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One Way from our iHeart Revolution project, ‘With Hearts As One’ released in 2008

One Way

I lay my life down at Your feet
You’re the only One I need
I turn to You and You are always there
In troubled times it’s You I seek
I put You first that’s all I need
I humble all I am all to You

One way Jesus
You’re the only One that I could live for
One way Jesus
You’re the only One that I could live for

You are always
Always there
Every how and everywhere
Your grace abounds so deeply within me
You will never ever change
Yesterday today the same
Forever ‘til forever meets no end

You are the way
The truth and the life
We live by faith and not by sight
For You
We’re living all for You

© 2003 Jonathon Douglass, Joel Houston
/ Hillsong Publishing
CCLI: 4222082


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