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Madagascar fights the issues of drought, famine and chronic malnutrition

UNICEF: If the plan were put into action, chronic malnutrition would end up affecting just 15 percent of Madagascar’s toddlers instead of nearly half of them, the agency says. | Image courtesy: (csmonitor.com/Melanie Stetson Freeman)

Droughts and famines tend to afflict countries in cyclical fashion. But where chronic malnutrition is endemic, such as Madagascar, they strike harder – sharply increasing the risks for already-vulnerable children, according to research led by professors at Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University.

Madagascar – Providing Children with a Healthy Diet

But the challenge – and potential solution – lies not just in funding, but in changing attitudes. Health education is a strong start. But in this heavily agricultural country, where 92 percent of the population lives on less than $2 per day, parents may well feel that any extra bit of food not needed for survival is most useful if it can be sold for money. Persuading them that there is greater long-term value in providing their children with a healthy diet is key.

For other families, however, ignorance about nutrition is the first hurdle. “When they eat rice and a leafy vegetable or a potato, people think they have eaten properly,” says Leonide Rasoahenikaja, a nutritionist working with UNICEF. “And they have no idea how good soybeans are for kids,” Dr. Rasoahenikaja adds. “Farmers feed it to their cattle and their pigs, and they see milk production go up and their pigs getting fat, but it does not occur to them to give it to their children.”  Read the full story…. csmonitor.com


Feeding Street Children in Madagascar – Joyce Meyer Ministries

(Joyce Meyer Ministries) Through a partnership with Empowerment Advocates International in Antananarivo, Madagascar, we’re helping feed hungry children. There are an estimated 50,000 children living on the streets of this capital city.


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Images courtesy: unicef.org, latimes.com, ncronline.org




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