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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] In 1999, Kristi Watts started working at the “700 Club,” first as a producer, and then later as co-host. She’s remembered for her engaging personality, her unique style, the fun of being with Kristi, but also some of her more memorable interviews Deeper with media mogul Tyler Perry, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Take a look. NARRATOR: Kristi Watts was known for her upbeat personality as a co-host for the “700 Club.” Shouldn’t you be doing this with me? And can I put these bands down? Come on. One more time. Come on. NARRATOR: But after her divorce, Kristi was anything but joyful. Many of us who’ve experienced divorce, it’s an excruciating, painful situation. NARRATOR: That pain left her discouraged and disappointed in her faith, the very faith she shared on air with millions of viewers. In her book, “Talk Yourself Happy,” Kristi reveals how she found true happiness after heartache and shares how she used her mind and her words to radically change her future. She is back. And we’re so glad she is. Kristi Watts, welcome back home to the “700 Club.” Yeah, thank you, Terry. Thank you. It’s great to have you here. Thank you. You have always been fun. And people love to see you on camera. Your personality just comes through at 150 watts, if you’ll excuse that. I like it. But nobody knew or realized during the time that you were doing the “700 Club” that your life was really going through a very different place. You married, had a happy life, pregnant with your first baby, came home with the baby on Thursday, and Saturday your ex-husband walked out. Yeah, yeah. I actually had my son on a Thursday, came home from the hospital Saturday and Sunday. So one day away he walked out. And one of the last things he said to me was I never loved you. And the second thing he said was you used to be so pretty, look at you now. And that was the beginning of me understanding the impact of words and how words can destroy and harm, and tear down, and really began a journey of me realizing that not just the words that I speak have power, but the words that other people speak to me have power and shape my perspective. If you let them. If I let them. But the most important thing is whose word are we going to believe? Amen. Their word or the Word, which is the Word of God. Well, that’s what the book “Talk Yourself Happy” is all about. It’s not all flowers and sunshine. It’s really the struggle of learning exactly what you just said, because we know these things, Kristi. We know there’s power in the Word of God. But when you’re in the pit, reaching up and grabbing hold of the Promise and making it your own is a battle. How did you do that? Well, here’s the deal, Terry. Most of us, 99% of us, talk ourselves miserable all day, every day. We always talk about what’s wrong, what God isn’t doing, what is not happening. What someone did to us. What someone did to us, all day, every day. And we talk ourselves miserable. And God, He wants us to begin to talk ourselves happy by encouraging ourselves with the Word of God. But here’s the deal, Terry. How many of us Christians really know the Word of God? We go to church, we’re like, oh, we love Jesus. We love this. But do we know who God is? Do we know His Word? And do we know how to take the Word of God and make it applicable in our own lives? Well, I think also, Kristi, that even when we do know the Word of God, when we’re in that pit, we feel kind of righteous about our grumbling and our grousing because we really have been wounded by someone, put down by someone, rebuked by someone, have something ripped away from us by someone. So part of the lesson in here and part of the miracle of the Promise is when we don’t feel like it, doing it. Right. Even that God had to give you the grace for. Right, right. But see that’s the thing too. Here’s some truth serum. A lot of times when we take Scripture and we just quote it, all day, everyday, yet, we still feel like as soon as it comes out of our mouth, it just disperses in the wind. The truth of the matter is the Bible says it out of the heart comes the words that we speak, so proceeds the words that we speak. So it’s really a heart issue, not just a word issue. And for me, God had a teach me, Kristi, you can quote Scriptures all day every day, but what does your heart really say? And for me, it was when I got to that deep place, the heart place, the pit, the difficult time in my life, when I quoted Scripture, I prayed, and I fasted, but, yet, nothing else could get me out of that pit. It was when that Word came alive and that Word of Jesus Christ– and people always want to know how I got the title “Talk Yourself Happy”– here’s the truth. It was New Year’s Day. And nothing, nothing was happening the way that I thought it was going to happen. And I was miserable. And my mom called me, she was trying to encourage me, and nothing worked. And I cried for five days straight. And all of a sudden, she started talking about my sister, something that was going on with her. And then I said, well, remind her when the Lord did this. And remind her when the Lord did that. And when I started to speak what God had done and remind myself about my personal experiences with the Lord and the goodness of God, that spirit of oppression and oppression started to raise up and raise off of me, and I said, girl, I just talked myself happy. And there was a principle in that. It wasn’t just speaking, quoting Scriptures, it was reminding ourselves of the person of God, the Word of God, activated by the power of God and the Holy Spirit. And as I read your book, I thought God never calls us to anything that He doesn’t also supply what we need for. And here you are, a single mom raising a young boy who had never met his dad for what, 11, was it? 12 years. Then you get a call from your ex-husband, and the whole thing in some ways comes back to start. How did you handle that? Years ago, I would have handled it very differently. And here’s the truth. I was a host for the “700 Club” for 14 years, but I sat on this set with a level of arrogance. It was very easy for me to say God is good. It was very easy for me to look at the audience and say trust God, because life was good, and He was easy to trust when life was good. But it was in that place, where God had to humble me in every aspect of my life, where I couldn’t hold on to circumstances or jobs, or finances, or houses, or any of these things, I had to hold on to God. And when I held on to Him, that’s when He began to take off those hardened things in my heart and transform my heart. So to answer your question, when 11 years later, when I get a phone call from my ex-husband, who I hadn’t heard from for years, who says, Kristi, I want to come see you and your son. And I’m, like, why? And he says, because I have stage four cancer, and I’ve been given three months to live. The arrogant Kristi, then, would have been like, ssh. Yeah, where have you been? Where have you been? But this Kristi was able to look at a man and have compassion, because just like God had compassion for me, saw me in my suffering, and loved me through it, how could I not have that same heart for someone else, which I did for my ex-husband. And not only gave him grace as he was coming to a place of eternal consequence, but gave your son the gift of meeting his father. That was hard, Terry. I’m sure. I can’t even imagine. That was really hard, because when he called, he’d never met his own son before. When he walked out, he walked out for good. Now here, I’m faced with a decision– do I do what I feel like doing, which is to shut that door and slam that phone down, or do I say, OK? Because here’s the crust– do I let this man let my son meet his father, and then he dies. Or do I not let my son meet his father, and, you know– That’ll never happen. It’d never happen. What do I do? What do I do? And I said, what would Jesus do? And I said, OK, the heart of compassion, of course. And my son met him, and it was a unique experience. We are skimming the tip of the iceberg here, because there’s so much more in your book. But there’s not a one of us that doesn’t go through life with some challenges, with some difficult places. Maybe you find yourself today in a pit, like Kristi found herself. Most of us have been there and done that at least once in life. What do you do? Well, I love the subtitle of this book “Transform Your Heart by Speaking God’s Promises.” Just Do It. Kristi’s book is “Call Yourself Happy.” It’s available wherever books are sold. It’s wonderful to have you back here, and what a message you bring. Right. Thank you. Thank you so much. Enjoy. Thank you. We’re going to be back with more of the “700 Club” after this, so stay with us. Get the book. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Kristi Watts – Talk Yourself Happy: This Christian inspirational video channel will encourage, enrich, and inspire you… leading you to embrace the heart of God. In this interview, former 700 Club co-host and author Kristi Watts opens up about her faith and finding “true” happiness.

In 1999 Kristi began working at CBN 700 Club, first as a producer and then later as a co-host, along with Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen. She is known for her engaging personality, her unique style and her memorable interviews.

Relationship Struggles

In 2005, after her son, Chase, was born, her husband Tracy abandoned them.  Kristi was devastated and faced raising her son as a single mom. Over time, Kristi forgave Tracy and even flew to his home just to tell him she had forgiven him and to ask his forgiveness in return.

In 2013, Kristi became restless in her job as a cohost of the 700 Club.  After 14 years, she knew it was time to go. She was thankful for the hope of working somewhere new.  After 2 years, she was still unable to find a job.  She said, “My life needed to change and I longed to be happy”.

Launching Her Ministry

Kristi Watts launched her ministry in 2015 and provides Bible study tools and video blogs to encourage believers in their relationship with God. According to Kristi, “God spoke compassion into my life in response to my prayers to help in the transformation of my heart”. Throughout her life’s experiences and struggles, Kristi said, “I just talked myself happy”.


Kristi Watts Ministries - Talk Yourself Happy

Kristi Watts Ministries – Talk Yourself Happy

Kristi Watts says, “I’m no expert or super human Christian guru with the ability to answer all of life’s questions. Not even close. I don’t have the answers… but I know who does. Jesus Christ!”




Kristi Watts - Aligning Ourselves With God - Wisdom Quote



Kristi Watts Ministries Channel – Talk Yourself Happy | Christian Inspiration



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Kristi Watts asked herself these questions after her marriage dissolved and she left a high-profile position as a cohost of The 700 Club. Initially excited to walk into a new season of life that she thought held the key to happiness, she soon stumbled into emotional pitfalls that left her discouraged, disappointed, and distant from God. |  Learn more…


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