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Multiple Sclerosis - Nerves and Spinal Cord

Multiple Sclerosis – Nerves and Spinal Cord. Image credit: Getty Images.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) causes the body’s own immune system to attack the lining of nerves in the brain and spinal cord.  According to medical research, published in The Lancent, aggressive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant can halt the progression of multiple sclerosis.

This study looked at 24 patients aged between 18 and 50 from three hospitals in Canada. For 23 patients the treatment greatly reduced the onset of the disease, but in one case a person died.  An MS Society spokeswoman said this type of treatment does “offer hope” but also comes with “significant risks”.

According to Dr. Emma Gray, who is head of clinical trials at the MS Society, said: “This type of stem cell transplantation is a rapidly evolving area of MS research that holds a lot of promise for people with certain types of MS. Read full story…bbc.com health

Montel Williams on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

In this video, EmpowerMe.tv  interviews Emmy award winning TV host, Montel Williams, who has been living with MS since 1999. Montel shares some of the challenges he has had to overcome to lead a healthy and prosperous life living with MS. He gives tips on exercise, eating right and his personal juicing recipe.




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