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Video Transcript

hello everybody this is Daniel from FitnessBlender.com here to take you through another workout today we’re going to be going through a kettlebell training style so with this one is going to be a little bit more for intermediate to advanced kettlebell users but if you’re new to the kettlebell just make sure you pick a really really nice lightweight and really watch your form should be fine for you as well now how are we doing this is we are doing sort of an ABA V style of two different exercise when you’re working back and forth between some of these exercises are going to be left side right side so the first round is me left side second rounds me right side or vice-versa and then some of these exercises are just going to be straight alternating something doing the same thing two times through so each one to be a little bit different and I’ll explain them as we get through but what we’re going to be doing is 45 seconds on for each exercise and 15 seconds of rest and prep for that next exercise so that’s not a whole lot of time to rest but we’re going to go through this really nice and quick we’ve got five different groups to go through and we don’t have any extra rest between those groups so we’re moving through this really nice and fast but before we go through that we need to make sure we get in our warmup so let’s go ahead and do that our warps can be just around five minutes long we trying to get pretty much everything through the entire body as kettlebell routine is going to hit pretty much everything so I want to make sure we get everything warmed up before we start it so when we go and get my timer started here we’ll be doing right around 30 seconds 30 seconds per exercise per stretch so let’s go ahead and get started our first one just give me a nice slow rotation around those shoulders try to get that shoulder socket warmed up nice big circle pause the bottom background the opposite direction down and pause and back again just keep it going and really try to stretch through that shoulder trying to get as much range of motion out of as you can the same time it’s starting to contract those muscles nice and tight forcing some blood to start flowing through those arms that shoulder joint that chest a few more seconds and we’re switch over do the same thing on the other side and good switch nice big circle again pause at the bottom and switch it back around keep all those muscles through your legs and your core nice and tight start warming those muscles up as well a little bit of a bend in that knee don’t lock your knees out nice slow range of motion really push that range of motion try to get that arm as close to your chest as you can on the front and stretch back behind you as far as you can in the back so let’s start working on a torso next so we do a nice rotation try to keep those hips facing forward rotate to the left as far as you can then back off to the right so you want to feel like you’re actually trying to shove your hip in the opposite direction you’re rotating nice tight squeeze on each side again keep that chest contracted keep that upper back contracted arms contracted a little bit of bed in those knees keep those legs contracted make sure all those muscles have to do at least a little bit of work to help you start pushing that blood around and warm up all right let that relax me start working those hips a little bit so flat back lock that ribcage those hips straight down in front off to the side back behind back down pause at the bottom and reverse directions a little bit stretch that hamstring as well and let that relax next one’s me down into a lunge finger drop down tie lunge hold back leg stay straight and go down on that front leg and stretch it up back down onto that front leg and stretch it up just alternating back and forth between these two positions stretch that chest and arms back as far as you can and switch sides same type thing so down on that leg and lunge position your leg straight stretch it back those legs should be starting a warm-up from having to hold this position should be stretching that chest out warming at that torso as well now lower back and go ahead and let it relax and do just a traditional squat no weight feet just about hip-width apart shoulder-width apart just drop it down nice and low and right back up try to keep that back nice and flat even though you’re not using any weight for this one and it’s okay to let that background if you’re not using any weight you still want to make sure you practice clean forms so flat back straight line from shoulder to hip socket making sure you’re getting a really nice deep squat mimicking the angle of your chest and chin and let down relax or you get a little bit more of a rotation so we’re going to squat and rotate and up rotate a little bit more motion in those hips the same thing on the other side for our next round I’m going to keep those Barmes contracted as well same thing in their side start up rotate it down and up feet just a little wider than shoulder-width apart to get a nice deep squat out of this tight tight squeeze that torso on the bottom and the top again keep that chest and those arms contracted make sure they’re warming up as well and then relax you’re going into a traditional jumping jack keep those arms rigid keep those legs rigid move nice and quick speed it up as you get further into this if you still feel like you’re a little cold otherwise push it as fast as you can trying to make sure you’re ready for those exercises or done almost there a few more seconds and let it relax alright that was the end of our warm-up let’s go ahead and get ready to start it into the regular routine now for this portion of the workout like I said we’re doing an a/b ad format where we doing 45 seconds per exercise but 15 second break slash rest to get ready for that next exercise so we’re going back and forth between these first two exercises twice I’m moving on to the next group after that without any extra break so let’s go ahead and get this timer started here our first exercise is going to be a squat and press so go ahead and rack that tailbone right up at that shoulder I’m using 30 pounds for this one but use whatever is comfortable squat down and press it over your shoulder at the top squat and press use a little bit of momentum to help you get that press up there but primarily it’s just focusing on a nice smooth clean motion nice deep squat if you can as low as it’s comfortable on those knees and those hips as long as you keep that back flat just keep those lungs open got about ten seconds left of this one you’ve got a 15-second break to get ready for our next exercise which is going to be figure eight curl yeah go ahead let it relax switch my weight here moving off to 20 pounds for a figure eight curl and start it up through those legs grab behind up pause in front of your chest so we between those legs back up pause upon your chest make sure you’re keeping that back flat you don’t want to round your back to get that kettlebell underneath you just want to do a little bit more of a squat just keep that emotion going keep those lungs open as quick as this comfortable this is less of a curl more of a nice quick motion with momentum and let that relax switch bet that weight back to where you were what are you doing that’s squat and press again this time on the opposite side let’s get that kettlebell ready and start a nice deep squat and press keep that back flat lungs open wait more on your heels and your toes pretty much evenly dispersed between your heel your toe if anything back more in your heel just keep that back flat does lungs open almost done I relaxed going to switch back again we use a little extra weight this time going to 25 pounds on this one same exact exercise doing that figure-eight curl and start up bring it up and curl and curl between those legs around the outside I keep that back flat really concentrate I’m pressing that chest forward towards the wall in front of you rather than letting it tilt down towards the ground and that will help you keep that back flat almost done and let it relax that’s the end of those two moving on to our next two exercises which is going to be a single arm swing for our first one I’m going to using 30 pounds on this one and start up nice quick motion with those hips kind of snap those hips board snapping those legs to get that momentum exact kettlebell to swing it up to shoulder height you want to go a little bit higher that’s fine but make sure you can control it the higher you go the harder gets it control nice full deep breaths keep those lungs open keep that back flat and let down relax our next exercise is going to be a kettlebell row we drop a weight on this a little bit let’s see alright 25 for the first year I might need to drop on this so one foot forward lean it forward but don’t put your weight on it with your chest you don’t keep your chest about a forty-five rowing that kettlebell up to your side so I’m kind of keeping a little bit about a quarter lunge or a half lunge the entire time nice flat back make sure you’re not bracing yourself with that other hand that other hands me out away from your body just keep it going almost done and down relax switch it back get another round up single arm swing this time on the other side and start up try to keep those shoulders relatively square your body’s going to try to rotate but try to keep them straight parallel with the wall in front of you don’t rotate your shoulders letting the weight pull your shoulder forward go and keep everything nice and solid nice quick snap with those hips shooting that momentum into that cattle bell swing that cowbell up nice and high almost done and let it relax alright drop them back down again same amount of weight as you did in the other side just switching sides bend over about 45 and row a kettlebell up I know those legs are probably nice and tired by this point let’s keep pushing through it because they’re going to get a lot more tired keep those lungs open flat back don’t rotate those shoulders keep them flat down to the ground almost done five more seconds Wow and let it relax drop that kettlebell down we got two more exercises are we doing a lunge pass and a squat with a side leg right so lunch pass first no no sorry 16-ounce a little bit lighter grab it looks like this step out in front arms come out back out other foot so you’re all taking that lunge a kettlebell come straight out in front of your body every single time don’t start that motion with your arms until you’re all the way out in that lunge keep it going keep those lungs open back nice and straight up and down and let that we’re relaxed all right you get a little extra weight here we doing a squat side leg raise we switch it over to a goblet hold and squat down nice and low you come up one leg and only one leg to come out to the side keep that torso straight up and down keep those lungs open breathing normally weight back in your heels make sure you’re not leaning forward onto those toes this is our third set of exercises I’ve got two more groups to go after this and let it relax all right back set plunge that weights a little bit and do it over the other side you can see a little bit of difference holding it upside down step forward out and back so you can hold this upside down if you want to in that goblet stance however you can just hang it just like this it doesn’t really matter whatever is more comfortable my goblet hold is just a little bit harder because that center of gravity is gonna be higher mix those hands up to work harder main thing though just keep those lungs open nice full extension on those arms don’t relax alright switching back over again alright one more head squat with a leg raise upside down nice deep squat obstacle leg comes up keep those lungs open breathe as deeply as you can try to recover as best as you can torso straight up and down try to lean so last month Eve’s got two more exercises coming up to the next group and let it relax who thought that kind of just second I got not wait for a next one which is going to be a halo so up over your head I grabbed that upside down like goblet position up over your head pause background the other side we all take this one back and forth nice slow range of motion keep those arms tight to those ears rubbing your head kind of with that bicep as you go around just make sure that kettlebell doesn’t touch your shoulders keep that hovering the entire time nice deep breath try to recover almost done and let that relax alright moving on to our next this one is going to be a curtsy lunge using about the same amount of weight here to me a little bit difficult if you’re holding that kettlebell and a full extension above your head the entire time here step back cross behind you and back up same leg over and over so you see I’m kind of pointed at 45 but my feet look like they’re going in a straight line away from the camera perpendicular to the camera so you want to step behind you pretty far with that rear leg go some puts a lot of pressure on those knees a lot of lateral motion on those knees so if you have weak knees just do a traditional lunge otherwise it’s actually really good for striking those knees up and let that relax the well going back that halo for our next one grab that cowbell flip it upside down goblet position hand started around your head pause in front back around keep those lungs open breathing normally knees slightly bent remember arms brushing that head keeping as close as you can you don’t want those elbows kick out wide nice big full breaths this one’s not as hard as the other so try to let this one be your recovery ten seconds left well relax all right we got one more of those curtsy lunges with your hand extended who’s using the opposite arm this time it’s going get ready hand up over your head and step back those lungs open the longer the step you take the harder it’s going to be more torque it’s going to put on those knees and hips so if you have again if you have bad knees or hips start with a very small range of motion and always build up later that arm extended straight almost down about ten seconds left to go keep moving and let it relax all right that was end of a group we have one more one more group to go are we doing a kettlebell chop just me coming across your body let’s take a red wine with weight holding overhand your squat down to one foot up across the other side back down that same foot doing just one side over and over full extension on those arms those arms stay straight keep those hips relatively straight forward rotating those shoulders only let’s keep it going almost done and let it relax I’m going to increase the weight just a little bit we have a full swing 30 pounds got a full swing with both hands hands start up nice quick snap with those hips just like we did for the single hand this one so want to be careful keep your back flat don’t let your shoulders round forward don’t let that lower back round you want to constantly be feeling like you’re trying to arch backwards keep that back nice and flat quick snap with those hips getting that kettlebell as high as you want but trudged the aim for at least about shoulder height almost done and let her relax all right back to the shop I’m grabbing over top starting off that opposite foot squat down and up across the other side rotate those shoulders got and turn sideways here so you see them feel a little more flat back those lungs open almost done five seconds left and that were relaxed who bout that weight back up back up to 30 pounds for full swing and start up is our last exercise so push through it make sure everything is nice and tight at the end quick snap keep that back flat you never hold your breath almost done and I relax whoo all right drop that cowbell down the main workout portion this is done we still have our cool down to go so keep those lungs open keep breathing normally we’re going to do this freestyle so those shoulders are probably a little bit tight lower back and core is probably tight I was legs are probably tired let’s go and get started arm across in front of your chest pull across squeeze that arm up towards your neck as tight as you can keep breathing as deeply as possible pull that elbow across should feel this across your shoulder blade across that upper back and switch sides grab that elbow again pull across again should be filling this across that shoulder blade of a upper back area just on this side this time and let down relaxed hand towards your shoulder we’re going to elbow over your head and squeeze across as far as it’s comfortable try to pull that arm back and across to open up that shoulder socket keep those lungs open it’s a good idea to keep those feet moving as well just don’t lock your knees out when you’re standing here stretching because if you do that Bloods going to start to pool and those legs and start getting lightheaded and possibly even pass out so make sure those knees stay bent I’m just shuffling your feet back and forth is a good way to do that continue reaching back towards that shoulder elbow pulling back and across a nice little big deep breath and let it relax I restored that back first two feet shoulder width apart a little bit of Bend those knees we’re not going for this hamstrings yet Ram those shoulders over forward who tell my muscles are getting tired you’re starting to shut on me so we round those shoulders over around that back as much as you can and let them relax I’m going to do right over left so left leg locks out right legs over top can go straight down that left leg try and keep that left leg nice and straight stretching out towards that toe again keeping those lungs open and switch sides down that right leg straight again keep those lungs open just breathing normally and let down relax go to stand back up we’re going to do a quad stretch next so pulling a heel to your butt if you need to grab onto the back of a chair or lean up against the wall that’s perfectly fine you can just do it with your own balance so heel – but squeezing it as close as comfortable for that knee bring the knee back behind you kind of squeezing that glute and hamstring pulling a knee back stretching it back and keep that torso straight up and down breathe normally should feel it to the front of your thigh yep quadricep maybe even a little bit into that front hip and lower abdominal muscles as you lean back and switch sides same thing on the other side so heel to bug pull a knee back chest straight up and tall lean back keep those lungs open and let down relax go ahead and sit down on the ground your do a deep glute stretch so pulling that one leg over top pulling that thigh back back towards you as close as comfortable should be feeling a stretch from that opposite leg glute that opposite leg when you have cross over top just squeeze in as close as you can bosun’s comfortable switch sides same thing on the other side pull it in and let that relax over onto your stomach there last one hands in with bassy ribcage arched up nice and high if you can’t lock those elbows out all the way that’s perfectly fine just push up as high as you can high this comfortable keep those lungs open and let it relax all right good job we got through that whole routine I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty wiped out if you want to do it again go for it if you still have a little bit of left find another routine to go through otherwise this workout is complete good job guys see you next time

Kettlebell Workout Routines: In this video, Daniel Segars from Fitness Blender guides you through a 33 minute nonstop kettlebell total body workout. Kettlebell training is a great way to build muscle strength, endurance and burn fat at the same time. If you don’t have any kettlebells, you can still do any of these workouts with a dumbbell.

The Russian kettlebell is a cast-iron or cast steel weight used in workout routines that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. They were developed in Russia in the 1700s, primarily used by farmers for weighing crops. Kettlebell workout routines were used by the Soviet army as part of their physical training and conditioning programs.

Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises work several muscles simultaneously and may be repeated continuously for several minutes or with short breaks. These exercises can be used to increase grip strength, build strength and endurance in the lower back, legs and shoulders.


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About Fitness Blender

Daniel Segars has worked in the fitness industry since 2000, and has a degree in Food and Nutrition. Kelli Segars has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and has degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. Both of them have been active and involved in sports since a young age.

They started Fitness Blender because they believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. They also felt like there was a lack of reliable health and fitness information on the web, and too many people in the industry were more focused on appearance than they were on good health.


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