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Maria was searching for answers when she came to the Mission. Methamphetamine had destroyed her life. She’d lost everything, including her two children.

“I’d used meth daily for eight years, starting when I was just 15,” Maria recalls. Mom was an alcoholic, dad was a “meth cook,” and Maria often sold drugs besides using them. “I didn’t trust anyone. In my world, everyone was out for themselves… what do you have for me today? Once I lost my baby girls, I was broken. I came to Shepherd’s Door (the women’s and children’s ministry of the Mission) desperate to get my children back.”

Today, Maria is a new woman, living with 10-year-old Miranda and 1-year-old Sadie and starting her family anew. “God gave me a second chance. Getting my children back is a miracle,” Maria says with a smile. “I’ve learned to trust people and trust God. Everyone sees that I’m happier, I have a glow, and I want more of Jesus in my life.”

Your support reunites children with their moms in a healthy new life.

Donate today at https://www.PortlandRescueMission.org/lp/youtube. Or call 503-MISSION (647-7466).


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