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Video Transcript

0:00 dear Lord Jesus Christ I am a sinner 0:08 before you 0:11 I have been in the chicken yard of the 0:17 death but today I heard your voice I 0:30 heard the gospel I heard that you loved 0:37 me 0:40 I heard that you died for me 0:44 [Music] 0:46 I heard that you will forgive me 0:52 I call upon your name Jesus Christ son 0:58 of God save me now 1:07 watch me with your precious blood break 1:14 every chain break all bondage now I now 1:26 spread my wings of faith 1:33 Jesus I believe 1:40 you are the son of God 1:46 you are my Savior 1:51 I believe it I receive it I confess it 2:01 in the name of Jesus amen 2:11 you 2:11 [Music]

Legacy of Harvest 03. In Memory of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (1940-2019).  He was widely known for his gospel missions throughout Africa since 1967.


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