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0:00 CS: Today, I want to answer the question, 0:02 is Jesus willing to heal you? 0:06 I want to search the scriptures and show you 0:08 that that’s exactly what He intends to do. 0:12 [Music] 0:13 >> Now is the time to go forward and become all 0:16 that God has intended for you to become. 0:18 Today is your day to change your life and live 0:23 in victory and wholeness >> This is Your Path to 0:28 Destiny with Dr. Candice Smithyman. 0:31 [Music Ends] 0:33 >> Welcome to your Path to Destiny. 0:36 I’m your host, Candice Smithyman, 0:37 your personal mentor and life coach trainer. 0:40 And today we’re going to be talking about how it’s 0:44 Jesus’s desire to heal you. 0:46 Yes, Messiah is willing to heal. 0:50 I know that might be a difficult thing to think 0:52 about, especially if you’re suffering right now 0:54 and you need a personal healing in your body or in 0:57 your soul, you may be wondering, 0:59 does Jesus really want to heal me? 1:01 And yes, I’m here to tell you, 1:03 He does. 1:03 He really does want to heal you. 1:05 It’s part of who He is. 1:07 He is the healer. 1:08 And He shed His blood on the cross that you might 1:12 be healed, He said, to give you forgiveness of 1:14 sins and healing, spirit, soul and body. 1:18 Do you know healing first begins in our spirit man, 1:21 when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, 1:24 what changes? 1:25 We like to say, Oh, you received Jesus, 1:27 you became born again. 1:28 What is born again really mean? 1:30 What god born again? 1:31 Your spirit man got born again. 1:33 Your spirit man was dead because it was connected 1:36 to the fall of man. 1:38 It was connected to the first Adam, 1:41 which is Adam in the garden. 1:42 And now when you receive Jesus as your Lord and 1:45 Savior, now you are connected to the second 1:48 Adam, which is Jesus. 1:49 And now the Word says that you become alive in 1:52 Christ. 1:53 You are a new creature. 1:54 And so being a new creature means that the 1:58 Lord is setting you up to live a perpetual life of 2:02 healing. 2:03 I just want to encourage you today Jesus is willing 2:07 to heal. 2:07 If He was not willing to heal, 2:09 would He have gone to the cross? 2:11 The cross was His path to destiny. 2:15 Yes, he was called to a greater path of destiny 2:19 than all the rest of us because He followed and 2:22 did what the Father said and went to the cross on 2:25 our behalf. 2:26 We now get to have a path to destiny. 2:30 And part of that path is that you are saved, 2:33 healed, redeemed, whole, transformed by the blood 2:38 of Jesus, by your testimony and by His power 2:41 and presence that lives on the inside of you. 2:43 So, you became alive again and His Spirit, 2:45 in the Holy Spirit of God. 2:47 Yes, the Holy Spirit of God got deposited in your 2:50 spirit. 2:51 You are now alive and bearing fruit for the 2:54 Lord. 2:55 And so if you’re suffering from a chronic disorder, 2:58 if you’re having difficulty in your body 3:00 anywhere, I want to tell you that Jesus is willing 3:03 to hear you. 3:04 It is bad theology and we hear it all the time. 3:07 Well, maybe Jesus didn’t want to heal you, 3:11 but He wants to heal this person. 3:12 Or maybe you are not worthy to be healed. 3:15 Or maybe there’s a reason why you’re not healed. 3:18 But I just want to tell you today it is the will 3:21 of God that you be healed. 3:24 Now, I’m going to show you in the scripture, 3:25 yes. 3:26 I can sit here all day and get you excited about the 3:29 fact that Jesus is willing to heal you. 3:30 But let’s go to the scripture, 3:32 because here we can see that the various people 3:34 that He encountered when he walked the earth, 3:37 that who he was was always willing to bless us, 3:42 willing to meet our need, willing to take care of 3:46 what our concern was because it was His 3:48 concern. 3:49 Your concern is the Father’s concern. 3:52 He hears your heart. 3:53 He sent Jesus to be evidence of that. 3:56 And now we get to live and be and walk in the fruit 4:00 of what Jesus has already done. 4:02 So even when Jesus walked the earth and He was 4:05 willing at that time, even more so now, 4:08 because greater works will we do that? 4:10 He even did. 4:11 Who walks the earth, which means greater things will 4:13 happen to us in the here and now and now, 4:16 even then before when He walked the earth and the 4:19 disciples could actually physically touch him. 4:21 Do you know each one of us has the Holy Spirit in us, 4:24 all over the planet that knows Jesus is our Lord 4:28 and Savior? 4:28 I mean, that excites me right now, 4:30 because just to know that I get to be that close 4:34 with God every moment of every day, 4:36 if I want to be healed, I can command my own 4:40 healing. 4:41 If I want to be healed, I can stand by faith and 4:43 what the scripture says about healing. 4:45 You see, I don’t ever have to listen to somebody say 4:48 to me, “Well, maybe God didn’t want to heal you of 4:50 this.” 4:51 No, that’s a lie from the devil. 4:53 The Lord wants to heal. 4:55 If He didn’t want to heal, He wouldn’t have died on 4:57 the cross to, to reconcile people to the Father, 5:01 to reconcile us back to relationship with God. 5:05 Just like the Garden of Eden. 5:07 Adam and Eve had no sickness in the garden. 5:09 They didn’t know sin. 5:10 They didn’t know their own nakedness. 5:12 They didn’t have no shame or guilt or anything until 5:16 they disobeyed the Lord. 5:18 And that opened up a pathway for them. 5:20 And so I want to just encourage you and, 5:24 and speak word over your life that Jesus is willing 5:29 to hear you, heal you. 5:31 Let’s go to Matthew, Chapter eight, 5:34 verses one through three. 5:36 The Word says that “When Jesus came down from the 5:39 mountainside, large crowds followed Him. 5:43 A man with leprosy came and knelt before Him and 5:46 said, ‘Lord, if you are willing, 5:48 you can make me clean.’ Jesus reached out His hand 5:51 and He touched the man. 5:53 ‘I am willing,’ Jesus said, 5:56 ‘be clean.’ And immediately the man was 5:59 cleansed of his leprosy.” 6:00 Now, what was Jesus’s response? 6:02 The man’s asking to be healed. 6:05 But he’s asking a question of Jesus. 6:08 He says, “Lord, if you are willing. 6:13 You can make me clean?” 6:15 Oh, wow, how confusing is that? 6:17 He says, if you’re willing, 6:18 you can do it. 6:20 So, we had faith enough to believe that Jesus could 6:22 do it. 6:23 But what he questioned, was Jesus, 6:24 His very own character. 6:26 Would he be willing to heal the man with leprosy? 6:31 And what did Jesus do? 6:32 He reached out his hand and He said, 6:35 “I am willing.” 6:36 In other words, Jesus said specifically, 6:39 “Being willing to heal is part of who I am.” 6:43 See, everything that Jesus did, 6:44 He did as a result of who He was on the inside 6:47 first. 6:48 And then He expressed that in action. 6:50 So with His response to the person was, 6:52 “I am willing,” as He’s touching the man, 6:56 He’s saying “This is who I am now.” 6:59 That same God exists today. 7:02 Jesus is alive. 7:04 He’s on His throne. 7:06 He’s seated in heavenly places. 7:08 He says that we are seated with him, 7:09 but He is living an active today through the Holy 7:13 Spirit and through the Word of God. 7:14 So if He was willing then to heal the leper, 7:18 isn’t He willing now to heal you? 7:20 I want you to think on that just for a second. 7:23 Is He not willing now to heal you? 7:28 Just think about that, because that means that 7:32 He’s, He doesn’t change, He’s always willing, 7:36 so He’s willing to heal you right where you’re at. 7:39 I want you to take a pause and just begin to start 7:41 calling out to the Lord the things that need to be 7:43 healed in your life. 7:45 You know, Lord, I need to be healed of brokenness. 7:47 Lord, I need to be healed of sin. 7:49 Lord, I need to be healed of abuse. 7:52 Lord, I need to be healed of drug addiction. 7:55 Lord, I need to be healed of pornography, 7:56 addiction, whatever problems you have, 7:59 Lord, you know, I’m sick from head to toe with a 8:03 virus. 8:03 I’m sick with a lung disease. 8:06 Whatever is the infirmity that you have. 8:10 I want you to speak it out right now. 8:11 And then I want you to say He is willing to heal me. 8:15 And listen, I want you to say that because He said 8:19 it. 8:19 See, He says I am willing. 8:21 So repeat after me. 8:22 “He is willing to heal me.” 8:24 I just want you to say that. 8:26 Say that right where you’re at. 8:27 “He is willing to heal me.” 8:29 See, He’s meeting you right where you’re at. 8:31 Your faith is increasing right now. 8:32 “He is willing to heal me. 8:34 Jesus is willing to heal me. 8:37 Jesus will heal me.” 8:39 Just keep saying it, keep saying it and then begin 8:43 to start rising so you only begin to say positive 8:47 affirmations, positive declarations from the Word 8:50 of God. 8:51 Our faith connects with the faith of God for 8:54 what’s happening and boom, we should be healed in the 8:58 Name of Jesus. 9:00 Jesus wants to heal. 9:02 You know, listen, I’m really excited because I 9:04 know some of you are being healed right now. 9:06 Chronic disorders, emotional disorders, 9:10 addictions. 9:11 I want you to reach out to me on my website. 9:14 I want to hear about that. 9:16 I want to mentor you. 9:17 I want to encourage you. 9:18 I want to help you get to those next levels because 9:21 God wants to heal you and He wants you to be 9:26 properly positioned for Your Path to Destiny. 9:32 He’s got a great plan for you. [Music] 9:34 Stay tuned and we’ll be right back. 9:37 [Music] 9:41 [Music Ends] 9:43 [Music] >> Dr. Candice Smithyman is an 9:45 international prophetic voice healing minister, 9:48 author and pastor who travels the world sharing 9:51 how to access the heavenly realms and live the 9:53 resurrected life. 9:55 Her passion is to see people healed and 9:57 delivered and come into a knowledge of who they are 9:59 in Christ as royal heirs seeded with Him in the 10:02 heavenly realms. 10:03 She believes everyone can access Heaven and walk in 10:07 the power of God in her meetings. 10:09 Your faith will increase and you will feel the 10:11 presence of God and see miraculous healings. 10:14 Dr. Candice loves to teach and train in the 10:17 supernatural and mentor you in the glory. 10:19 She offers many classes in her school of the 10:22 supernatural where you, too, 10:24 can learn to release Heaven, 10:25 the glory and walk in the power of God. 10:27 She’s also a mentor, life coach and founder of Dream 10:31 Mentors International, an organization that teaches 10:34 and trains biblical life coaches. 10:36 Check out her Website and subscribe to our YouTube 10:39 channel, Instagram and Facebook for more 10:41 resources. [Music Ends] 10:43 [Music] 10:47 [Music Ends] 10:49 >> I’m so glad you stuck around so you could hear 10:52 about the fact that Jesus is willing to heal you. 10:56 Yes, that’s what I said. 10:57 It’s His desire. 10:58 It’s right there in the Word of God. 11:00 He wants you to be healed, saved, 11:03 redeemed and set on your path to destiny. 11:05 I want to share some more scriptures with you, 11:07 because the Word of God is what helps us know for 11:11 sure who God is and what He wants to do in our 11:15 life. 11:16 So let’s go to John, Chapter five. 11:18 And this is a story here of a man who was healed in 11:22 Jerusalem near the sheep gate. 11:24 There is a pool, all right. 11:25 It was the pool of Bethesda. 11:27 And there was a great number of disabled people 11:31 that were there. 11:32 And and they used to lie around. 11:34 They were lying, kind of waiting, 11:36 waiting for something to happen. 11:38 There was a blind, lame paralyzed. 11:41 There was a man who had been there for thirty 11:43 eight years as an invalid. 11:45 And when Jesus saw him lying there and learned 11:48 that he had been in this condition for a long time, 11:51 He asked him, listen to this. 11:54 Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to get well?” 11:58 In other words, do you want to be healed? 12:00 Jesus asked him. 12:01 And, and, and, the invalid said, 12:05 Sir, I have no one to help me into the pool when the 12:09 water is stirred. 12:10 While I’m trying to get in. 12:11 Someone else goes down ahead of me. 12:13 So his response was instead of saying, 12:16 “Yes, Jesus, I want to be healed,” his response was, 12:18 “listen, the pool is where the healing is. 12:21 But every time I try and get down there, 12:23 someone gets in before me, they get in the way.” 12:26 Jesus. 12:26 His response to him was like, 12:27 look, forget your excuses pretty much is what he’s 12:29 saying. 12:30 “Do you want to be healed?” 12:31 He said, “Now get up, pick up your mat and walk.” 12:36 The word says, “Once the man was cured, 12:40 he picked up his mat and he walked.” 12:44 With one word from Jesus, one word. 12:47 But the interesting thing about that dialog in John 12:49 Chapter five is Jesus speaks to the man asking 12:54 him if he wants to be healed. 12:57 Listen, I hear the Lord saying to you right now, 12:59 “Do you want to be healed? 13:01 Do you really want to be healed?” 13:03 If that is you and you really want to be healed, 13:06 that here. 13:07 Here’s a word for you. 13:09 Pick up your mat and start walking. 13:12 In other words, grab a hold by faith that because 13:15 Jesus asked you if you wanted to be healed, 13:18 that He’s saying all you have to do is say yes and 13:23 then have an action to back what you said and 13:26 you’ll be healed in the Name of Jesus. 13:28 Let me tell you how important this is, 13:30 because our actions prove what we believe to be 13:32 true. 13:33 And if by faith you agree that you want to be 13:35 healed, you have to have an action that’s 13:38 associated with that. 13:39 You need to get up and walk. 13:41 I remember I was doing a meeting. 13:45 There’s a lot of people that came to this meeting 13:46 and there was a woman that was later wheeled in in a 13:48 wheelchair and she shook her body, 13:50 was afflicted and in a lot of different ways. 13:54 And she was seated in this wheelchair and she was 13:56 kind of crumpled over. 14:00 She was also suffering from cancer. 14:02 And the meeting was over. 14:04 I mean, healing’s had already taken place. 14:05 And people came up to me and they said, 14:07 you know, Dr. Candice, can you come over and pray for 14:08 her? 14:09 She came just today. 14:10 And I, I went to her and I said, 14:14 you know, “What do you want Jesus to do for you?” 14:16 And she says, “Well, first off,” and I had walked her 14:21 I walked the whole group through this place of, 14:24 of seeing into the heavenly realms where they 14:27 could see the royal table. 14:29 And so she said, “For the first time in my life, 14:32 I’ve connected with Jesus and I’m actually able to 14:34 see Him. 14:35 And she said, “That’s never happened to me 14:36 before,” she says. 14:37 “But more than anything, I want to get out of this 14:39 wheelchair.” 14:40 And I said, “What did you say?” 14:41 She said, “I want to get out of the wheelchair.” 14:43 And I said, ” get out of the wheelchair.” 14:45 And she says, “Oh, my gosh, 14:48 for the first time in my life, 14:49 I want to actually stand up.” 14:50 So we came around or begin to start praying in 14:53 tongues and I prayed for the fire angels to come. 14:55 I asked the Lord to release them and to begin 14:58 to start laying hands on her back on her spinal 15:01 area. 15:03 And she eventually started to get hot all over. 15:05 And she said, “It’s time for me to get up. 15:07 I want to get up.” 15:08 And so we helped her just barely. 15:10 It’s just by, like, holding our four fingers. 15:12 We helped her get up and she started stumbling. 15:15 She couldn’t hardly walk, which she was kind of 15:17 whole just barely holding onto our fingers, 15:19 which just moved a little bit more. 15:22 And all of a sudden her feet were like this. 15:24 All of a sudden she says, “I want to run.” 15:27 And her feet came in proper order. 15:30 They went from being here to here, 15:32 and she began to run around the entire 15:36 sanctuary and she began to scream, 15:39 “Oh, my God, I’m healed. 15:41 I’m out of the wheelchair. 15:42 But I’m healed of everything.” 15:44 Her faith and the faith of God came together when God 15:48 said, “Do you want to be healed now?” 15:52 I want you to know how important that is. 15:54 When Jesus says to us, “Do you want to be healed?” 15:57 It’s not because He wants to say, 16:01 “Huh, that’s nice for you, but I’m not going to do 16:03 anything.” 16:03 No. 16:05 When he asks the question, “Do you want to be 16:08 healed?” 16:09 It’s because He is ready to heal us in that moment. 16:10 And we need to respond. 16:11 If He says, “Pick up your mat and start walking, 16:12 pick up your mat and start walking.” 16:14 If he says, “Get out of your wheelchair, 16:16 get out of your wheelchair.” 16:18 I see some of you in your wheelchairs right now. 16:19 And let me tell you what, you don’t need to be 16:20 there. 16:21 As a matter of fact, some of you have been put in 16:23 your wheelchairs and have been told that you are 16:26 disabled and you cannot get up. 16:27 People have been speaking over your life, 16:29 untrust. 16:30 They’ve been saying things to you that are not true 16:32 about you. 16:33 They’ve been calling you a cripple. 16:34 They’ve been saying that you’re disabled in every 16:36 area of your life and it’s time for you to say, 16:38 “No, that’s not who I am. 16:40 Watch me get out of this chair.” 16:42 You see, you are only who God calls you to be. 16:45 And He would say to you, “Pick up your mat and 16:47 walk.” 16:48 In other words, get up out of your wheelchair and go 16:50 to the place that I am calling you. 16:52 This is not part of your destiny. 16:54 Your wheelchair is not part of your destiny. 16:56 I don’t know who told you that. 16:58 It’s good and safe to stay in that wheelchair because 16:59 it’s not. 17:01 God needs you on his team to be a kingdom player. 17:04 And the only way to do that is to get out of the 17:06 wheelchair and start going, 17:08 run to where it is that He’s called you. 17:10 I see you running and Heaven, 17:11 if you’re running in Heaven, 17:12 then you should be running on earth because the Word 17:13 says that the Kingdom of Heaven shall come to 17:16 earth. 17:17 So I just speak life over you right now, 17:18 over every cell to your body, 17:20 over your spinal cord. 17:22 I asked the fire angels to come and begin to start 17:23 activating so that you can get up and begin to walk, 17:25 pick up that mat and walk. 17:28 I’m getting excited right now because I know 17:30 somebody is walking right now. 17:31 You’re believing this to be true. 17:33 Depression is falling off of you in the mighty Name 17:35 of Jesus. 17:38 I’m also going to speak to those of you who are blind 17:40 right now and have hearing issues. 17:43 I’m going to speak to your spiritual side right now 17:46 to come into alignment with the Word of God. 17:49 You can see into the Spirit in the mighty Name 17:53 of Jesus. 17:54 I want you to come into alignment with seeing into 17:56 the Spirit world. 17:58 I just speak to disorders of cornea, 18:01 glaucoma, anything like that that is causing you 18:02 not to have proper vision in the mighty Name of 18:04 Jesus see right now and be healed, 18:07 begin to start seeing. 18:08 Just open up your eyes and begin to start seeing 18:12 right now if there’s inflammation in your eyes, 18:14 I speak to that inflammation right now to 18:16 decrease and then new cells will begin to form 18:20 in your eyes and you will see. 18:23 And the Name of Jesus, I’m going to speak to your 18:25 hearing right now. 18:26 If you have tinnitus and you have ringing in your 18:28 ears right now, I’m speaking to you that are 18:30 ringing shall stop in the Name of Jesus and scar 18:32 tissue that is formed around your ears, 18:34 creating that ringing right now. 18:36 That scar tissue shall dissipate, 18:38 that inflammation shall dissipate in the Name of 18:40 Jesus. 18:41 Father, I thank you right now, 18:43 I see somebody who’s been in construction their 18:45 whole life and they’re having such trouble 18:48 hearing. 18:49 And I just want to speak to you right now. 18:50 The new men are the the loud noises that you 18:52 heard. 18:53 God is going to bring back your hearing right now in 18:55 the mighty Name of Jesus. 18:57 May the blind see and the deaf hear, 19:00 because that’s who our Lord and Savior is. 19:02 He is a God who is willing to heal us, 19:05 and He’s healing you right now. 19:08 I want you to write to me. 19:09 I want to know how you’ve been healed. 19:11 I want to know how you’re out of your wheelchair. 19:13 I want to know how you’re seeing right now that 19:15 you’re getting your vision back. 19:20 I want to know about how you’re hearing is coming 19:21 into focus in. 19:22 Your hearing is becoming very, 19:23 very clear. 19:25 As a matter of fact, you’re starting to hear 19:27 the sounds of Heaven, the angelic sounds of Heaven. 19:28 Father, I thank you right now, 19:30 I thank you for your soothing presence. 19:32 I thank you for your love, for your people. 19:34 I thank that you are surrounding them now with 19:36 angels who have come to minister to them and bring 19:38 them healing straight from Heaven. 19:41 Father, we give you glory, honor and praise, 19:44 because that’s the kind of God you are. 19:46 We thank you for healing us. 19:48 Hallelujah. [Music] 19:49 Stay tuned. We’ll be right back! 19:51 [Music] 19:55 [Music Ends] 19:57 [Music] >> Are you in need of personal counseling or 20:00 coaching or would like some direction and 20:02 encouragement? 20:04 Dr. Candice is a board certified counselor who 20:06 walks in the gift of prophecy and healing, 20:08 and she wants to mentor you in her school of the 20:11 supernatural. 20:12 Dr. Candice will teach you through her E-courses, 20:15 books and many other additional resources that 20:17 will help you strategize and release Heaven in 20:20 every area of your life. 20:22 Her classes on the supernatural will equip 20:25 you to live in the heavenly realms on a daily 20:27 basis. 20:28 You can also schedule some personal time with Dr. 20:31 Candice, where she will encourage and pray for you 20:34 in private 45 minute sessions to help you walk 20:38 through personal issues in your life and propel you 20:41 into your purpose and destiny. 20:43 Visit her website for all of her resources and 20:45 follow and subscribe to Dr. Candice on Facebook, 20:48 Instagram and YouTube. [Music Ends] 20:55 [Music] 20:58 [Music Ends] 21:00 So, Jesus is willing to heal you. 21:04 I hope you’re getting really, 21:05 really excited right where you’re at because this 21:07 means that you are walking away with the Spirit of 21:11 the Lord, touching you right where you’re at. 21:14 He loves you so much. 21:15 He wants you to be whole in every area. 21:17 It’s not His desire that you should have infirmity, 21:20 because infirmity is not a part of who we are. 21:23 From a heavenly perspective, 21:26 there’s no infirmity in Heaven. 21:28 So if there’s no infirmity in Heaven, 21:30 there’s no there should be no infirmity on earth. 21:33 And I know you might say, well, 21:34 there should be right. 21:35 Because of Adam and Eve in the fall of man. 21:38 Well, let me tell you what. 21:39 When Heaven comes to rule earth, 21:41 Heaven overpowers the earth round. 21:43 See, the enemy wants us to think that just because of 21:45 what happened in the fall of man, 21:47 that he has a direct connection to ruling the 21:51 kingdom as a result of that. 21:53 But when you come to know Jesus as your Lord and 21:55 Savior, the authority that Jesus has debunks the 21:58 stronghold that the enemy has on the earth. 22:02 Yes, that’s right. 22:03 See, Jesus trumped what the enemy has done. 22:08 And so all of His power is manifest on the earth when 22:13 we become in agreement with Him and allow Him to 22:16 move and flow through us. 22:19 And we begin to agree with Him by faith. 22:21 Every word that He spoke, that’s when we start to 22:25 see atmospheres shifting and we begin to walk in 22:28 the healing that God has called us to walk in. 22:31 Now, I just have another scripture for you today, 22:33 and that’s Matthew, Chapter eight, 22:36 verses five through ten. 22:39 And the word says that “When Jesus entered into 22:41 Capernaum, there came to him a centurion and the 22:44 centurion said,’ Lord, my servant lies at home sick 22:47 of palsy and he’s grievously tormented.’ And 22:51 Jesus said to him,’ I will come and heal him.’ Yeah, 22:53 that’s what” Jesus said. 22:57 So, so this insurance is talking about a sick 22:59 servant and Jesus immediately says, 23:01 “I will come and heal.” 23:03 Why? 23:04 Because it’s part of Jesus’s nature to heal. 23:06 He can’t be somebody that he’s not. 23:08 If someone says they’re sick, 23:10 He’s there to say, “Hey, I’m here, 23:11 my job is started, I’m here to heal you.” 23:13 He would never turn away in any regard. 23:15 He is there to heal you. 23:18 And He is positioning everything in the 23:20 atmosphere to make sure that that happens. 23:24 “Now this century answered and said, 23:29 ‘Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under 23:32 my roof, but speak the word only and my servant 23:38 who’s at home shall be healed.’ And then he goes 23:41 on to say, ‘For I, this insurance am a man under 23:45 authority, having soldiers under me. 23:47 And I say to this man, go. 23:49 And he goes into another come and he comes into my 23:51 servant, do this and my servant doesn’t.’ So, 23:55 when Jesus heard that, he marveled and He said to 23:59 them, He said, ‘Verily I say to you, 24:01 I have not found so great of faith. 24:03 No, not in Israel.'” And what he meant by that was 24:05 that at the Word of Jesus that He would heal the 24:07 man. 24:10 This centurion knew that so much authority came in, 24:15 just the word being spoken that the servant would be 24:18 healed. 24:21 Now, the question is, since Jesus wants to heal 24:25 you, is the word enough to be deposited in your life 24:29 to bring about a healing? 24:30 Oh, yes, it is, because Jesus is the Word. 24:33 And the centurion himself said, 24:35 “listen, just say the word. 24:37 And when you say it. 24:39 My servant will be healed,” And so it’s an 24:42 amazing thing that shows us in the Word of God how 24:46 the power of healing comes through the Word. 24:49 And so when the Word is spoken over, 24:51 you will be healed in Jesus Name, 24:53 then Jesus will hear you, because Jesus is the Word 24:57 and is the Word that is coming forward. 24:59 That’s the Word that’s changing environments and 25:00 atmospheres. 25:01 We can’t stop but worship the Lord because the Word 25:05 that He’s given us, the Word of God is so powerful 25:07 it will change it, transform your 25:10 environment. 25:11 If you speak the Word over your life every day, 25:13 no matter your ailment, your infirmity, 25:16 every demonic force will flee because the demonic 25:18 forces do not like the Word of God. 25:20 You start ministering the Word of God, 25:22 they’re going to be gone. 25:24 All right. 25:25 When you see demons, then just start praising the 25:27 Lord and start, and start worshiping God and 25:30 speaking the word of God. 25:31 And all of a sudden you’re going to find that you’re 25:35 free. 25:39 The problem is you come under so much oppression 25:43 when you look at your current environment and 25:45 your current sickness and it can become 25:47 overwhelming. 25:48 So I just want to speak to you right now. 25:49 Do not be overwhelmed by your current circumstance. 25:52 Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that you are 25:54 having a difficult time or that your body is hurting. 25:55 Okay, don’t don’t allow that to become a part of 25:56 your identity. 25:58 The moment you identify with being disabled in a 26:00 certain area, then you’re making an agreement that 26:02 you are. 26:03 The minute you agree with the infirmity that has 26:05 come to haunt you, fear, anxiety, 26:07 depression, whatever that infirmity is, 26:10 then you’re making an agreement with it. 26:12 I had to learn that early on in my walk with the 26:14 Lord that although I felt it, 26:17 it didn’t mean that I had to agree with it. 26:19 See, every feeling you have and every body ache, 26:22 you don’t have to agree with that. 26:24 You need to tell your body to get in line with your 26:26 spirit, man, your body. 26:28 Get in line with my spirit. 26:29 And my spirit is whole. 26:30 It is cleansed. 26:31 It is strong in Jesus. 26:35 And when you begin to speak to your body, 26:37 your body will come in alignment with your 26:40 spirit. 26:41 Your soul will come in alignment with your soul 26:43 and your body. 26:46 Have to respond to the Word of God and the spirit 26:48 of God. 26:48 And so that’s an encouraging thing, 26:50 because that means you don’t have to stay in the 26:51 situation that you’re in. 26:52 So what you need to be doing is writing down the 26:54 things that have become a problem for you and then 26:57 find scripture that says what the truth is and 27:01 begin to start declaring and decreeing the truth to 27:05 clear a thing. 27:06 And it shall be established in your life 27:10 when you begin to declare and decree with the Word 27:11 of God is said, then everything must come in 27:13 alignment with it. 27:15 Just as God spoke and the universe was created, 27:19 we speak and everything comes into divine 27:23 alignment. 27:25 And so I just want to encourage you today, 27:27 you’re not going to leave this program without 27:30 knowing that Jesus is willing to heal you, 27:32 that you have authority to heal in Him by His Word. 27:36 You can command your own healing and you can begin 27:38 to start setting yourself on the path of destiny 27:40 that God himself has called you to, 27:43 simply by standing on who God is and by the Word of 27:45 God. 27:48 Jesus loves you so much, receive Him as your Lord 27:52 and Savior. 27:58 Turn your life over to Him. 28:00 He’s going to come right where you’re at. 28:02 He’s going to minister to you right where you’re at. 28:05 And He wants to heal. 28:08 You make that part of your confession of faith. 28:12 Jesus wants to heal me. 28:13 I want you to reach out to me. 28:14 I want to mentor you. 28:16 I want to get the opportunity to know who 28:17 you are. 28:18 I’d like to invite you to go to my school of the 28:20 Supernatural where you can learn so much more about 28:21 your path to destiny. 28:22 [Music] 28:28 [Music Ends]

Dr. Candice Smithyman shares what Jesus wants you to know about healing.

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