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No Other Gods - Kelly Minter

No Other Gods Book – Author Kelly Minter:  Our lives revolve around our deepest needs and greatest treasures. Relationships. Family. Financial security. Private hopes and dreams. Most of our desires are healthy. Yet these longings can become passions we not only pursue, but worship.

And while idol worship may seem like ancient history, we still face the modern-day equivalent [version], as natural needs slowly consume our hearts and minds, competing with God’s rightful place in our lives.

No Other Gods offers a revealing look at the heart of a woman.  Minter explores what happens when good desires become false gods, robbing us of an intimate relationship with our heavenly father. So discover the freedom in surrender. The healing in worship. And the joy found in exchanging everyday gods for the one true God. | Learn more…



Author Kelly Minter

Author Kelly Minter

About Kelly Minter

Kelly Minter lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and serves the Lord passionately both across the U.S. and internationally in a variety of creative roles. An acclaimed author, musician, Bible study creator and teacher, she is passionate to see women impacted by Jesus and His Word.

When home, Kelly’s days are spent writing, cooking, gardening, enjoying her neighborhood, loving her community, investing in her local church, and walking forward in the things God has for her.



Kelly Minter Teaches on Ruth Week 1 | Bible Study

  • Kelly Minter’s women’s Bible study of Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy Week 1.



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