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Oak Hill Baptist takes part in CERT mission to aid people of rural Peru — Crossville Chronicle
CERT International has been organizing short-term mission trips to remote locations around the world for 39 years.

Cee Harmon‘s insight:

Oak Hill Baptist Church partnered with CERT International (Christian Emergency Relief Teams) and local Peruvian Christians to participate in a humanitarian relief mission to the Andes Mountains in Peru.  The team helped with free medical and dental clinics along with spiritual ministry.  They worked in 9 villages and served approximately 1,000 medical and dental patients.

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Our co-op classes will meet at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Crossville


We provide enrichment classes, field trips, and encouragement to home school families. All home schoolers are welcome. Our weekly classes are on Fridays, at Oak Hill Baptist Church, in Crossville, Tennessee. Classes will 


Oak Hill Baptist Church Website

Oak Hill Baptist Church Website

Oak Hill Baptist Church Website












Visit Oak Hill Baptist Church online at:  http://www.oakhillbaptist.net


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"Andes, near Alparmarca (i.e. Alpamarca),...

"Andes, near Alparmarca (i.e. Alpamarca), Peru", "Drawing shows a man on horseback, his back to the viewer, facing toward the Andes Mountains." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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