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Mark Wingfield - 3 Words for the Church in 2019 - We Were Wrong

Mark Wingfield: Too much of Christianity is built upon absolute certainty and not enough on divine mystery. | Image courtesy: baptistnews.com

There are many things the church universal and churches more specifically might – or should – admit we were wrong about. But admitting any error does not fall easily from the lips of religious folk – ironically, the very people who want others to confess their sins and turn from their wicked ways.

As we look toward new year’s resolutions, my hope is that the Christian church might be able to utter just three simple words in 2019. These are words that would change the course of history, foster civil dialogue and perhaps even bring skeptics back into the church. But they are hard words to say: “We were wrong.”

The church has been unable to confess America’s original sin – perhaps in part because it was a faith handed down without question from parents and grandparents – and we are paying a price in racial divisions that will only be healed by confession that leads to bearing fruit in keeping with repentance. |  See the full story here… baptistnews.com


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