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Video Transcript

0:03 hi friends it’s Ryan LeStrange with 0:05 the monday word my monday word is a 0:07 decree it is time for you to arise I 0:10 probably shared the scripture with you 0:11 before but it hit my spirit again today 0:14 it’s one of my favorites Isaiah 60 verse 0:16 1 arise shine for your light has come 0:19 and the glory of the lord has risen upon 0:21 you and every time I read this I get 0:23 stirred about arising it means to be the 0:25 launch there is a catapult in a 0:28 thrusting in the realm of the Spirit 0:30 that happens when God speaks 0:31 prophetically over your life and I 0:33 wanted to created a the arising it is 0:35 time for you to arise that you will 0:38 arise from slumber that you will not be 0:40 asleep spiritually but you are being 0:42 awakened by the voice of God the plans 0:44 of God the purposes of God I decree that 0:46 you’re going to arise and glory that the 0:48 glory of God is going to cause you to 0:51 supersede obstacles to overcome 0:53 circumstances i decree you’re going to 0:55 arise in sight and in sound that the 0:57 prophetic anointing is going to flow 0:59 through you and be around you I decree 1:02 that you’re going to arise with angelic 1:04 assistance that the angels of the Lord 1:06 are doing war on your behalf and no 1:08 demonic power is gonna stop you I 1:11 declare you’re gonna arise economically 1:13 I decree in the clear that ideas 1:15 inventions favor Psalms 5:12 favor 1:18 surrounds you about like a shield i 1:20 decree you’re going to rise apostolic ly 1:22 as a builder to begin to do what 1:24 Nehemiah did to build your family build 1:27 your life build your mission build your 1:28 vision i decree you’re going to arise if 1:31 decree that your mouth is powerful that 1:33 your words are weapons i decree you’re 1:36 gonna rise and praise a rise in pursuit 1:38 and a rising threat you’re going to be 1:40 one that goes after god I declare you’re 1:42 going to rise and giving you’re not 1:44 gonna be stingy but generosity is your 1:46 portion I declare you’re going to rise 1:48 in knowledge that God is unfolding his 1:50 plans his concepts his ideas to you i 1:53 decree you’re going to rise in health 1:55 you’re going to rise relationally you’re 1:56 going to rise on the marketplace you are 1:59 going to arise in strategy plans are 2:01 being unfolded to you i decree you’re 2:04 going to rise and destiny revelation 2:06 and deliverance demonic powers will no 2:08 longer hold you you’re going to arise in 2:10 wisdom you’re going to arise in warfare 2:12 because you’re going to overcome you’re 2:14 going to arise in the miraculous the 2:16 woman with you your blood got up she 2:18 rose in faith and you’re going to arise 2:20 in faith I declare you’re going to rise 2:22 from desperation the leper said why 2:24 simply here till we die somebody today 2:26 need to say I’m not sitting in this 2:28 anymore I’m gonna get up and lastly i 2:31 decree decree you can arise because he 2:34 already arose because Jesus arose you 2:37 can arise and so I say Isaiah 60:1 is 2:40 your portion it’s time for you to arise 2:42 and father I decree and declare these 2:45 things over your people in the mighty 2:47 name of Jesus amen 2:50 [Music]

In today’s #MondayWord, Ryan LeStrange decrees that it is time for you to arise! In Isaiah 60:1 it says, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” There is an arising that happens in the realm of the Spirit when God speaks prophetically over your life.

Choose today to be the one that says, “I’m not sitting in this anymore… I’m going to get up!” Glory be to God that because Jesus arose, you can arise! Isaiah 60:1 is your portion and it is time for you to arise.

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