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Michael asks…

How can I ensure donations to humanitarian aid organizations for Haiti are used most directly and effectively for those in need?

I want to donate for Haiti humanitarian aid relief. Which Haiti relief organization offers best return per dollar to victims and those in need? How can I ensure my donation funds are implemented most effectively? And which humanitarian aid organization gives the highest percentage to program services?

Cee Harmon answers:

Hello Michael,

The Red Cross has more than 100 years of experience in helping those in disasters, from war zones to house fires. It is very careful to honorHumanitarian Aid Haiti donor specifications for every gift. If you specify it will go to Haiti, it will.

In order to respond quickly to disasters, people and humanitarian aid resources already need to be in place. That means that BEFORE the earthquake, the Red Cross already had to have offices, people, and warehouses with supplies paid for.

Very little of that is donated spontaneously, because there is nothing in the news to encourage donations of necessary goods. The Red Cross constantly has to raise funds to purchase all this.

An office needs electricity, water, heat, computers, printers, software, etc. A warehouse needs electricity, climate control, forklifts, etc. Vehicles need gas, tires, maintenance, insurance, etc. Staff are needed to process and account for donations, order supplies, manage receipt and distribution, and coordinate volunteers and communications. They need living wages and health insurance.

All of these require money that cannot come from a restricted donation, and are all “administrative expenses.” This is why a general fund is critical to the running of a solid organization.

The Red Cross learned a lot from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina humanitarian aid . There is a very sturdy internal control and ethics function, and every volunteer must pass a criminal background check.

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Betty asks…

Best Major for someone who wants to go into Humanitarian Aid Organization?

I am a freshman in college and am undecided major wise. i was wondering if there is a good major to go into if i want to do humanitarian aid in the future.

Cee Harmon answers:

Hi Betty,

Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Nursing, or, you could write your own major, and incorporate classes from all of the majors mentioned…. Plus some economics, or business management and administration.

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    As with major problems, like massive earthquakes and massive storms and the like. Anybody know where I’m able to get info such as this? Thanks.

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    I am carrying out a roleplay and I have to know some problems that happened in Aruthian occasions.