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Minnesota - Winona Area Resident Raises Money for Humanitarian Crises in Nicaragua

Dora Alicia Solorzano-Pelly says family and people she met during mission trips to Nicaragua who have written to her pleading for help. | Image courtesy: winonadailynews.com

Dora Alicia  Solorzano-Pelly is raising funds to send or personally bring to a country whose residents are suffering from a lack of food and security amidst the chaos. Since mid-April, when President Daniel Ortega announced pension and social security cuts to the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a group of mainly university students with strong support from locals have taken to the street.

Those protests have been met with often lethal responses by police, anti-riot squads, paramilitary groups and pro-government vigilantes, according to the BBC. More than 200 people have died, including children, in the two months of demonstrations, and thousands have been injured in what now has turned into a broader protest over democratic reform and calls for Ortega’s resignation.

Protesters Blockade Cities in Nicaragua

Dressed in an colorful orange Nicaraguan dress, Solorzano-Pelly said the country all but shut down according to letters from friends, family and people she met during mission trips to Nicaragua who have written to her pleading for help. Cities have been blockaded by protesters who are trying to stop pro-government and police forces from entering, shops have been closed down, and food isn’t entering the cities.

Solorzano-Pelly said protesters are armed only with rocks, slingshots and homemade mortars. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has called for an investigation into the forceful use of para-police forces. “I just want this massacre to end,” Solorzano-Pelly said. “They keep killing people.” Solorzano-Pelly said this isn’t the first time she’s seen her country go through this type of conflict. | Read the full story…. winonadailynews.com


Mothers protest bloody crackdown on protesters in Nicaragua

  • One day after students seized the Engineering University, Nicaraguan mothers hold their own protest to shine a light on lives lost during the protests. Investigative journalist Carlos Chamorro talks to CBSN about the standoff.


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