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Lizzie asks…

Christians: does the Christian salvation prayer take if the person doesn’t know what it means?

Just curious on a Christian perspective.  I was talking to a small group and they wanted to pray for me and all, I said be my guest but I’m not a Christian. They wanted me to pray for salvation, but I thanked them and said I didn’t believe in it.

So my son was with me, and he’s very very friendly and very imaginative and likes to talk to people. And they asked, “how about you, do you want to be saved?”

I was *trying* to say he could do what he wanted, but to ask if he understood what they meant, because he was not raised Christian.

I guess they thought I was trying to “intercept” him and they kind of started talking over me and were very eager for him to pray their prayer. So I just decided to be quiet and observe, because I really don’t care if my child wanted to be Christian or not. I just know he knows very little about it.

So they ask if he believed in God, and he said, “sure.”

They asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?” and he said, “sure.”

They asked, “do you believe in Heaven?” and he said, “Sure.”

So they had him repeat this prayer and they were thrilled and took off.

When they left, I said, “so you’re a Christian now?” And he was like, “What are you talking about?”

I told him that’s what that prayer meant, and he was like, “Oh, I didn’t know that. They just seemed nice and I just wanted to make them happy because they were so excited.”

I asked him who Jesus was, and he said, “You know; when people say, ‘oh Jesus.”” That’s all he knew– that it’s just some saying, like “holy cow.”

I asked him what heaven was, and he said, “Yeah, the clouds, like in ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

I asked if him about God. And he said, “You know. Like Zeus. There’s lots of Gods. I like Zeus, though. He’s strong.”

So– I’m curious if any Christians consider that actual salvation? Even if the person doesn’t understand and is just parroting you?

I can’t help but wonder if they’d be surprised or disappointed if they found out he thought they meant Zeus.

Does the salvation count, in your opinion, if he thought he was saying the prayer to Zeus?
You guys make more sense… mind you I don’t believe the concept of salvation exists so obviously I don’t think there is anything anyone can say that can make it be true. But I respect that other people follow their own beliefs on that.

But I have to admit I found the display a little amusing to watch, there seemed to be such a rushed panic to “reel him in.”

It seemed very… insincere; very shallow. As if they were trying to throw a giant net on him to capture him.


Cee Harmon answers:

Hello Lizzie,

The idea of someone becoming a Christian by swearing a simple oath without understanding it or believing it in their heart is a false teaching.  Romans 10:9 says, “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.”  It is simple, but you do have to believe it in your heart.

Here is a video from Kenneth Copeland Ministries to help you learn more about the prayer of Salvation:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries – Prayer of Salvation

kcm.org – In this video Kenneth Copeland Ministries Minister of Evangelism Riley Stephenson shares the simple gospel message along with a prayer to receive Jesus. For more information go to kcm.org For prayer call 817.852.6000


John asks…

Christian Theme Park: Holy or Weird?

When we think of Orlando theme parks, we think of Mickey Mouse. But for a flock of devoted followers, it means 15 acres of Jesus.

The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla., a biblical amusement park, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, ABC News reports.

And while there’s no Space Mountain, there is a magical kingdom. Below is a list of only some of the attractions that guests can enjoy:

–10 daily recreations of the Last Supper

–Every day at noon and again at 5 p.m., Jesus is shackled in chains and whipped, before being dragged, bloodily, through the streets of old Jerusalem

–A children’s area with a theater dedicated to Noah and his ark and a spot where kids can walk into a whale’s mouth and see a trapped Jonah

–A spot where you can pose for a photo of you walking on water with Jesus

–Christian Karaoke: “Sing for the King!”

What else does this Christian theme park offer? Prayer, of course. Each day, guests fill out slips of paper with requests for prayers or for salvation — 60,000 to 100,000 a year are completed, according to ABC. For the bargain price of $35, or $50 for a special two-day pass!

Watching Jesus being whipped and shackled is not our idea of a fun weekend activity. But we have a feeling that’s not why the park is closed on Sunday.

So what do you think of the Holy Land Theme Park? Would you ever go to visit? Yes or No? Why?

Cee Harmon answers:

H John,

The Holy Land Experience is a ministry of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  It brings together the sights and sounds of the world of the Bible in a unique and interactive way unlike anywhere else.  This is another way of reaching out to people with the Gospel who come to visit from all over the world.

Take a look at this Holy Land Experience video to see what it is all about:

The Holy Land Experience – CBN.com

Take a tour of this Bible-based Orlando theme park… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com


TBN’s Holy Land Experience: Face-to-Face With the Land of the


Through TBN’s Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, the land of the Bible is becoming wonderfully alive to individuals and families from around the nation and world.


Featured TBN Holy Land Experience Photos

Holy Land Experience 106 via Flickr

Holy Land Experience 107 via Flickr

Holy Land Experience 108 via Flickr










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The Holy Land Experience Was Really An Experience!



Going to the Holy Land Experience today! I’m kinda pumped. Haven’t been since they added the musicals & it’s mommy’s 1st time!!



RT @tbnnetworks: Tonight on Praise the Lord: Jan Crouch with Donnie McClurkin, Karen Wheaton, Wess Morgan, HLE Cast & Singers at Holy Land Experience in O…


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