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Georgia: Nurse Adopts Homeless Man So He Could Get A New Heart

In December, four months after Jonathan Pinkard learned he needed a heart transplant, he was again rushed to Piedmont Newnan Hospital. This time, the nurse assigned to him was Lori Wood, a 53-year-old single mother to three grown-up sons. Meanwhile, Lori and Jonathan had only known each other for two days. But, upon learning about Jonathan’s situation, she did the unexpected!

“I couldn’t believe that somebody who had known me only two days would do this,” he said. “It was almost like a dream.”

Lori adopted Jonathan

After some discussion with her sons, which they all agreed, Lori offered to be his guardian. In other words, she volunteered to look after him just so he could have the heart transplant that he desperately needed.

Lori believes that it was God who orchestrated her meeting with Jonathan. Most importantly, both their lives were changed for the better.  […]


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