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hello everyone this is Daniel with Fitnessblender.com today we have a hiit and strength training workout for you when you’re focusing a little bit more on the upper body with a strength training and a little more the lower body with the hiit we have your warm up and cool down included too you don’t need to add anything else to this you will need a set of dumbbells and if you have an exercise bench definitely you want to use that but if you don’t have one it’s not necessary so let’s go and get started with that warmup alright everybody let’s go ahead get started with our warmup we’re doing each one of these exercises for 30 seconds of peace starting off with an arm cross sidestep swing nice and slow stepping left to right arm come across so when you’re off to the side there’s arms across the front as you step across arm out wide it’s nice and slow stretching each point so a little extra stretch when they’re in front and we’ll extra stretch when you stretch them back across behind you make sure you have a different arm on top each time just keep those lungs open no holding your breath we’re going to torso circles next so keep those hips straight up and down you’re just gonna bet round at that lower back roll around to the back pause and back around in front over the other side pause back around just keep those hips straight up and down remember don’t hinge forward it’s just to run that torso get my circles mixed up here a little bit we’re doing a touch up sweep NICs so kind of similar motion but this time hinging of those hips down to one foot sweep the cross up pause lean back just a little bit to stretch out that torso to the other side and stretch make sure you keep those legs pretty much locked out very very slight slight bend in that knee just sweeping back and forth trying to stretch out those hamstrings and stand up nice and straight tall we’re gonna do arm circles next so arms out start with it nice and small going forward we’re switch directions so go backwards so keep it up small and then we’re gonna start increasing the size that circle and switch directions nice big circle moving forward moving off to a high-knee March so knees come up keep it slow the key is to try to get as much range of motion as you can not necessarily to go fast we’re just doing warm-up so just stretch it as much as you can get those muscles warmed up make sure you’re keeping everything under control lungs open a squatting push-pull next so squat down as you push out stand up as you pull back in make sure you have that back nice and flat just because we’re not using weight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use nice clean form for that squat so exhale press out inhale pull back in exhale push out inhale pull back in really work against yourself to warm those muscles up when I switch to a warrior lunge so feet about double shoulder width apart turn one foot off to the side hands up you’re gonna squat or sorry excuse me lunge out on one side come to the center bring those hands up and then same thing right back out on the same side stick on one side for this one try to get as deep as you can as deep as is comfortable on that hip and that knee keep that rear leg a back leg nice and straight switch sides the same thing going to be off the side turn that off the foot out arms go parallel to the ground as you lunge up to the deepest part you can go with comfortably and then bring those hands back up to Center as you straighten that leg back out nice and slow under control get a nice deep lunge as deep as you can control comfortably we’re gonna do a boxer shuffle next bring us feedback together along the ball those toes just nice and slow shifting away back and forth left to right into jumping jacks after this one just start trying to work those toes those calves warm up those ankles just a little bit should feel your respiration rate increase your breathing rate increase as well as might be feeling a little bit warmer all right I’ve got jumping jacks next arms nice and rigid start out relatively slow if you’re feeling a little tight we’re still not fully warmed up as you can increase that speed of that jumping jack keeping those arms nice and rigid no bent elbows keep that shoulder contracted shoulder blades down on your back and let it relax all right we’ll be right back to start into our first round of hiit in just a second all right hiit is going to be our first section we’re going to be doing our traditional Tabata of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off we’ve got six different exercises to go through we’re doing in pairs of two and an ABA B format alright so let me give my timer started here we’re starting off with a high knee pause excuse me so you can do high knees and then pause on one side two one and get it going one two three so on that third one you’re just gonna bounce or hop on one leg to switch which knee comes up so you’re focusing on trying to get that knee up as high as you can as well is moving quick okay let it relax when you’re doing pop squats next start with those feet nice and close together squat down out and pop it back and forth if you want to do a little easier version you can always do a half squat the top so you’re not actually doing a second one if you want to be harder you jump back and forth from AK little squat to a wide squat let that relax when you starting back over so doing those high knee pauses first try to speed up or increase that range of motion keep those lungs open does feet moving quick number every third one you do a double bounce and let it relax we’re doing a pop squat again deep breath down the middle hop it out back to the center for the harder version the easier version just gonna pop go right back down in that center squat land as softly as you can let it relax alright next exercises we’re doing a side lunge pop so feet nice and wide or start on your left leg bend that left knee and pop up to try to balance on that right leg without bending that right leg at all it’s nice and slow make sure you’re under control don’t feel like you’re trying to like you’re gonna push yourself over too far or you’re limiting that range of motion all right you do the same thing on the other side so keep those feet nice and wide bending your right knee this time pop-up remember you’re trying to lift that leg just a little bit as well as get that momentum yourself to kind of balance on that one side nice deep lunge off to the side as low as is comfortable keep that back flat alright one more on each side deep breath try to recover as best you can feet wide left foot bend that knee and keep those lungs open nice deep lunge on that side hard push getting up to balance all right same thing on the other side you got one more these feet nice and wide and yeah bending just that right knee this time try absorb that shock as you drop back down as best you can by bending that knee really quickly absorbing that that drop relax all right got runners on your left and right side next so we start with your left foot forward right foot back you’re just pumping that right leg as that right leg comes up your left arm comes up as your right leg goes back your right arm comes up those lungs open keep that left knee bent I relax when do the same thing this time with your right forward left leg back switch so everything’s exactly the same just in Reverse so as that left knee comes up that right arm goes back how’s that left leg goes back all right I’m going to do those same things over again left leg forward and pump that right leg keep that back relatively flat you don’t want to round over quite a lot when you’re doing this keep it relatively flat keep everything to that core nice and tight when I relax with the same thing the other side I’ll stick this side of my right leg forward damn pump that left leg one’s open keeping that lunge on that right leg front leg moving that rear leg as quick as it’s comfortable all right how’s the end of that one we’ll be back to start into our first group of strength training so grab your dumbbells grab a bench if you have one if you don’t don’t worry about it can either do it laying down on the ground or use a chair or something like that for that exercises we’re doing see in just a second all right everybody let’s go ahead and get started with our strength section of this we’re doing each one of these for 45 seconds on 10 seconds to rest go ahead and grab your weight our first one is going to be a chest pressed or whatever you normally do for just a traditional chest press and go ahead and start my weight first all right starting to my timer I said 45 seconds we have a 15-second break if you have a bench going we use that otherwise you can lay down on the graph this just fine nice and slow out to the sides and press it right back up keep that speed under control if you’re wanting to go a little bit more for strength slow that pace down a lot use a little heavier weight if you’re going a little bit more for toning that paced me a little bit faster use a little lighter weight so you’re trying to get in a few more repetitions just keep those lungs open back flat on that mat my slow controlled motion make sure you’re going down the same peak speed that you’re going back up we’re gonna go to a weight from out here we’re doing one arm at a time start with my right arm and out to the side same exact motion just in Reverse what we just did so that elbow comes straight out to the side pulling that weight out you’re using the the bench to support yourself if you don’t have a bench you can do this either just one hand on like a coffee table or a chair as long as it’s nice and sturdy just keep that back flat no rotating through those shoulders same thing applies to this one you want to go for a little more for strength use a little heavier weight slow that motion down if you want a little bit more toning the lighter weight speed it up just a little bit relax one do the same thing on the other side some switch sides good back is nice and flat actually feel like you’re kind of arching just a little bit and stir it up those ones open nice slow controlled motion make sure you’re using the same amount of weight go in the same speed you wear on each side down relax then drop that weight back we’re gonna switch back over to chest press flat on you back again you know the ground around a bench nice and slow out to the sides press it right back up nice and slow down again keep those lungs open don’t hold your breath keep your core tight main thing is to keep those lungs open or if you want to get your breathing into it it’s gonna be inhale on the way down exhale on the way back up almost done relax switching back to that single arm row lighten up just a little bit on this one in the tripod position arm out to the side lead with that elbow pulling it up and out remember don’t rotate those shoulders you wanna keep them parallel to the ground it’s about 10 seconds left relax all right same thing on the other side all right and that’s the side lead with that elbow again shoulders parallel to the ground try to keep those shoulders from rotating on you get a tight tight squeeze towards that spine pull that arm up remember lead with that elbow to try to really focus on that shoulder blade rather than trying to contract with your bicep listen 10 seconds relax all right as in that strength section so we’re gonna start back in here in just a second with the next hiit but we’re gonna take a little bit of a water break first I’ll see you in just a second for that next hiit you all right everyone let’s go and start back into our second round of hiit six new exercises but same format 20 seconds on 10 seconds off ABA B two exercises at a time all right let me get my timer started here we are starting off with rocket squats so remember our feet just about shoulder width apart count on the way down jump up there we go three two one jump three two one and jump just keep that same pace going keep that back nice and flat and let relaxed next one is going to be squat jacks you’re staying down in a squat hopping your feet in and out squat down your belts those feet back and forth trying to stay nice and low the entire time back flat keep those lungs open you need to stand up and shake your legs out but all means do it five seconds left hmm that gets a good burn going all right we’re doing rocket squats again if you got shoulders apart three two one jump yeah try to give up a little early on Helen all right squat jacks again I might have to shake my legs on this one they’re already burning all right squat down keep those feet in hop back and forth but as quick as you can your legs have it otherwise a nice slow pop back and forth is fine or you can even step them in and out to make a little easier I’ll help much relax all right next two exercises starting off with lateral jumps Tai recover and start off to the side it’s back and forth harder version is not letting that other foot touch down you let your help for balance feel free to let that toe touch lungs open back and forth relax height sumo squat with a side leg lift be alternating legs feet really nice and wide toes pointed out squat down the center come up and lift a leg let’s go walk down the center other side and lift try to keep it under control that side leg lifts shouldn’t be a swing should be contraction I relax all right lateral jumps again recover big deep breaths deep down nice and low using that energy to move laterally rather than up and over want to stay down nice and low relax all right back to that sumo squat squat inside leg lifts SWAT and opposite sorry leg lifts just keep it going and let it relax all right to hiit exercises left we got jumping lunges and walk down sorry I want to spin this in there’s all take back and forth those legs start getting too tired on you feel free to move it to a walking position so you’re just gonna step out and back up otherwise that hardest version get back straight up and down relax got walk downs next so standing straight up and tall bend down like you’re trying to touch those toes walk out with those hands full plank and then back up if you want to make a little bit harder do a push up the bottom alright got those jumping lunges next one more of each of these those open cool relax alright walk downs try to speed them up if you can squeeze one more in there and let it relax all right take a short little break grab your dumbbells your bench leave that last round of strength then we have our cooldown all right see in a second all right ladies and gentlemen we have one round of strength left before a cool-down this is gonna get that started we’re doing the same thing we did last time new exercises but formats the same 45 seconds on 15 seconds off three different exercises and let me go and timer started we’re starting off with an overhead press you can do these are seated or standing I’m gonna demonstrate it seated hands up above those shoulders you wanna keep that wrist right above that elbow the entire time press straight up back down slight bend in that lower back but otherwise keep a neutral spine as best you can no really really arching that chest back towards the wall behind you you want to make sure those shoulders do all the work nice slow controlled motions ten seconds left like I said you can do this standing just fine you don’t necessarily need to sit for it relax and set those weights back up we’re doing a pullover to be laying on your side either on the ground or on your bench Wow hand right above that shoulder nice and slow over top of your head right back up over top of that shoulder those lungs open those shoulders stacked one on top of the other take about arms straight as you can probably using a little less weight I’m starting to give out already almost done push through it and let that relax do the same thing on the opposite side so since I use that weight for my left arm I try my best to match it with my right which my right is a little bit stronger so should be okay all right over my head right back over top that shoulder I keep that elbow relatively straight slight Bend is okay but try to keep it as straight as you can no severe bends those lungs open shoulders stacked I think sure you end that wrist right above that shoulder [Music] yeah definitely be using less weight on my next round almost done Oh relax all right grab those dumbbells again we’re doing that overhead press one more time drop my weight to solve it for this one so again either seated or standing I’m starting above that wrist excuse me wrist by that elbow press those arms straight up back down nice slow controlled motion try to keep going best you can got 15 seconds left shake my arms out a little bit keep that form nice and clean it’s the best you can all right switch back pull over stop doing a little more on that weight going back over that left arm over top that head back over top that shoulder the shoulder stacked it’s basically that left shoulder should be right on top of that right shoulder no leaning forward or leaning back man my muscles are giving out they’re burning ten seconds left oh one more in there yeah Oh Hannah tricep especially is burn all right keep focusing get through that last one is our last exercise on this side either on the ground or on that bench whichever is more comfortable and stacked right above that shoulder shoulder stacked on top of each other drop that hand down over top of your head back over top that shoulder keep those lungs open lungs open try to hold your breath as you get more and more tired you can try to do it less than ten seconds five seconds to go try to get one more in there relax whoo all right put those dumbbells away make some room for yourself when I come right back and finish our finish up our cooldown it’ll be done I’ll see you in just a second well I don’t know about you guys but I definitely got a nice sweat going hopefully you did too so let’s get our cooldown done thirty seconds each for one of these for each one of these we’re doing a toe touch left over right then right over left so right foot locked out left leg over tap you’re gonna stretch down you’re trying to do a toe touch just make sure that right leg stays straight try let everything relax as much as you can because lungs open and switch sides so that right leg over top of that left this time if you can’t touch the floor that’s fine just either press against your your thigh or your shin it doesn’t matter how low you go as long as you’re feeling a stretch yeah relax hi we’re doing an inside thigh stretch so feet really nice and wide apart and bend that left knee lean back towards your right if you want to you can even put a hand top your head to get let’s just stretch that torso main thing though is trying to focus on that right hip and pressing it down towards the ground not literally with your hand but trying to just tilt should feel that stretch to the inside of that thigh same thing on the other side it’s a rotate bend that right knee this time leaning back towards the left just press that hip down five seconds left never switched to a quad stretch stand the back up if you need actually help with balance lean up against the wall or a piece of furniture or something like that otherwise saying straight up and down right foot back into that right hand squeeze that heel to your butt and then pull that knee back behind you as best you can I try to keep that balance like I said if you need to feel free to lean up against the wall and same thing on the other side left foot back squeeze that heel to your butt as close as comfortable on the knee and press that leg back behind you keep that torso straight up and down don’t lean forward with it want to feel that stretch to the front of that thigh maybe get into the front of that hip relax for doing a wall chest stretch so fingers facing back behind you on open wall or door frame rotate away from that hand hand about shoulder height just keep trying to rotate that shoulder back if you want a little more stretch on that forearm just kind of step back on it a little bit more and switch sides fingers facing back behind you rotate away from that wall okay if you want a little more stretch that forearm just kind of walk back on that arm just a little bit more alright arm cross stretch is our next one standing straight up and down left arm comes across your chest grab behind your elbow kind of hook on behind your elbow and pull that arm across in front your chest trying to squeeze it it’s close to your chest as you possibly can you might feel a little stretch that tricep probably not I feel the stretch that shoulder blade maybe not depending on how flexible those muscles are already alright same thing on the other side switch arms right arm comes across grab behind that right elbow with your left hand pull it in nice and close to your chest nice deep breath just keep those lungs open and let it relax all right guys our warm up or cool down is done which means this workout is complete good job guys I’ll see you next time bye

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