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Video Transcript

I want to tell you, we have different things that drive us as a teacher. There is a word with a question mark after it that has driven me for 30 something years. 33 years of teaching. I’ve spoken longer than that and I would have done what you would call Christian motivational speaking before that. But teaching from the time I was 27 years old. And one thing has driven me and it’s driven me because of the struggle I had personally. And so whatever was hard for you, you want it to be easier for someone else. What was so difficult to me is that I was raised in church. Never missed it. In those days, we had three different services a week. Three completely different sermons. Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. I was at church all of the time, involved in everything you could imagine. And let me tell you, I lived in personal defeat and did not have a good time doing it. I was just so messed up. So much instability in my home. I come from childhood molestation. And you know what? I don’t know what I would have been like without all those factors. Maybe I would have been a wreck anyway. I have a good friend that said to me, “You know Beth, I didn’t have any of that and I made the same kind of decisions.” Chances are I might have done exactly the same thing. I don’t know. I’ll never have a chance to live it again, but I’ll tell you this:What drove me crazy over and over again, over and over again, was that all I’d hear is what we needed to do and I could not figure out how to do it. I just wanna go, “How?” I cannot seem to live in victory. Somebody tell me how. And I would recommit over and over and I meant it! I would repent of my sins in grief. I was grief stricken over my sin. But sooner or later I was going back in. So it became my big word when I teach every single lesson. I have one question that I am trying answer to you, whoever you are. Whether it is four people. Whether is is 50 people. Or whether it is 1800 people. One question: “How?” It drives me every day as a teacher. Every day as a teacher you go and do the best you know how to do it. You go out there and you tell them how. If you have learned anything that worked, Beth Moore, you go out there and you say this is how I do it. I don’t know. I don’t know. Interview other people, but I’ll tell you how I do it. You understand what I’m saying?So I am obsessed with the question, “How?” So my thing that really, really drives discipleship from my heart is to somehow, God-willing, be used of Him to help make something huge and spiritual into something you can hold in your hands and put to use in your practical life.

Often times sermons and lesson often tell what we’re supposed to do, but look over how to do it. In this video from Women’s Leadership Forum in 2017, Beth Moore explains how the question of “How?” is what drives her teaching so that others can learn from her experiences.

Beth Moore is an author and Bible teacher of best­selling Bible studies and books for women.

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