing they didn’t listen though and they lost it all oh they lost every penny we have to be so careful we need to be healed in here first yes then God will give us more finances because he can trust us and when you make decrees over your soul that actually helps fortify the healing though we just have a couple minutes left I love to minister to the people so why don’t you go as a spirit lead too and let’s release healing to soul wounds all right let’s work on the finances because so many people need help in that area let’s just ask God to first cleanse us of any sin we might have committed with our finances so why don’t we just pray together okay just say Lord Jesus our repent for anything sinful that I have done with my finances our repent for excess bad stewardship extortion gambling Ussery manipulation in Jesus name all sin I’ll repent for that’s connected to my finances I put the blood of Jesus on it I’m just saying into that okay now let’s do the second step because if you don’t if you don’t start releasing Dunamis in you you won’t become excellent of soul that wound will still be their sins gone but the wound stays behind controlling you okay so not just put your hand on your belly and just say Jesus I released what I already have I have a tank full of Dunamis and I release it now to go into my soul to every woundedness in me that’s controlling my finances send Dunamis into my mind so I think right thoughts about money send it to my will so I get healed and make right decisions about my money and send it into my emotions so I don’t make emotional decisions with my finances to say I release the Dunamis now decree I am excellent of soul in Jesus name Amen awesome thank you so much Katie we want to thank you so much for joining us on today’s program and I’d love for you to visit us at XP ministries.com and especially look up when our next Patricia King live event is happening because we we webcast these amazing call them Holy Ghost parties where we prophesy where where we sow into the body it’s just an awesome time so you’ll find out when the next one is if you go to XP ministries com I also want you to look up on our events page of that same website women on the front lines because we’re doing them regionally we’re doing them in different nations around the world and women are being raised up by God all over the globe because of God’s touch on their life I’d love to see you at women on the front lines wherever there is one close to you or even our world convention we’d love to have you with us so as XP ministries calm we’ll see you next time but remember this God loves to you with an everlasting love he really really does go past that love around do you feel like your prayers aren’t getting through do you struggle with sickness financial difficulty or relational issues soul decrees by Katie Souza is a book of prayers and declaration aimed at healing your wounded soul Katie’s teachings are now available in a decree book to speak over yourself and your once for only nine dollars Col eight six six nine eight zero five four six four mentioned television offer 339 go online to Patricia King calm or text blessed – four – eight – eight order now go to PatriciaKing.comto browse our stores wonderful collection of downloadable resource

  • In this interview, Katie Souza joins Patricia King to discuss how you can access wholeness of soul through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

About Katie Souza Ministries | Expected End Ministries

Expected End Ministries was founded in Maricopa, Arizona in 2006 by Katie Souza. She and her small staff serve people who are imprisoned as the result of sin and trauma in their lives, whether they are inside or outside prison cells.

One of the things that Katie is known for is her insights relating to soul-healing, a revelation that explains why so many Believers can appear to do everything they’ve learned in church and still fail to receive breakthroughs in their lives.

They are committed to reaching those who are incarcerated, by partnering with the body of Christ in fulfilling the heart of the Lord, expressed in Matthew 25:36. “Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.”

About Katie Souza

While serving time in federal prison, Katie encountered God in a way that dramatically changed her life. She immediately began ministering to other women in the name of Jesus. Her outspoken love for Him caused many women inside her cell block to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Prior to her prison sentence, she had a career in television, radio, modeling, and music.  Today,  She writes, teaches, and produces a television show which is broadcast around the world and travels extensively. Katie lives in Arizona with her husband, Robert, and their three small dogs.


Katie Souza Ministries - Expected End Ministries

Once Katie Souza began teaching and writing about the process of soul-healing, she witnessed and heard evidence of thousands of miracles. | Image courtesy: katiesouza.com



Katie Souza Ministries Channel | Expected End Ministries

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Katie Souza ministering to people in need through her Expected End Ministries Prison Outreach

Katie Souza ministering to people in need through her Expected End Ministries Prison Outreach. | Image courtesy: daystar.com



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