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Video Transcript

0:00 hi this is John and Debbie nettles from 0:02 Mesa Arizona 0:03 we’ve been igniting hope with Klove for 0:06 over 20 years 0:07 [Music] 0:11 we were very very young I was 19 0:15 John was right before he turned 21 0:18 getting married so young 0:20 sometimes you don’t work together as a 0:22 team you are a little selfish 0:25 we both filed for divorce he happened to 0:28 listen to the radio and he found a song 0:31 and it happened to be Steven Curtis 0:34 Chapman I will be here so he bought a CD 0:37 or a cassette which is how long he says 0:43 I need you to listen to this song and 0:46 that song pretty much described 0:48 everything that we were going through 0:49 and we got back together I’m not gonna 0:52 say it was all roses and chocolates 0:54 there was a lot of things that we went 0:56 through but listening to music it shows 1:00 God’s grace it gives you hope our story 1:03 seems really simple because there’s it 1:05 seems like there’s so many divorces but 1:08 God doesn’t intend that the reason we 1:10 gave was because somebody touched us so 1:13 we’re hoping that with us continuing to 1:15 give touches them a man June will 1:18 celebrate 37 years thirty-seven so yeah 1:22 [Music] 1:25 you

Find out how God used K-LOVE and the music to impact the marriage and life of John and Debbie.  According to them, getting married so young, they didn’t work together as a team.


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