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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Video Transcript

I just want to start off with the big question what really is man’s purpose for existence why are we really here the answer is not complicated because the answer was given already God told us exactly why he created us he also told us our assignment he said let us make man in our own image so that’s the nature character of the creature but he says here’s why to let them have dominion over the earth there’s no mystery the answer is there so we were created by God and placed on the planet to dominate the earth on behalf of God we are here sent from our heavenly home to colonize earth with the Kingdom of Heaven now you know most people don’t like the word colonization I know they don’t like the word Kingdom either right and the kingdom is the only message Jesus preached so we have a conflict already the Bible is not a democracy Christ is not a precedent and the kingdom is not a religion what would be a good example today how we can relate what it really is like living and a kingdom to what how we live today that is the concept of Lord the word Lord means owner and that word is still used in in in our democratic environment for someone you are renting from you know the person you’re renting from is called the landlord the word Lord means owner in in a kingdom the kingdom concept is completely opposite to a democracy and that’s a problem because if you are trained to be to think mentally in the in democratic concept you’ll find it difficult when you read the Bible because right away the Bible is about a king it’s about a kingdom it’s about a royal family it’s about a constitution of a king and that’s what I want to ask you about next the Bible how does that relate in terms of the concept of the kingdom the Bible is not a religious book the Bible is a legal document in every Kingdom in every country there’s a Constitution the Constitution contains the constituted aspirations of the people and their and the laws that are supposed to protect the people’s aspiration in a kingdom the Constitution is the aspirations of the King for his citizens and the laws in that Constitution are there to protect the rights of those citizens so the Bible is actually a constitution and a legal document that guarantees everything that the government promises the citizen if you treat the Bible like a religious book you won’t get the effect God intended that’s why the Bible is called the law of God not the devotions of God the law law is a legal aspect it deals with rights the Bible says that we are citizens of of the kingdom of heaven this is very clear in scripture in Philippians a citizen is not a religious creature a citizen is a legal creature and citizens don’t have membership they have citizenship how does salvation and the cross and what we’ve learned about it relate to the concept of the kingdom very important question first of all Jesus Christ never preached the concept of born again to the public he only mentioned born again once and he never mentioned it to a crowd of people he only mentioned it to an old man two o’clock in the morning his name was Nicodemus he never mentioned it since or before that and if you studied the reason why he brought it up is because the old man asked a question that was a question of immigration this old man of course as you know was a it was a religious man earlier you were a religious leader and he heard this young thirty year old man preaching it about this kingdom this country and he came in the night and knocked on the door and he said to Jesus how do I enter this country this kingdom what must I do to enter this kingdom this country that’s a that’s a question of immigration it’s like somebody coming to America to the border and say how do I become a citizen of America but the answer is very logical Christ says the way you he says first of all is that you an old man is a know how to become a citizen of a country is anyhow I tell you you gotta be born into the country well we know that if you were born into a country legitimately you are automatically a citizen he was telling Nicodemus to become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven to enter the king of heaven you must be born into the country and then he says the government has made arrangements for you to be born you can be born by the spirit believe what I’m tellin you he says believe on me and you shall receive the spirit of the kingdom and you can be born into the country and be a naturalized citizen so the message of the Bible is really not born again it’s about the kingdom the cross of Jesus Christ hmm Jesus never preached his death to the public these are problem statements are not making them but if you study the four Gospels he only mentioned his death in detail in private means with his disciples because the cross was really not the message the kingdom was the cross was a means of getting our citizenship back into the kingdom so he always talked about a debt privately to the disciples but publicly you study the Word of God he kept saying the Bible says he went from town to town preaching to the public the kingdom of heaven has arrived so I think what we’ve done is we have basically emphasized the means and ignored the end the end of God’s work in his son is the bring the kingdom of God back to earth the cross and the blood are the means to that end they are the means of salvaging us to become citizens again we’ve made them the gospel they are not the gospel they are the means to the gospel and so I want us to again if I’m challenging your thinking I’m intending to do that this program you know it’s called turning-point there’s a gotta be a point in your life where you turn and start making some decisions and so this program is not just for entertainment it’s for inspiration it’s for you to get revelation and also for you to maybe make some internal decisions to make your life even and I’m challenging everyone millions of them watching this program today my friends listen to me you were born to be a leader on earth and representing God you were born to make a difference not just to make a living you came to this earth not just to pay bills but to pay your debt to society and to give them the good news that they can come back to God’s country on earth God wants you to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven to bring his culture back to your city in every area of life whether it’s business or politics or economics or education or sports or any area media whatever God wants his culture to come back to earth and that’s the good news you don’t need to go to heaven to experience heaven even though if you die you will go you can experience heaven right now if you submit to God’s laws and submit to his culture you’ll experience his economics his politics his wisdom his educational system and you will have a fulfilled life on his earth

Dr. Myles Munroe Interview – Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN):   The Pastor and author talks about why we exist, our purpose, and what it really means to be a citizen of God’s kingdom.

About Dr. Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe (20 April 1954 – 9 November 2014) was a Christian evangelist and pastor born in Nassau, Bahamas.   He was the founder of  Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI). He was also a best-selling author of more than 38 books, teacher, life coach, and government consultant.

Dr. Munroe spent more than 30 years traveling the world training leaders in religion, business, education, and government.  He delivered his personal and professional development message to millions of people yearly through his Media program and live events. His wife, Ruth Munroe, served as co-pastor with him at BFMI.

Dr. Munroe died with his wife and 8 others in a private plane crash during the airport approach to Grand Bahama International Airport on November 9, 2014.


Dr. Myles Munroe -- Bahama Faith Ministries International



Dr. Myles Munroe | Munroe Global Channel



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Dr. Myles Munroe interview on Let’s Talk Business Show with Segun Manuel | Image courtesy: African Broadcasting Network



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Dr. Myles Munroe interview on This Is Your Day Show with Pastor Benny Hinn | Image courtesy: binnyhinn.org



Dr. Myles Munroe interview on Churchill Show in Kenya Africa

Dr. Myles Munroe interview on Churchill Show in Kenya, Africa | Image courtesy: NTV Kenya



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