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Elevate Christian Network :: Online Seminary Schools

The Online Seminary Schools website offers a wealth of information for students looking to become ordained ministers, clergy members, religious teachers, pastors, and other related careers. If you are interested in earning a degree in theology or religious studies but not sure where to start, they can connect you to the right degree program that meets your specific needs and goals.  Attending a seminary program online makes it much easier to complete all program requirements while continuing to work at your local church or congregation.

Online Seminary Schools Website

Online Seminary Schools Website

Many of these programs are uniquely designed with the working professional or non-traditional student in mind.  The Online Seminary Schools site will help you find the right program so you can get started on earning the degree you need to make a contribution in your field. For students who need more flexibility,  online bible college classes offer self-paced instruction, which allows you to earn a degree without putting your career or busy life on hold.



Phoenix Seminary — Dr. Wayne Grudem (Video)

In this video, Phoenix Seminary Professor of Theology, Dr. Wayne Grudem, talks to students about the importance of going to seminary.  They are a Christian theological seminary based in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix Seminary is a graduate school of theology and provides Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Master of Arts in Ministry degrees.



Phoenix Seminary - Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Seminary – Phoenix, Arizona

  • For the latest updates, news and information from Phoenix Seminary, visit them online at:  http://www.ps.edu





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