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Mission Cry Send Bibles and Christian Books to The Oppressed - Christian Resources International

Used Christian books and Bibles are sent in by supporters, giving believers, pastors, and even non-believers access to Christian education materials like seminary books. | Image courtesy: missioncry.com

The mission of Christian Resources International and Mission Cry has been reclaiming God’s resources for His purposes. They have done this by asking people to share their bookshelves that are filled with Bibles and God’s teaching tools.

Distributing Used Bibles and Christian Books Around the World

Mission Cry has helped provide more than $350 million worth of used Bibles and Christian books all around the world. Their books have been received and distributed by believers who face persecution for sharing the truth of Jesus.

Mission Cry’s Jason Woolford shares about Indian Pastor T.L. who has distributed thousands of Christian books. “He’s been imprisoned, he’s been beaten to near death for simply distributing the Bible and Christian books,” Woolford says.

Persecuted By Authorities

“He and his son have been beaten, has been imprisoned. He was at one point, stripped and mocked by the police for giving out the Bible. But as he sat across from me, he said, ‘Reverend, I want you to know that they can beat me, they can beat my son, but they can’t beat the Bible. God’s Word is forever and it changes and it’s the only thing that makes a difference. It’s the only thing that doesn’t return void.’”

Last year, Woolford met Pastor T.L. who asked for two boxes of books to bring back to India for distribution in hard to reach areas. Instead of sending two boxes, Mission Cry sent him a 40-foot sea container with around $500,000 worth of Bibles and Christian books.

Now, Pastor T.L. has distributed all the books and is asking for more. “By faith, we’ll be sending another container in three weeks to him and the need for that, to get that container over there, nearly half a million dollars donated Bibles and Christian books will be $10,000.”

See the full story here… mnnonline.org


Mission Cry Movie: Sharing, Sending and Sowing God’s Word

Mission Cry has been empowering native missionaries since 1956. When you give financially, donate bibles; commentaries; and Christian books, you are becoming a book missionary and aligning yourself with the mission to Share, Send, and Sow God’s Word.


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