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Parents of Exceptional Kids Avoid Saying These Things

Parents of Exceptional Kids Avoid Saying These Things | Credit: Getty Images

According to life coach Matthew Jones, “Most parents attest to the difficulty of raising children, and do their best to instill noble values into their children”.

While there is no magical formula to raising successful children, there are certain statements that cause harm to your children and society at large that shouldn’t be said.

Here are ten things parents of exceptional kids never say to their children:

1.) Suck it up and be a man–just rub some dirt on it.

Despite your good intentions, telling your children to keep their feelings to themselves is harmful to their development.

It teachings your kids that their emotions should not be expressed, and this leads to problems like anxiety and depression in the future.

Instead, monitor your own reaction to the situation, offer a calming presence, and help your children label and communicate their feelings.  Continue reading…inc.com


Parenting Exceptional Kids: Raising Children That Thrive! With Confidence and Resilience – Michael Grose

Interview with Michael Grose: He is Australia’s leading parenting educator, developed Parentingideas Club for parents which offers the latest expert parenting advice, practical tips and age specific developmental guides. Plus access to the latest 4 online parenting courses per year.


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