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Kansas - Local church in Frontenac is open for chicken, noodles and love

Image courtesy: Keesha Hervey (The Morning Sun)

It’s typical of the church that rarely sees itself as a church. A giant kitchen, a meeting place, extra parking for the parents, a safe place for the kids for the elementary kids across the street in an emergency, a daycare for the community all week long, it has many roles in Frontenac, Kansas.

Often it seems the Frontenac United Methodist Church is only a full-blown church on Sunday. It’s not a stuffy place or one given to a lot of rules. People are welcome to come be involved in whatever they are doing. Whether they themselves are religious or not.

This church goes back to what a church was at first in this country. A gathering place of support and love for the community. Instead of promising free tickets to heaven for donations you’ll find a group of people mixing, rolling, and cutting, homemade noodles. It’s the kind of place that you feel good going into.

It’s a multistep, multi-day process to make chicken and noodles like the church specializes in. Today is making the dough and cutting it for drying. This crew makes it look like a quilting bee. Each group happily chatting their way through a part of the process before handing it off to the next set of waiting hands […]


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