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Our bodies absorb light and use it as fuel for our bodies, but few of us have been taught about how to harness the power of light to boost our health and happiness. 

Our natural environment deeply affects our bodies—our circadian rhythms are affected by sunlight and increasingly, negatively affected by the blue light so many of us spend hours looking at in the form of laptops and phones. This is problematic because of circadian rhythms regulate our body—telling us when to eat, sleep and produce hormones. We’ve talked a lot on the Kwik Brain podcast about the power of sleep for our brains, so this is an important issue to be aware of if we want to get the most out of our minds!

The Joovv red light therapy device is something I use on a daily basis to ensure I jump start my circadian rhythms and get enough light each day. Today’s guest, Wes Pfiffner, is one of the directors of the company, and he’s here to tell us how impactful red light therapy can be for our bodies and brains.

In this episode, we explain the benefits of light therapy, why being conscious of our circadian rhythms is so important, and why we need to watch our usage of blue light. To finish, Wes will give you some quick and simple to harness the power of light in your everyday life.

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