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Video Transcript

0:03 hi friends I’m Ryan LeStrange with 0:05 the Monday word and my Monday word for 0:07 you is don’t lose the flow recently I 0:09 woke from a very profound prophetic 0:11 dream I was dreaming about a minister 0:13 that I knew some time ago who was a 0:15 great voice of revival this minister was 0:17 a powerful preacher that would preach on 0:20 revival preached on the move of God and 0:22 in my dream this Minister had gotten out 0:24 of that flow and began to do something 0:26 completely different in the ministry it 0:28 wasn’t bad it was a good thing but it 0:30 was not necessarily a god thing and this 0:33 minister had recorded an audio file 0:35 almost like a podcast in my dream it was 0:38 given to him I was listening to it I was 0:40 taken aback by the lack of flow the lack 0:42 of weight the lack of power on the voice 0:45 of this Minister their preaching was 0:47 completely different there was no 0:48 impetus of God on it there was no power 0:50 on it there was no thrust on him their 0:53 sound had changed and throughout the 0:55 podcast or the audio file as it played 0:57 there would be noise confusion I had to 1:00 struggle to listen to what they were 1:01 saying and I was reminded of what the 1:03 Apostle Paul said in Galatians 1 1 he 1:06 said Paul an apostle not sent from men 1:08 through the agency of man but through 1:11 Jesus Christ and God the Father and the 1:13 Lord began to speak to me in the Lord 1:15 said son many in this hour are losing 1:17 their flow they’re getting into areas I 1:19 didn’t put them in and as the old saying 1:22 goes there’s a difference between a good 1:24 idea and a God idea and I want to say to 1:26 you I believe there’s a warning in the 1:28 spirit don’t get into a good idea and 1:31 get out of the God idea because you’ll 1:32 lose your flow as the Lord began to 1:34 speak to me said there was noise 1:36 confusion in the realm of the Spirit 1:38 because this minister got outside of 1:40 their flow when you get outside of your 1:42 float you’re the power on your voice the 1:45 power on your mending it is diminished 1:47 and there’s noise confusion the Bible 1:49 says if the trumpet doesn’t make a clear 1:51 sound the people are not called to 1:53 attention for battle and for war and 1:56 when you carry a prophetic anointing 1:57 when you carry certain types of 1:59 Commission’s on your life you’ve got to 2:01 be aware of your voice becoming 2:04 diminished you’ve got to be aware of 2:06 confusion in the realm of the Spirit and 2:08 God 2:08 to say to me many have fallen into noise 2:11 confusion and there’s not a clear sound 2:13 I wanna come I want to really compel you 2:16 today to stay in the lane God’s put you 2:19 in stay where God told you people might 2:21 not understand that they may say it’s 2:22 crazy they may say it won’t work 2:25 think about Noah Noah was building an 2:27 ark when there had never been rain but 2:29 God told him to do it when the flood 2:31 came I bet everybody wish they would 2:32 have built an ark you might be doing 2:34 something today it doesn’t look 2:36 glamorous it doesn’t look like it’s 2:38 working out for you but it’s what God 2:39 told you to do don’t get out of that and 2:41 get into something else that’s good but 2:44 not God because you may lose your flow 2:46 so father I pray for your people today 2:48 help us stay in the flow help us stay in 2:50 the vision help us stay in the lane help 2:52 us stay in the assignment and father I 2:54 come against the spirit distraction and 2:56 deception that would cause people to 2:58 move in the opposite direction of what 3:00 she told them to do and I decree and 3:03 declare obedience and spirit leading in 3:05 their lives in Jesus name Amen 3:09 [Music]

In today’s #MondayWord, Ryan LeStrange compels you to not lose the flow! Ryan tells of a dream he had recently where a very powerful man of God started doing things differently in his ministry and it started to create confusion and a lack of the power that once marked his voice. This happened because the minister stepped out of his flow to do different, good things, but they weren’t God things.

The Lord is saying to you today to stay in the lane He has put you in! Where He has placed you may not seem glamorous or exciting, but it is vital that you remain in the flow. May we be like Paul in Galatians 1:1 and work not from men but “through Jesus Christ and God the Father”.

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